Recall Practice with WaniKani?

Recalling - So, I’ve been through WaniKani for 23 levels now and learned quite a big number of vocabulary and I find myself recognizing big amounts of it in texts and other learning resources. But when I try not only to comprehend Japanese, but also output Japanese, I cannot remember the vocabulary or have to think really long about a word to get it into my head.
I think it would be beneficial, if WaniKani could not only practice the reading and meaning of a Japanese word, but also show an English word and ask for the japanese equivalent.
I am aware of how that would increase the amount of reviews by a lot and wondered if anyone had a better aproach to practicing “recalling” of the words.

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Kaniwani. :slight_smile:


The program KaniWani was made exactly for this purpose.

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Reading is what you’re looking for.

I use the script for the self-quiz to do ENG-JAP quizzes.

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The Japanese Sentence a Day thread might be a good place as well. For me at least it’s easier to remember and later recall a word if it has a personal connection.


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