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Day 3: January 3rd
What did I read?: 夜の名前を呼んで Vol 3
How much did I read?: 28 pages
How long did it take me?: 41 min

My heart :sob::heart: This chapter is like bursting with cuteness. Goat Boy (whose actual name is Capri) comes back again because he needs some medicine for his mom - however, he came for it on the wrong day, so he has to wait around for a bit while Rei makes it. Sorry idk why but I thought this panel of Rei rushing to answer the door was adorable so I’m putting it here, he’s just so cute with the little toothbrush hanging out of his mouth :joy:

Rei makes Capri wait around as Goat Boy because Mira is too shy around him as a human but loves him in his tiny goat form :joy: He and Mira have such a cute little time together :sob: They start talking about this book that Mira was reading, and then they start having imaginary adventures, and it’s just- :pleading_face: PERFECT.

Rei clearly agrees with me, look at him getting all mushy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



YAAAAAS :heart: This makes me so happy, I hope you love them when you get to them

:bangbang: I love this, thank you for bringing this to my attention
I love that the day and night hours actually corresponded to the actual day and night all the time though, like honestly that logic makes it my new favorite time system. Also love that it basically acknowledges that time is made up, like the idea of the hours literally just being longer sometimes is so fascinating to me. I want to experience this time system just to see what it would be like, I can’t decide if I would hate it or love it in practice :joy: My sense of time passing is so wonky anyway, idk if variable hour lengths would help me or confuse me more xD


January 3rd
What did I read?: にわにはににん
How much did I read?: 5 pages
(Started 2nd Story: ユーレカの庭 )
How long did it take me?: 47 min

I wanted to keep going, but it’s too late for that, unfortunately. Should try starting earlier tomorrow! This story seems pretty interesting so far, though. It’s about a girl who’s captivated by an overgrown garden that she glimpses briefly behind a fence during her bus-ride to school.




I never had any of these books next to each other before, so I never realized until today that the pages are slightly different colors. Top is 透き通った風が吹いて, middle is おばちゃんたち, and bottom is 2.43 代表決定戦編①. I wonder if it’s because they’re all from different publishers. Anyway:

I read 12 pages of 2.43, finishing ch 2-2 and leaving off on pg 184. Since Chika’s staying with Yuni for the time being, we get a description of Yuni’s house. It looks like something straight out of a yakuza drama, with a gabled roof and gated stucco fence and white gravel, and a traditional landscape garden and a pond with brocaded carp. The only thing they’re missing is a Doberman lmao. The grounds are kept this way according to his grandfather’s interests.


I think this confirms that Yuni and his parents live with his grandfather? I mean, yes, in the first volume, Yuni mentioned that Yori would come over to play shougi with their grandfather as a kid, which would imply that Grandpa Kuroba lives with them. Also, Yuni’s father is the first son, making them the main family line, and Grandpa Kuroba is the current family head. But then, I’m pretty sure he made the banner that Itoko toted over to one of Yuni’s games in middle school—from her house? Which would imply that he doesn’t. Since Itoko, Yori, and their parents live separately from Yuni and his parents. Also he literally never actually shows up, just his calligraphy (and his naming sense, considering he gave Yuni the reading of his name), and we have been to Yuni’s house before a few times. I dunno, I’m confused.

Update: A couple pages later, it says that Grandpa Kuroba usually presides over the head of the table 巌のごとき渋面で, so, yeah, he lives with them. I guess Itoko just had him come over to her house to do the calligraphy on that banner. Also, hey! First on-page appearance for him!

It’s kind of interesting though them (or at least the main house) being compared to the yakuza. The Kuroba family owns a lot of land in/around Monshiro (though most if not all of it farmland considering how many of his relatives in the area seem to be farmers), and they’re probably the richest/most powerful family in this part of Fukui. Yuni’s even called ボン or 坊ちゃん by some people. Not that he acts like it though lmao it’s easy to forget he’s not just some guy. At least until the two of you spontaneously decide to catch a train to Tōkyō so he goes and gets (expensive!) tickets for free from his family member who works at the train station (book 1, ch 5), or you wanted a strawberry tart but the café doesn’t have any left in their display case so he goes and talks to the chef who’s his relative and gets you a fresh slice with a big helping of extra strawberries because they’re your favorite (even though you’re the now-ex-captain of his rival school and he barely knows you? Yuni) (first audio drama included with the 2nd vol of the anime). The Kuroba family is big, so he’s got relatives all over Fukui, and even though he usually doesn’t act like an heir, he is definitely used to asking for and getting things (even getting things he didn’t want/ask for) from his family. I would not be surprised if he has family outside of Fukui too and he still gets spoiled in college all the way out in Kantō. Yorimichi’s the only one who could be considered “yakuza-like” though, being a delinquent and even being compared to an outlaw by Chika (book 1, ch 5), but he almost got disowned for it in the past (short story included with the 1st vol of the anime), and at the end of book 1, he’s decided to clean up and study to become a teacher. So the yakuza comparison isn’t exactly apt, but it also sort of is.

