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:umbrella: :notebook: 1月 4日 :memo: :umbrella:

Book Natively Progress Notes
:mending_heart: 可愛いだけじゃない式守さん Lv 18 82% → 100% Finished! :tada:
:crossed_swords: BLEACH Lv 28 0% → 30%
:crystal_ball: ありす19th Lv 20 0% → 16%
:womans_hat: とんがり帽子のアトリエ Lv 26 0% → 7%

Today is my Friday for the week! Once I got home, I celebrated by jumping into my softest pajamas and reading manga until my eyes crossed o(>ω <)o I finally finished Shikimori-san and it was sooo cute. Izumi’s mom was so… hey there :flushed: But I’m incredibly geeked that I finally got to fill my first bingo square!!! And because it was so exciting being able to finish a square, I immediately started “testing out” the tentative choices I’d made for other categories and read the first chapters of some to see which would pull me in next.

BLEACH thoughts

Bingo Category: “Won an Award” - BLEACH won the Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shounen category in 2004

Jumping into a level 28 manga after finishing a level 18 was a shock of cold water :sweat_smile: This is one of the first anime series I watched as a pre-teen and so I read this entire first chapter of the manga blasting number one in my head even though it’s been years since I’d heard it. Like, when Rukia introduces herself mid-battle?? Iconic moment that for sure had NOW YOU FEEL LIKE NUMBER ONE screaming in the background of that scene in the anime :relieved:

Otherwise, I was a bit shocked by how wordy this manga is. Even without taking into account the reading level of the words, nearly every panel was just a wall of text. (Though I liked the use of different fonts to give personality to whomever spoke)

The first chapter ended up being 30% of Volume 1 so I may just continue reading it to complete the bingo category sooner.

ありす19th thoughts

Bingo Category: “No Media Adaptation” - though this manga has a few translations, it doesn’t have an anime adaptation!

This series was recommended to me by @MissDagger ! I had a void in the “no adaptation” category and I’m a huge fan of mahou shoujo, so I moved it over from the full “recommendations” category. This series has such a nostalgic CLAMP-esque feel to it that I can easily see myself reading the entire first volume in one night. And the mangaka has since come out as non-binary so we’re basically family (^▽^)

アトリエ thoughts

Bingo Category: “Beautiful Cover Art”

Let me first say that I have never flipped through this series or seen a single page because it is always fully wrapped in plastic at the bookstore. But every time I’ve walked by it, I’ve always thought that the art style of the cover was just gorgeous, so it immediately made sense to me that I put this series in the category for beautiful cover art.

And then when I saw the first few interior pages… I wasn’t ready. I thought the style was just for the cover art, but it’s just the way the mangaka does the entire story??? Every panel is literally so breathtaking :sob:

Even though this manga is within my regular reading level range, it is very intimidating to be the first I’ve ever read without furigana. I’ve gotten so used to it being a crutch on every kanji that I had to slow way down and read the first chapter of Atelier far more mindfully and purposefully than normal. Along with generally looking up words, I’m now needing to draw the occasional unknown kanji into my dictionary app. So this manga is extremely interesting but will definitely be one that takes me a long time to complete.

ALSO THIS CHARACTER DESIGN… HI !!! :face_with_peeking_eye:

Phew! See you tomorrow (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

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