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17th jan

home post

went through all the extras and finished ouran vol 7! not sure i’d recommend that for the club though, it was kinda long. i remember the twins story from the anime, so that was fine, but there was also a love egoist chapter (unrelated to ouran, there’ve been three so far) which followed on from the last one which means the student/teacher romance is back and worse than ever! really hope that was the last of it. also finished ドラゴン、家(いえ)を買(か)う vol 2 which is the last one i have. not super interested in continuing, tho the last few chapters felt more confident than vol 1 did.

today’s nhk article was this one, plus another granblue chapter, and the entries on に過(す)ぎない and に対(たい)して in aDoIJG

words that stood out

水増(みずま)し - dilution, watering down, inflation (of a budget, etc.)
ジャグジー - jacuzzi. somehow not what i thought the pronunciation would be