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17 May | Study Log

:question: Title Type Natively Progress
:black_cat: ダンジョン飯7 manga 29 28% → 41%
:carrot: 老女的少女ひなたちゃん 1 manga 20 0 → 37%
:mage: とんがり帽子のアトリエ 1 manga 26 65% (no change)
:cat2: また、同じ夢を見ていた book 25 82% (no change)
  • The day’s Dungeon Meshi chapter. Annoyingly both this and tomorrow’s chapters are talky chapters I think, which was/will be a huge pain in the ass.
  • Started 老女的少女ひなたちゃん 1 as a relaxed read since it was an ABBC that I missed. The granny talk combined with the preschooler talk is… a bit tricky for beginners, I would have thought… but it’s an enjoyable time.
  • Read a short 10-pager randomly from the net entitled 夕焼けは晴れ. Enjoyed it - and didn’t have to look up anything, which was a nice boost (though I did have to puzzle some stuff out)


I’m not the one you asked but maybe I can answer your question?

If you’re using desktop like me, there should be a vertical line to the right stating the number of posts you’ve read. Underneath that, there are two boxes, one with an arrow pointing left and the other with a bell. Click on the arrow and a text box will open at the bottom of the page. That is how you reply to the whole thread rather than a specific person.

When I wrote the above paragraph, I hadn’t read the whole thread. Immediately under your reply was other people answering your question. Well, I will still leave it because it took me a while to figure this one out. (I knew about the reply button at the end of the thread because it clearly said reply and I make it a point to read to the end of threads that I’m interested in.) This is for people who might be interested in making a new post at any point of the thread without having to scroll to the end.



43 days in a row before life got in the way, not bad. Certainly better than I expected. At least the doubled up chapters cover a few missed days here and there, I should still average at least a chapter a day.

On top of that I’ve been playing nier automata and super Mario RPG so I’d say the reading practice is well covered. (Those two are wildly different in level by the way, if you’re not confident with kanji the Mario is a great starter game)


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:star: 05月16日 Type Progress
:ear_of_rice: Japanese Folktales reader 4 → 5/22 stories

Today’s story was the magic teapot. :teapot: :raccoon:


Day 2. I read a Level 0 story about a chihuahua. I’m getting the general gist of the story and am not looking up any words. It’s scary and fun at the same time.


Home Post


5 hours of playing Little Witch in the Woods (with a couple breaks to do reviews and get water and stretch). I lasted a lot longer before my brain went to mush. Lots of cool words this time, but it didn’t feel so bad. Looking up words like 木々(きぎ) or 大工(だいく) is pretty quick.

Reading Type Status
:smiling_imp: 原罪物語 -罪- LN 44/252
:game_die: ノーゲーム・ノーライフ 1 LN 21/301
:beers: VA-11 Hall-A Steam game Day 2 out of ??
:mage: Little Witch in the Woods Steam game Day 4 out of ??
New Vocab
  • 呪(のろ)い = curse, wk45
  • 勘弁(かんべん) = pardon, wk49
  • 抽出(ちゅうしゅつ) = extraction, wk49
  • 木々(きぎ) = many trees
  • 青々(あおあお) = bright green
  • 大木(たいぼく) = large tree
  • 目(め)をくらます = to deceive
  • マニアック = maniac
  • 愛好家(あいこうか) = enthusiast
  • 趣味(しゅみ) = hobby, wk43
  • 忌々(いまいま)しい = irritating
  • 気配(けはい) = sensation
  • 基礎(きそ) = foundation, wk49
  • 隣(となり) = next to, wk40
  • 猿(さる) = monkey, wk46
  • 讃(たた)える = to praise
  • うんざり = tedious
  • 見習(みなら)い = apprentice
  • 阻(はば)む = to prevent, wk46
  • 滞在(たいざい) = stay
  • 遠慮(えんりょ)なく = freely, wk38
  • 正当(せいとう) = justifiable
  • 見合(みあい) = balance
  • 小遣(こづか)い = allowance, pocket money, wk39
  • 手帳(てちょう) = notebook, wk48
  • 癒(い)やし = healing
  • 駆除(くじょ) = extermination
  • 封鎖(ふうさ) = blockade, wk52
  • 贈呈(ぞうてい) = presentation, wk54
  • キッチン用品(ようひん) = kitchenware
  • 退勤(たいきん) = leaving work
  • 海賊(かいぞく) = pirate, wk57
  • 残骸(ざんがい) = remains
  • 自信満々(じしんまんまん) = full of confidence
  • 段落(だんらく) = paragraph
  • 褒(ほ)める = to praise, wk40
  • 蔓延(はびこ)る = to become overgrown
  • ツッコミどころ = inconsistency, something worthy of ridicule
  • å¹´é½¢(ねんれい) = age, wk38
  • 外見(がいけん) = outward appearance
  • 往々(おうおう) = sometimes
  • 一致(いっち) = agreement, wk38
  • 落(お)ちぶれる = to fall on hard times
  • 覆(おお)う = to cover, to hide, wk51
  • 天罰(てんばつ) = divine punishment
  • ヨダレ = drool
  • 拭(ふ)く = to wipe
  • 廃墟(はいきょ) = ruins of a building, wk41
  • 辺鄙(へんぴ) = remote area
  • 故郷(こきょう) = hometown
  • 奪(うば)う = to take away
  • 囁(ささや)く = to whisper
  • 空飛(そらと)ぶ = to fly in the sky
  • 大工(だいく) = carpenter
  • 全般(ぜんぱん) = the whole
  • 買取(かいとり) = purchase
  • ホウキ = broom
  • 旧式(きゅうしき) = old style
  • 栄養(えいよう) = nutrition
  • 補給(ほきゅう) = replenishment

