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22nd jan

home post

working at about 50% capacity today (let me sleep, storm :sob:) which i did nothing to help by stopping every couple of pages in the next ouran chapter to look stuff up that i really didn’t need to (e.g there was one speech bubble of 土佐弁(とさべん) that i spent too long on). ah well. wasn’t expecting to see more 幕末(ばくまつ) stuff so soon, but at least i had an incredibly basic idea of what the references were! didn’t pick another manga with the randomiser, just read a few more pages of the 幕末(ばくまつ)・維新(いしん)大事典(だいじてん) instead.

today’s nhk article was this one, another chapter of granblue (first time i’ve seen を余儀(よぎ)なくされる in the wild i think), plus the entry on につれて in aDoIJG

words that stood out

ルーズ - loose, careless, slovenly. i love that the jp definition specifically says 英語発音はルース
時代錯誤(じだいさくご) - anachronism
条件反射(じょうけんはんしゃ) - conditioned reflex