Reading and listening as a beginnger

Hey there!
I started reading at the same level (Chapter 6 of Genki 1). It is possible, but still very difficult!
I started with the Absolute Beginner Book Club for this book: 小さな森のオオカミちゃん
The ABBCs on here are great because you can read the discussion and see everyone’s detailed questions on the grammar. You can also read translations for difficult sentences and skip them until you’re ready.

If you would like to start reading, just do a little bit at a time while continuing with your grammar studies. Soon it will be much easier! (For example, short forms of verbs are introduced in ch8-9, you will need these for manga!)
Satori reader is also a great resource, but I would maybe wait for about two more chapters of Genki to start using it.

I also started with daily podcast listening (about 10mins) at that level using the Nihongo con Teppei podcast. I suggest building it into your routine without stressing about it- eventually words and phrases will start to click.

(Also, don’t feel scared to post about your progress on the forums!)