Request - Custom meanings generator of other languages

Hello, like the title says, it would be awesome to have a script that generates custom meanings of other languages.
These could be taken from dictionaries in the target language.

For example imiwa? for french and german.

Maybe someone want to do that kind of script?
I could personnaly try, I have some experience of JS but would need help. I don’t know how I can take the entries of a chosen dictionnary and how to use these.

Tell me if you are interested in this kind of script, or if you would like to do it!

Erm… Am I correct to understand that you’d like a script that would generate short stories like this one

A nailbat takes time in the winter to reflect on the table it was based on. The creator of the nailbat had a table he really liked, so that’s what the nailbat’s design was based on. The nailbat’s creator died in the winter, so this is why the nailbat takes time each winter to reflect on his creator and the table he was based on. Winter is a tough time for the nailbat.

in any language?..

If so, well… If you manage to create such a script then I think you’d be worthy of a Nobel Prize…

Very advanced AI, to be sure. Using JavaScript, no less!

Huh? Imiwa is a dictionary that provides definitions in different languages. Mnemonics are a memory aid, so I don’t see how it would be anywhere near as simple as imiwa makes it. There’s no database for mnemonics and there couldn’t be anyway, with WaniKani having unique radicals.

What would be good is if the community mnemonics add-on was supported/fixed. Then maybe people could tag the mnemonics they provide by language making it easier for someone speaking that language to see it.

No, sorry, I misstyped my message. I was talking about the custom meanings.

But for the mnemonics, why not, but reading mnemonics in other languages are much more harder to find ^^

Ohhh! Well, yeah. Meanings in different languages could work well. There isn’t always a direct translation for words and concepts though, so I guess whoever provided this feature would want to be certain that things have be translated appropriately.