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16th jan

home post

today’s ouran chapter (the last one before the extras) was a really tough one for some reason, there were bits of it i straight up didn’t understand. i got most of it but it took me a very long time to read, so didn’t bother with ドラゴン.

ouran questions

i have no idea what to do with this middle panel, the (わたし)など妄想(もうそう)… one. i just don’t know what it’s trying to express :sweat_smile: full context in second image. haruhi was asked to take the (very desired) leading lady role in a play these other characters are putting on, she refused, and now they’re trying to shame her about it

and what does this say in the middle? the aside just to the left of the right hand dialogue bubble. it kind of looks like 黒◯尾 and is the middle kanji (つばめ)? but then i can’t work out what that would mean??? the character they’re talking about calls her fans 小鳥(ことり)ちゃんたち if that’s relevant

did read these two nhk articles (the first one was very short, looks like it’s updated since), the last bit of the granblue bnha collab before the second half on the 18th plus a chapter of plot, and the entry on に(したが)って in aDoIJG

words that stood out

セリ - stage lift
イワシ - sardine
貞淑(ていしゅく) - chastity, feminine modesty
also think it’s the first time i’ve ever seen 彼女(かのじょ)ら as opposed to たち