[Request] I REALLY need this

ok you have two different problems right now. entering reading in the place of the meaning is separate from wk shaking for wrong reading only sometimes.

1) slow down when you do your reviews. you don’t want to get into the zone, you want to be actively engaging with wanikani and paying attention. that will fix your meaning/reading issue.

2) wanikani shakes if you give a different reading for a kanji review, the pink items. that’s because kanji have multiple possible readings, and technically they’re all correct, just not necessarily the one wk is looking for. however, for vocab reviews, the purple items, there’s usually only one correct reading. even if the item is only a single kanji, as a vocab item it has only 1 correct way to read it (most of the time). putting in the on’yomi is wrong because you can’t read it like that as a vocab item. it shouldn’t shake and ask you to try again because you have given it an incorrect answer.

if you really want to, you can use an ignore script, but really not the best idea.
tutorial on scripts: /t/How-to-Install-Userscripts/8319/1
ignore script 1: /t/Wanikani-Override-Userscript-112-Ignore-Answer-Button-No-longer-supported/2846/1
script 1 for firefox: /t/WK-Override-fixed-for-Greasemonkey/7428/1
script 2: /t/UserScript-WaniKani-Double-Check/8396/1

edit: so many ninjas