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15th jan

home post

another ouran chapter (30) finishing off that story arc. wasn’t too bad! about average difficulty for the series. there was a bit of confusion where the dialogue said shuriken but the art featured kunai, and i’m still unclear on whether there’s overlap there (seems no?). also did another chapter of ドラゴン which was fine? leads into the next one so idk how it wraps up yet. the humour is starting to lean more meta and gamer-y which is not language i’m very familiar with in japanese

today’s nhk article was this one, another granblue bnha collab chapter (this has taken a turn), and the entries on になると and における in aDoIJG.

words that stood out

タガが外(はず)れる - to lose all restraint, to let go, to become disorderly
むさぼり食(く)う - to eat greedily, to devour
脳震盪(のうしんとう) - concussion

へなちょこ - novice, greenhorn, squirt, newbie
リア充(じゅう) - normie