17th may

home post

not a whole lot today tbh but i did do some! mostly pixiv and some wikipedia pages

today’s nhk article was this one (not a huge fan of the formatting?), plus appendix 2 in aDoIJG


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Q2 of 2024 | Week 7

5月17日 (金)

  • :cn: Three Kingdoms : 4 (16-18/18) + 5 (1/20)

  • STEINS;GATE 比翼恋理のだーりん (+new Ending)

Words of the day
  • 白昼堂々(はくちゅうどうどう) = unashamedly; in broad daylight. Starts the same as 白昼夢(はくちゅうむ) (= daydream).
  • 希望的観測(きぼうてきかんそく) = wishful thinking. This 観測(かんそく) is more closer to 推測(すいそく) or 憶測(おくそく), though.
  • 落(お)ち合(あ)う = to meet up
  • 依(よ)る = to depend on something; to hinge on something. That is, 依存(いぞん). It’s also that に依(よ)って.
  • å°¾(お)を引(ひ)く = to leave a trace (trail)
  • 宵闇(よいやみ) = evening dusk. Say, 今宵(こよい).   闇夜(やみよ) is just dark night.
  • おさげ = braids. Can be written お下(さ)げ or 下(さ)げ髪(がみ). One or two, not sure if can be more.


:bookmark: Home post // May 17 :cherry_blossom: :dango: :seedling:

・ 今はもうない - Switch Back (74% → 79%)

Fell asleep before I could read yesterday… :face_holding_back_tears: At least today I made an effort to sit down an read :triumph: My goal was 80%, but the chapter ended on 79% so that was a good place to end c:

Also a word where the use case of both kanji seem to be solely this word: 矍鑠


:house: home post :house:
:calendar: 2024年5月17日 :calendar:

:question: Title Read today Currently at Notes
:orange_book: My Sweetie is Japanese 2 episodes 28/28 —
:desert_island: ISLAND 10k 520.000 char 66 new words
:bust_in_silhouette: シャドーハウス 2 chapters 129/175

Trying to increase how much I read ISLAND, it’s (in theory) the home stretch now!!


May 17th!

Chapter 6 of 気になってる人が男じゃなかった today, finishing off volume 2! :slight_smile:

(Home Post)


May 17 | Home post

Today’s reading was 3000 characters from Island :desert_island:. I’m really enjoying this VN! Is it too hard for me? Yes. Do I care? No. :sweat_smile:


:house: Home Post | :writing_hand: Study Log | 05月17日

Resource Progress Visual
:orange_book: Tadoku L3 Stories 9/24 → 24/24 ■■■■■■■■■■ 100%
:newspaper_roll: NHK Articles 5 ■■■■■□□□□□
:coffee: Shirokuma Cafe 8/25 ■■■□□□□□□□32%
:teddy_bear: 老女的少女ひなたちゃん1巻 6/10 ■■■■■■□□□□ 60%
:open_book: DoBJG 17/33 → 19/33 ■■■■■□□□□□ 57%
:cat: チーズスイートホーム1巻 20/20 ■■■■■■■■■■ 100%
:cat: チーズスイートホーム2巻 38/38 ■■■■■■■■■■ 100%
:cat: チーズスイートホーム3巻 38/56 □□□□□□□□□□ 0%

I don’t know exactly how to count the different chapters of volumes of manga in an easy way so I’ve kind of gone with what the chapter numbers say

Also did DoJG


06-17 May update :green_apple:

Didn’t read a lot, I really need to get back to it regularly. I still did some progress on Satori Reader and read a few sentences of the Kanji Learner’s Course. Did some reviews on WK too, translated a few poems, read a few haiku today.


5月17日 | Home post

Finished また、同じ夢を見ていた Chapter 2.

  • また、同じ夢を見ていた (10.36 → 15.60%)
  • DoBJG: を (4); 多い; おく; お~になる (56%)

Tonight, I read a Level 0 book about day in the life of a man in his tatami room.


I read “pull on the tail” :joy:.


DeepL translates this as: “vigorous (in old age)”. The inbuilt dictionary on my iPad is completely stumped and returns 矍鑠 as the English translation :melting_face:.


I think it’s like drawing a line (線(せん)を引(ひ)く), but leaving a tailprint in the sand.

Godzilla walking on the beach.


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Q2 of 2024 | Week 7

5月18日 (土)

  • :cn: Three Kingdoms : 5 (2-3/20)

  • STEINS;GATE 比翼恋理のだーりん

Words of the day