We also learn Chika’s parents’ names: 公信 (Kiminobu) and 早百合 (Sayuri). Well, I already knew his father’s name, but at this point I can’t remember if it was just hearing it in the anime or if I’d seen it written aside from when I went looking for how it was spelled…



Okay, I’d thought Chika lived with his grandparents in Suzumu, but it turns out he’d lived with his parents in Suzumu, and his grandparents live in Monshiro? Did that get retconned or am I just misremembering.

This subchapter is called CHILDHOOD FRIEND though and I’m enjoying the little bits of backstory we’re getting of Chika as a little kid when he’d come visit Yuni’s house. We knew from the first book that they were friends in kindergarten, but it turns out they didn’t meet there—their grandfathers were shougi friends, and when Ooe-jiisan would come over to play shougi with Kuroba-jiisan, he’d often bring along little Chika since he was left with his grandparents a lot as a young child due to his mother frequently being hospitalized. Chika was shy and would just sit there unmoving like a doll watching his grandfather, and Yuni was the one to approach him. Also he was scared of the bath back then (he was like four), so today he doesn’t want to use the bath first so he can put it off a little longer, but it turns out the Kurobas have had their bathroom remodeled in the intervening years and they have a different type of bathtub now, so he had nothing to worry about.

And it’s even more clear in this than the anime how excited Yuni is that Chika came to consult with him about his worries, which is cute. There are about five sentences that end with “!?” in a row lol (only one of them said out loud), although a good half of that was his surprise that Chika, who usually keeps to himself, would actually come to someone for help (明日の地球は無事か!?). They were inseparable as kids, and since Chika moved back Yuni’s wanted to go back to that, and they’re not nearly there yet, but this is a step.

Anyway Chika’s awkward and Yuni’s a little weirdo, and that about sums that interaction up lol. I love them.

I’m a little disappointed though that this scene just ends with Chika blinking, caught off guard, when Yuni suggests that the two of them just have to be like Mimura Subaru together, instead of shooting him down and saying that Yuni needs to catch up to and surpass Mimura on his own (and calls him バカ, and Yuni’s like, “You Tōkyōites really know how to make your insults hurt”) like in the anime, tbh. Oh well, we got some good stuff that wasn’t in the anime, too.

And because I have no self-control, I also started 透き通った風が吹いて, a novella by あさのあつこ. (Although I guess I have some self-control, because it was either that or 風が強く吹いている, which is, what, 600-some pages?) The book includes the novella plus a short story and is only 186 pages total, so it’s probably the thinnest (non-doujinshi) book I own lol. Anyway, I read 20 pages, leaving off on pg 30. I like it so far.

It’s set in Okayama Prefecture, so they speak in a dialect I’m unfamiliar with, though I did get a bit of exposure the other day in the Mujinazaka-Fukuroudani match in HQ. I think I can more or less understand a good portion of it by feel, though. Like, I think けん shows emphasis rather than is a negative like some -えんs are, in a lot of places じゃ is obviously だ, and -ている and しまう and 言う seem to work the same as in Kansaiben. Hopefully it won’t give me too much trouble.

And then I had wanted to read a bit of おばちゃんたち while I was at it, I only have like 12 pages left of the story I’m currently on, but my brain didn’t wanna do anything more novel-wise today so I just grabbed HQ vol 39 and read 2 chapters of that. It seems I can now read one chapter of it in about 10 minutes, so a whole volume would take me less than two hours, even accounting for the chapters with more text, providing I don’t get distracted! That’s a big improvement over the last time I semi timed myself with this series, where it took me closer to 4 or 5 hours for one full volume.

Some vocab of note:

枯山水 (かれさんすい) [noun] traditional Chinese/Japanese dry landscape garden. Also written 枯れ山水 (thus the reading).
錦鯉 (にしきごい) [noun] colored carp; brocaded carp. a.k.a. what in English are known as “koi.”
当代 (とうだい) [noun] current head of household
一粒種 (ひとつぶだね) [noun] only child
ひとかど [noun, の-adj., adv.] a cut above the rest; superior; respectable; full-fledged
巌 (いわお) [noun] huge boulder
茶々を入れる (ちゃちゃをいれる) [expression, 一] to interrupt (with frivolous remarks, silly jokes, etc.); to butt in; to make teasing remarks
忘れ形見 (わすれがたみ) [noun] memento (from a dead person)
虚を衝く (きょをつく) [expression, カ五] to attack the enemy in the moment they’re unguarded
英気を養う (えいきをやしなう) [expression, ア五] to restore one’s energy; to restore one’s spirits; to recharge one’s batteries
はとこ [noun] second cousin. In kanji, it’s written 再 + any of the ways that いとこ can be written.

