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12th feb

home post

another ouran chapter done! and it threw a bunch of henry v (the shakespeare play) at me :sob: ah well, i got there (ish). randomiser intially gave me エデンの檻(おり) but i only managed about 40 pages of that before abandoning it, it’s way more ecchi than i’m comfortable with (and is also showing its age a bit). back to randomiser and it gave me No. 6, which i’ve got three volumes of. first chapter was okay (but long), little technical in places but doable. more pages in the bakumatsu book

today’s nhk article was this one, plus the entries on さ (particle) and さえ in aDoIJG

words that stood out

手玉(てだま) - beanbag (little ones, for throwing)
詩(し)神(しん) - the Muses

No. 6:
局部麻酔(きょくぶますい) - local anaesthetic
防波堤(ぼうはてい) - breakwater
精子(せいし) - semen. whatever context you’re imagining, can (almost) guarantee it wasn’t that