Reading Weekly Shonen Jump Titles

I’ve bought the sōshūhen reprints, for the large format and higher quality paper, of the Japanese Dragon Ball and Hunter x Hunter manga as future titles to really sink my teeth in to reading. My question is, is there an approximate Joyo/grade level for reading Weekly Shonen Jump titles so that I have a good idea of about when I should start attempting to read these so I’m not diving in too deep beyond my competency? Or to rephrase, about what age would a kid in Japan be able to reasonably begin reading and understanding a Weekly Shonen Jump series?

Here’s a definition of 少年:


So usually anywhere from around 7 to 16, which isn’t particularly helpful for figuring out reading difficulty.

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Yeah I was reading the wikipedia article on it about the demographics and it sounds like it’s anywhere from elementary kids (though with no age specified) to mid teens. :sweat_smile:

G6 (elementary school kanji) are pretty much covered by the mid-30s, at which point you should be good.

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Ok. So still a ways to go unless I just want to be a masochist. :sweat_smile::joy:


just keep going :slight_smile: i’m not there yet either.

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Well even disregarding kanji, there’s a lot of words that Japanese people are exposed to at even a young age. A lot of kids can easily get by with furigana because chances are they probably know the words already, which is very unlikely to be the case for us learners.


well manga with furigana are possible anytime, depending on your general level and your pain tolerance. you can look them up easily, since you got the reading :slight_smile:


Ok. So I’ll stick to the first and second grade reader books for now to get more vocab. I wasn’t expecting to read them yet so I’ll just continue to hold and maybe make that a goal for early next year to start one of the two.

@OmukaiAndi It’s still very tedious having to look up a ton of words, but I agree that it’s possible. I do it now and will continue to because I think the benefit and fun outweighs the pain.

@athomasm Since you’re buying them anyway, every once in a while just try to read a page or two and see how much you can understand. :slight_smile:


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