Reading manga in order to learn

Is that a good way to learn even more words and to get used to the grammar? I pretend to buy Jojo Stone Ocean and then google any sentences that I don’t understand, does that sound like a good idea?


Any sort of reading can’t hurt to learn grammar and vocab! Just know that with manga like JoJo you’re going to be learning vocabulary used in those sorts of situations, so it may not be very useful in everyday life. However, if it’s fun, go for it! I’m doing a similar thing with ハイキュー right now.

Edit: Also why are you just pretending to buy Jojo mangas? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Practice and exposure is of course always good!

How doable or painful it will be does depend on what your current grammar level is.

Some people are okay looking up every single thing, and some people (like me) found that to be slow and really frustrating.

But if you love the manga, it’ll either be a more fun way to learn now, or a great goal to have sitting on your shelf for motivation! I’d say go for it! :muscle:


Thanks for the advice!
I meant pretend as in pretension hahaha, this sentence makes sense in my mother language


I thought about that too, but I think that the desire to know more about the story will make me work to learn what the characters are saying!


ahh… I knew we would get along great…
lives and breathes ハイキュー




I do the same thing with パンドラハーツ since I’m used to vocabs with mix of royalty and I personally like the story. I believe Jojo mangas are wordy and slang-y (?) so good luck if you aren’t used in reading manga in Japanese.


Some years ago I bought several volumes of Gintama. While there are furigana, it’s a lot of slang and katakana in this series. I felt it was beyond my reach at the time. It was actually easier to pick up a different volume without furigana and have a go with that. ^^;

So, I agree with it being something to consider when choosing what to read. But, the most important thing is probably to just choose something you personally like. @silviobll :slight_smile:


I find it incredibly helpful to read manga and then use the anime as listening practice afterwards. In this way you are also getting that super valuable comprehensible listening practice!

Of course anime and manga shouldn’t be your only source of input if you want to sound natural when speaking the language but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to understand what over the top anime characters are saying.

I say go for it and enjoy!


There are also book clubs, finished or ongoing where you can read the book and read the threads and check peoples’ breakdowns of the sentences which is what I did for the first volumes of Yotsuba&.


Maybe I’ll give it a try sometime, thanks!

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