“Petty”… At least it still comes from ‘petit,’ but it’s the wrong sort of “small”… Ohh, this whole thing’s gonna give me a headache…


January 3 :snowflake: Home Post

Read more 山猫! I think it generally went smoothly today, though I did end up looking back at some previous passages to figure out what was going on which helped me get a better grasp of things but also wrecked my brain :joy: so not as many pages as yesterday but that’s okay. It continues to be very interesting; in my rereading I finally grasped that there are two different incidents that occurred on different days under discussion, the murdery one of which does not seem to be the work of 山猫 :eyes: which makes sense, can’t exactly have your honorable thief character running around killing people lmao. But then who :eyes: guess that’s the mystery huh :laughing:. So yeah it’s still going pretty well, and it’s not like it’s a super long book so hopefully I can make some good progress in the coming days!


:snowflake: :snowman: Home Post :snowman: :snowflake:

January 4th.

What: ハイキュー!! volume 1
Pages: 10
Time: 10 minutes.

Suuuper quick read before I’m off to work. More volleyball boys! Lots of conflict! Good stuff! Yesterday I found out several other people in my office are learning Japanese :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:books: :snowflake: softlyraining’s snowy book stack :snowboarder: :open_book:

January 3rd

:red_square: ラストで君は「まさか!」と言う 冬の物語 (27% → 28%)

Today was a cruddy day for me, so my motivation to do much of anything was near zero. I managed to read a few more pages of the short story I’m currently on, which is a win in my book. This one involves a group of elementary school kids of varying ages, which already makes it stand out from the others.


:spiral_calendar: Day 3: January 3rd :mountain_snow:

spacer:sun_with_face: 夢みる太陽 Volume 2 (7% ➨ 41%)
spacer:mag: 名探偵コナン Volume 13 (22% ➨ 30%)


Day 3: January 3rd
What did I read?: ハピネス Vol 1
How much did I read?: Chapters 1~3
How long did it take me?: 1hr

I saw this recommended as an alternative to よつば! for beginners in another thread so I decided to give a try. So far the difficulty level seems challenging enough with out being overwhelming for me. Also the story is quite intriguing and is a more edgier type of genre — which is more of my style.


Jan 4

かがみの孤城 9% → 13%

I posted when I was at 4% yesterday, but continued throughout the day until I was at 9%. There’s either no reception or poor reception around these parts, so it’s good to have a book I can read without a dictionary on hand!
I wonder whether I can finish the book before my trip is over…


1月3日 & 1月4日
Finally read chapters 3 and 4 of 夜カフェ3 thanks to my husband giving me a break for my bday. It felt really great to crank out chapter 3 in particular as it was almost a whopping 30 pages, and I kept getting stuck reading the same page countless times.

Unfortunately the content of the chapters itself was less thrilling. It’s not as much of a page turner as it was in the first volume. I’m finding my motivation for reading it is to try to find any good wholesome content if there’s any left :sweat_smile:


Home Post

Day 3 Progress:
お隣の天使様 五冊 - 62.18% → 64.24%

I used my day off in like the worst possible way today so I’m just gonna write a short post while I’m still lucid.

Word of the Day: 老若男女ろうにゃくなんにょ - men and women of all ages. The on readings of some of these characters are pretty weird and highlight the age of the compound itself probably.

Holy cow, that’s insane. I thought the phrase itself was fairly innocuous but I didn’t realize they were based on variable hours themselves… sounds like a nightmare to work with but I suppose they were able to make clocks work with it for a few hundred years…


Home post

1 月 4 日
コナの大冒険 第18話 from Satorireader

Okay so it wasn’t anything scary after all. Just a deer (鹿) named Lily (リリ). Happy to recognize a kanji I learned from the Japanese advent calendar I joined last month.

Other words or phrases of interest:

  • 怖がらないで (こわがらないで) there’s no need to be scared *my own translation given the context
  • 食べ頃 (たべごろ) good for eating, ripe enough, in season
A reflection:

I’m a bit afraid of the extent I’m relying on the furigana and English translations provided on Satorireader. Of course, I always read and try to understand the sentences on my own and furigana is only set to kanji I haven’t already learned on WK, but when I’m rushed or tired I feel like I don’t try hard enough to decipher the full meaning of the sentences before sneaking a peek at the translation. Also afraid how this dependency would affect me when I start joining a Book Club or reading other materials later. I’d probably feel lost or overwhelmed because there’s no easily accessible translation and I’d have to search for the meaning of the kanji and grammar points myself.


This word scored 8th place in the Trivia no Izumi “top ten words TV news announcers find it hard to pronounce” survey :slight_smile:


:open_book: :desktop_computer: :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake: January 3

Read a little ユージニア (<1%). I hope I can soon make time to read this for long enough to make a dent because it seems really interesting but I can’t fully get into it reading in short bursts.


For people who want to read about the clocks in japanese one of the Shin Kanzen Master books has a text about japanese clocks.


:tea::sunflower: January 3rd and 4th :sunflower::tea:

January 3rd: 3 pages
I started the morning reading 3 Satori Reader stories aloud, which I thought I’d start doing. Listening to my voice is already brutal enough, but hearing me speak in Japanese disheartened me. While I thought I would get some reading done during the rest of the day, I went out and didn’t get home past midnight. Aaaa so much to work on. :broken_heart: Must persevere.

January 4th: 102 pages
コーヒーが冷めないうちに (205/286)

I realized that I actually liked the first two stories because the third one was just too dragging. Since I hit the 200-page mark, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish this tomorrow and continue ぼくらの七日間戦争 because parallel reading two books that don’t really hold my attention is just torture (and we want learning to be fun). I think I’m done reading for today though so I’m posting early.

Replies to lovely people

If you enjoyed the audiobook, it probably is true. I think I should explore audiobook options before I give up on books! Do you just either listen or read or do you read while you listen as well?

Well done! This was my favorite read last year and I am really glad I stuck with it even if the amount of pages was really daunting! I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!

Thanks for the idea. I should do this as well to pinpoint my weaknesses. How’d you do? I’m really nervous about the test, but it’s a ways away, and there’s always another chance in December.

I did redownload the app and saw a few changes from when I first started using it! There wasn’t a half-speed option before. I also realize I may have set too high of a bar for myself cause I started with 85%, and it kept going down to 79% which was absolutely discouraging!

Thank you so much for your detailed response. I will definitely check out the Japanese Phonetics and the Methodology section more carefully tomorrow. I’d really love to be more consistent with it. Thanks for inspiring me!


I just listened, but I do listen to books with the text. Used to be for learning the cadence of sentences and internalizing kanji readings, but these days it’s more because I can speed up the audiobook a lot if I have text to rely on :joy:


I used this page btw (it also has tests for the other levels), but I’m sure there are a bunch of other options a google away. I did pass so that was nice, but I was surprised that there weren’t big differences between my grades in the different areas. Vocabulary was my strongest area (thanks WaniKani?) but then my listening was better than my reading which is weird because I read a lot and barely listen to anything ever, so I guess the level of the listening is lower than the reading?


:snowflake: :red_gift_envelope: 1月4日 :red_gift_envelope: :snowflake: (Home Post Link)


  • ホリミヤ ch 54
  • マジーク・ツリーハウス ch 4
  • JLPT N3 sample questions - I haven’t looked at any of the questions on the site since last summer when I wanted to see if I could pass N4. The N3 questions were incomprehensible to me when I looked at them then, and they weren’t now. I am still lacking some of the specific knowledge, but I could read a question and recognize what point it was asking about, even if I didn’t know that point. I think I technically passed? Not very comfortably, but I did get about 2/3rds correct (on a sample size of 17, wasn’t a full mock test or anything). Reading went from being my weakest section to definitely my strongest! Guess the challenges help :laughing: Will definitely need some more focused jlpt studying if I want to be serious about passing N2 in december.

Might do another round of reading later, woke up too early again

Also got to see this friendly :durtle: again for the first time since coming back (~2 weeks ago). Still gonna wait until my apprentice items get a bit lower before adding new cards again, but almost back on track!

Good Words

さらば ー adieu, farewell
勝手に「かってに」ー without asking
潰す「つぶす」ー to smash, to crush; to slaughter (of an animal)

突然変異「とうぜんへんい」ー mutation
子孫「しそん」ー offspring, descendant
じーと ー motionless, still (凝乎と)

Really cute idea in magic tree house

A recurring thing in the series is that Jack is always taking notes about the things they encounter on their adventures, and so the books include a little “do it yourself” trace the notes he takes. Hard to do on an e-book, but that’s such a cute idea I love it



Right? It’s so cool! And it really does make sense if you think about it like just tracking the sun throughout the day: in the summer, the sun getting to it’s zenith takes more time from when it comes up, and then divide that into 1/3rds on each side to get a nice approximate time… you could probably do the same if you were particularly good at tracking moonrise/moonset times relative to sunset/dawn, but tracking time overnight probably not as pressing a issue for people in the pre-industrial age. I guess just hope it isn’t too cloudy out if you have a urgent appointment :joy:

This panel is a shot of pure serotonin

Happy Birthday! :tada: :tada: :tada:

Happy Birthday! :tada: :tada: :tada: such diligent students of japanese, even reading for fun on your birthdays :grin:


3rd or 4th? Mine is 3rd.