Reading/grammar material recommendations?

I would recommend graded readers if you want to try some reading as well. There are some free/cheap digital resources out there as the physical sets are not that cheap (particularly if you just want to check some out). I think Graded Readers a nice way to build confidence when starting to read. You can do these in addition to joining a book club or checking out past book club threads. There are some reading exercises in the back of Genki, though if that’s all you’re interested in buying the books would be too expensive, though you might be able to find some used or at a library to check them out.

Obviously Genki is a textbook as well if you are looking for more grammar and it’s fine to use if you’re a fan of how it presents things. There are also several YouTube channels out there for grammar (also listening practice, etc.). I would say check out a few and go with one you like. There are also JLPT prep books that can be useful for grammar study as well if you’re into them. The explanations aren’t so involved as, say, Genki as they are aimed at review, but they are useful if you like things short. There are a few series to choose from and price varies, though the Try! series isn’t too pricey and is just one book for each JLPT level (personally, I like the series as well though most people will talk more about Kanzen Master etc.). You might not get all the finer details though so I would supplement them with other sources (same can be said for any textbook to be honest).

Links to many of these resources can be found here: