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Day 13
Just some more Monogatari vol.2 manga. The conversation in the manga are pretty realistic, japanese people really talk like in the manga.

1253 pages read 18747 to go


Summary post

Day 15: January 15th
What did I read?: マグメル深海水族館 Vol 1
How much did I read?: 21 pages
How long did it take me?: 43 min

Wow this chapter was a lot shorter xD But also felt harder for some reason :upside_down_face: Today I learned the phrase 偕老同穴 (かいろうどうけつ) - happy life partnership; living faithfully together till death. It’s also the name of a sea sponge xD The sponge is so named because one male shrimp and one female shrimp live together inside the sponge for their entire lives (because they literally can’t get out, they get in when they’re larvae and then grow too big to leave :sweat_smile: While the implication is supposed to be romantic and the sponge is considered a symbol of undying love/sometimes given as an engagement or wedding gift, I don’t know how romantic it sounds when I think about that part of it :joy:). They are very pretty sponges though xD In English, the sponge is called a Venus’s flower basket :hibiscus:


January 15th!

Today I read chapter 54 of Mitsuboshi Colors.
It was a fun silly chapter that made me smile.

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Jan 15, Sun of Week 3 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

  • Super Doctor K Vol.2 Ch.4-5

  • うたわれるもの

Interesting words
  • まがい = sham; imitation. Kanji form is 紛(まが)い, but not written with Kanji here.
  • 言(い)いそびれる = to miss a chance to say. ~そびれる itself is to miss a chance.
  • 駆(か)け落(お)ち = running away with a lover / also, just running away from places to places
    • 家出(いえで) = running away from home / also, going outside home (not running away, will probably come back)
    • 逃避行(とうひこう),   出奔(しゅっぽん),   and 逃亡(とうぼう) are simply running away from places to places.
  • 無理強(むりじ)い = pushing to do. From å¼·(し)いる.
  • 手練(てだ)れ = skillfulness. Second Kanji’s reading is exceptional. Also, 手足(てだ)れ. Personally I think of more hanging (垂(た)れる) or spicy paste (タレ).
  • 歯向(はむ)かう = to rise against; to defy; to bite back at
  • 屯(たむろ)する = to gather in a large group of people
  • 板(いた)ばさみ = being in a dilemma. From 板挟(いたばさ)み, so being stuck between two slabs.
  • 結紮(けっさつ) = ligation. Second Kanji is a tag (札(サツ)) to bind, but with a thread (糸); and seems to much limited to this word.
  • 併発(へいはつ) = complication of a disease. Another word is 合併症(がっぺいしょう).
  • 根治(こんじ) = complete cure. From the root (æ ¹(ね)). The other word is 完治(かんち), and I don’t know whether to expect Rendaku or not.
  • 健康体(けんこうたい) = a healthy body; a healthy condition
  • うり二(ふた)つ = as alike as two pea in a pod = exactly look-alike. Another form is 瓜二(うりふた)つ, which is about a gourd / melon (瓜(うり), Level 53). The うり is also used in 胡瓜(きゅうり) (sound change from 黄(き)瓜(うり)).
  • 元来(がんらい) = originally
  • 雄叫(おたけ)び = a valiant war cry. Exceptional reading of 叫(さけ)び. Has Furigana in context (context about 狼(おおかみ))
  • 断面図(だんめんず) = cross-sectional view
  • 肌身離(はだみはな)さず = carrying close to one’s skin and body
  • 身(み)も蓋(ふた)もない = straight to the point = にべもない. What? No lid is OK, but also no content?
  • 人目(ひとめ)につく = to be conspicuous. So, 人目(ひとめ)につかない = being inconspicuous


  • ぞっこん = madly in love
  • しゅるしゅる = rustling sound (e.g. of silk)
  • メキメキ = sound of breaking, creaking
  • わらわら = bustling; scattering; creeping in (like of a gang of people)
  • オメオメ = being shameless; resigned to disgrace


  • 屯(トン) (Level 59)
    • 屯(たむろ),     屯(たむろ)する

Jan 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th update :melting_face:

very brief rundown for future prosperity
8th - はたらく細胞 5 pages
9th - はたらく細胞 3 pages
10th - はたらく細胞 2 pages
11th - 好きっていいなよ 5 pages
12th - はたらく細胞 4 pages
13th - spyxfamily 1 page
14th - ばらかもん 5 pages

The 13th was the day I dicided Spyxfamily was a bit too much at my current level, combined with how much more enjoyable ばらかもん was the next day, was really the final indication I needed to drop it. Super sad because I love it so much but that will just make it all the sweeter when I finally do get around to reading it :grin:

Really excited to join abbc with the next はたらく細胞 chapter. Going on a train ride tomorrow so I should have time to bust out my books including はたらく細胞!!!


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1 月 16 日
コナの大冒険 第24話 :black_cat:

Just a little more than halfway through Kona’s adventures! Although nothing much has happened! We end the episode with a hawk circling from above. And I wonder if it’s eyeing Kona as its prey…

Words learned:
  • 恐る恐る with trepidation, trembling with fear, fearfully, timidly
  • 優雅 elegance, grace, refinement
  • タカ falcon, hawk

I really like this SFX part of your interesting words! I think I should start noting those down too to prepare for reading more manga!

My goodness that story behind the etymology of the name of the sea sponge sounds so morbid but I love it! :sweat_smile: Thanks for sharing! One more trivia/fun fact I can collect about sea creatures! The secrets of the ocean always amaze me!


Woo congrats!

I uh…slept 12 hours last night. My crazy busy week with low sleep finally caught up to me, but my book club reading has suffered recently. I’m sure I’ll get caught up but reading lately has been a ‘cram in where I can’ chore rather than its usual fun even though all the books I’m reading are so good!

I’m traveling this week so maybe I’ll catch up in the airport… :thinking:

So uh, I will post why shortly in the listening thread, but I’m starting 正欲 and you’re welcome to join if you want! It was in a ton of the booktuber best-of lists and it didn’t seem like my style at a glance, but there’s an audiobook and I was starting to stack credits so grabbed it on a whim.

Also I read part of the ユージニア assignment today and I’m aiming to finish the assigned reading tonight :crossed_fingers:


:cup_with_straw: Home :mexico:

January 15th

90 - 120

flagging this part of the manga for unnecessary references to shittler. Like it was a good history lesson I suppose, but if you’re going to talk about the nazi master race idea, then maybe add something about the horrible things they did and why they’re bad?

“Oh Berry, you’re overreacting, it’s just fiction after all!” Nah. Several Japanese JoJo fans do nazi salutes without understanding the meaning and you’d be pretty hard pressed to find Japanese people on the street who can say what the Holocaust was and why it was bad.

On the bright side, Joseph was unnecessarily stupid and extra which was a bit uplifting. I would have read more, but I was so busy cleaning during the day that I ran out of time to read at night. I’m surprised I’m doing alright now tbh. My body tried to wake up at a normal wake up time for me (but with only 4.5h sleep) and then later, the apartment kids being noisy before going to school helped wake me a few minutes before my alarm. While unpleasant on the surface, it gave me enough wiggle room to look at the photos my friend sent of their adorable kitty.


January 15th
What did I read?: にわにはににん
How much did I read?: 7 sentences + 4 pages 庭かるね
(Finished あとがき, Started & Finished Epilogue: 庭かるね)
How long did it take me?: 1 h 29 min

The epilogue was a sequel to the third story. Turns out that Emma remarries, has 2 adorable children, and builds herself a beautiful garden room! :face_holding_back_tears: This was honestly pretty nice to read since the ending of that third story made it seem like she could have committed suicide. So I’m glad that wasn’t the case!

In other news, today I finished my first volume of manga in Japanese!!! :tada: :tada: :tada:

Here are my ratings for all the stories:

  • Prologue: 庭師の仕事 : 6/10
  • 水槽屋敷 : 7/10
  • ユーレカの庭 : 8/10
  • ワタシのお庭 : 4/10
  • にわにはににん : 9/10
  • 庭師の休日 : 7/10
  • Epilogue: 庭かるね : 8/10

Which averages out to an overall of 7/10 :star:. So yes, I did enjoy this manga. Not a favourite or anything like that, but enjoyable none the less!

The mysterious nature of the stories may not have made them the best first-reading material, since then you get situations of, "Am I confused because my Japanese isn’t good enough, or is it supposed to be a little confusing? :thinking: " But because I was interested in the material, I persevered through the moments of confusion. I started reading this book with the goal of achieving 100% comprehension, and if I had to guess, I think I understood around 90% of it? Maybe a little more than that. But I’m satisfied with that level for now!

I learned a new phrase in my reading today that felt fitting for today's accomplishment:

漕ぎつけました! :grin:


Finished first sub chapter during my lunch. Will finish the second one on my way home. I might read the last sub chapter and get to the last chapter of the book so tomorrow I can just finish. I am pretty excited to be done, and ready to binge Stardust Crusaders! I am gonna read Steel Ball Run for a bit before jumping into my next LN or Novel while binging Stardust Crusaders to keep my reading up.


Whoot whoot! Please share your thoughts on it as you read :smiley:


January 15 :snowflake: Home Post

As always happens, I got caught up in the story and finished chapter 3 of BU$TAFELLOWS today! Definitely an interesting one :eyes: I’ll soon have to adjust to the new semester starting so probably good that I got caught up while I can haha. Onward!

Also totally forgot before:

Congrats!!! A very exciting accomplishment indeed :grin:

Ahhh great job!! It sounds like you really zoomed through it, congrats :blush:

And another one, we’re on a roll it seems! Congrats, it really is an amazing accomplishment :grin:


Will do. I love the 4 chapters I read so far! I am too deep into my book now that I haven’t read the last chapter of volume 1 yet, but I went ahead a bought the next 5 volumes because Amazon did their algorithm based discounting and I humbly accepted to give them my money.


Noice!!! Good to hear the algorithm doesn’t need ora ora’ing


The secret is not being on Amazon for a bit, and then the first series you click on will trigger a discount/get extra Amazon points if you buy X volumes of a series.


Step 1: stay off Amazon


Cpt Price: We’ll get 'em next time boys.


Amazon already has way too much of my money for how much I hate it as a company :smiling_face_with_tear:


I am pretty good about staying away but I have my niche items that unfortunately nowhere else in Japan can match, so its a necessary evil in my life.


Hmm, this was vaguely on my list because the cover stood out to me, but I couldn’t decide whether I was actually interested in the content. I’d happily read with you, but with its price being relatively high at the moment, I can’t really justify buying one more book when I have a ton of unread ones. (I’m saying that now, but it’s very possible I’ll change my mind). The book is on several people’s want to read lists on Natively though, so there might be enough people to form a club. I can’t say I’m not tempted. Do let me know how you find it as you read further.