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First off all,

hi everyone, im trying to learn kanji for a few months now and i’m overall very pleased by wani kani. :slight_smile:
Nice to be part of the community.

Maybe you guys can help me with a problem I’m having latlely.
How do you learn the different on’yomi readings for the vocabs this/next/last month etc.
I cant seem to find a pattern when to use げつ 、がつ same goes for days にち、じつ。
Is there a meaningful way to differentiate? I guess there is more of this stuff coming in future levels.

Thanks for your help!


Unfortunately, にち and じつ just have to be memorized on a case by case basis.

Good news is, げつ vs がつ is much easier. You only use がつ in relation to names of the months. So, if you’re talking about the month of April, it’s しがつ. If you’re talking about the month of November it’s じゅういちがつ. If you want to ask what month, you’re sticking 何 in for whatever information you want to know, so instead of number+がつ, it’s なんがつ. If you’re talking about what you did last month (without specifying the name of the month you’re talking about), or next month, or this month, you use prefix+げつ.

Hope that helps!


For 月, the used onyomi is always(*) げつ expect for 1. specific month names, 2. 何月, 3. stuff related to the new year (nothing in WK).

For 日, when it is used as a shorthand for Japan it’s read as にち, like 日米 (Japan-American relations), 日韓 (Japan-Korea), 駐日 (resident of Japan). Otherwise you have to memorize it, there may be a pattern but I don’t see it :slight_smile:

(*)There may be exceptions anyway but not in WK, or even what jisho lists.


Thank you. That helped alot. :wink:


If 日 is at the beginning of the word, it’s usually にち. If it’s at the end, it’ll usually be じつ (credit to whoever came up with that, I can’t remember who).

At least for the vocab i have available right now (at level 8) this seems not consistent at all.

What i can see though is that its never じつ at the beginning.

Don’t know if this helps and probably wrong, but jitsu at the end seem to be for ‘states/status’ of days. Holiday 休日 , Unlucky day 凶日 for example.

日 at the end also used as counter for days (after number 10, mines numbers ending in 4 e.g. 十四日 and aswell as twenty days 二十日)

yeah unfortunately it’s not set in stone, just a rough guideline. i found the thread btwじつ-or-にち/1498/20

Thanks a bunch.

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