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Woop woop!
I’ve been at the challenge for a whole month now! Missed one day during our holiday trip, but I’m actually glad I managed to keep up otherwise. I definitely would have missed many more days if it wasn’t for the challenge.

Reading material wise I finished all the side stories of 時をかける少女 on February 11th (or was it the 10th?), so that book is officially finished now <3

Some final thoughts (major spoilers!) on 時をかける少女

To be honest, I was pretty disappointed about the latter half of the book. The first half was more action packed than I thought (so much so, that it caught me off guard) and the latter half was the complete opposite. Everything was basically resolved in one to two big and long dialogues and all that happened in between was “going to school”. I don’t necessarily mind dialogue focused story telling but it just felt a little weird?

The first half felt like setting up the time/space leaping as a system… then in the second half there’s the whole storyline “he’s a person of the future and there are these cool/weird science things in the future” (explaining time leaping and other stuff) which felt a bit like setting up another system… but then nothing happens with those systems and the story is just over?

To me it felt a bit like I had played through a game tutorial explaining all the game systems to me, but then the main game was cut. There seemed to be so many possibilities and stories that could have been told with those systems but then just nothing happens. I guess that’s why I’m a fan of longer series, because they can play more with different aspects of the world they set up.

Oh well, overall it was still a fun ride! And in a way it’s also just cool how I can experience this in a language I sometimes think I barely understand :heart:

Sooo what’s coming now? I’m currently trying to catch up to the デスノート book club and once I do I’ll have to decide. I still have another volume of 黒魔女さんが通る on my kindle (I think the Cinderella one, so volume 4) so that’s pretty likely I guess?

Regarding your thoughts on 時をかける少女

Wholeheartedly agree with everything you said! The other members of the book club also generally thought along the same lines iirc. And no, I don’t think this is due to it being a standalone (short) book! We have read standalone books (200 - 300 pages) in the Intermediate book club, and they were amazing and well-balanced and interesting and everything. I think 時をかける少女 is just an example of a bad author. :woman_shrugging:



Day 45! I read pages 144-146 of 銭天堂 today. I have the whole day off tomorrow, so I will try my best to get more reading than usual done, although I do have other priorities.


I agree with the discussion above but admit that I kind of put that down to it being a kids’ book. I absolutely recommend it to people as it’s hard to find a book with more accessible language that even gets close to a normal book plot. It’s imperfect but it acts as a good gateway book, I suppose.

Today’s reading was 「鵜の目鷹の目」とは?意味・読み方・類語・英語【使い方や例文】 | Meaning-Book
They compared the phrase to the English expression ‘eagle eyes’ and saying someone has ‘eager eyes’ but I’m not sure sure either of those actually fit that well after reading their explanation and example sentences using the idiom. It seems to carry a more negative meaning and imply fault finding which the English expressions do not.


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Just finished reading volume 7 of Spy x Family. My phone was charging upstairs today so I read without looking up anything on phone during reading, afterwards I went over some spots again when it was fully charged. This volume has a nice variety of different stories, for one continuing where volume 6 leaves things off and having a bit of a Damian focus, before leading up to the next big arc. This put me a bit in a weird spot as a new arc has started, but I looked through volume 8 and it stops mid fight. So rather than jumping right in, I think it’s probably better to pause it till volume 9 releases. I can’t find much about the release schedule, except a line on the shonenjump+ website that lists it on april 4.

Anyway I made some pics you can look through in the details below.

volume 7

I’ll think up of something new to read for tomorrow, probably something from the big pile of kindle manga.


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Tanuki Scroll XLV: 鬼を退治した男の子 :japanese_ogre:

Read today’s Hyakumonogatari, from Kagoshima Prefecture!

About a boy driving out a demon from the village.


☆ Learnings ☆

New Words

退治「たいじ」ー Extermination (of pests/bandits/demons); Eradication; Renounce thy worldly desires to focus on the teachings of Buddha.
ずれ ー Gap; Lag; Slippage
利口「りこう」ー Clever; Wise; Bright; Sharp; Well-behaved
しめしめ ー All right!; Good!
天井裏「てんじょううら」ー (the gap) above the ceiling, so, the attic / loft - but it doesn’t necessarily have to be an accessible room, can just be an empty cavity between the ceiling and roof.
ピョンピョン ー Hopping; Skipping
ドタバタ ー Noisily running around; with heavy feet; in a fluster

Forgotten Meanings

イワシ「鰯 / 鰮 (Rare)」ー Sardine; Pilchard


Today I read five pages from なかよし. I learnt a lot of space terms, here are a few.

銀河------ぎんが------Milky Way​, galaxy​

宇宙------うちゅう------universe; cosmos; space



Summary post

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. :heart:

Summer Pockets: Today had a few bits that almost lost me (just… a little lost in what strings of hiragana were doing I guess, I dunno. Odd sentences), but it also featured a lot of just sitting back and casually reading! ~2700 characters and ~235 lines, not too bad for me. Very low key, mostly in between little scenes talking about cooking and stuff.

ベランダパリングルスの仲間 acquired. :upside_down_face:

Zoo 2: Continuing to roll through this at a pace I’m super happy with, at 15% and page 27 after only like 3 days of reading it. This story has gotten increasingly comfortable despite the rocky start; suppose I learned all of its relevant words by now. I’m finding it maybe a little easier to incidentally pick up regularly encountered brand new kanji words in the wild, I think. :crossed_fingers: And over time my experiences are shifting to more and more instances where I look up things and go “oh it’s that word again!” instead of everything feeling new and scary all the time. Good feelings.

I’m off to hopefully try the previously mentioned karaoke later!


I’m really shocked but reading it seems to get easier and easier every day seriously I may even finish reading it this year. Today I finished the third chapter there are still 25 more chapters to read. But I’m not just reading it I always also speak all the lines out loud. People may think I’m crazy but I think my pronunciation will improve that way.

A Town Where You Live Vol.1
It has some interesting situations lol. Just sat down and read 70 pages I would actually read more but I’m doing a course at a university right now and there is lots I have to read for it every day. If I read too much on a day I get bored of reading and have to do something else


There are a few book clubs that do read aloud sessions as well, if you’re interested in that? (It’s much more fun with more people than just one person alone, I think. Some clubs also read manga with assigned roles, that’s also super entertaining!)


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February 14 update:
Finished volume 3 of よつばと! today. Instead of reaching some conclusion on Jumbo’s infatuation with Asagi (unbeknownst to the latter, presumably), the manga decided to have everyone else, including the kids, capitalize on it – up to the point of blackmail :joy: It’s quite funny, but it feels like this situation isn’t going away any time soon, so I hope it’ll be played out creatively at least. So far I felt like the jokes based around Jumbo-Asagi were some of the weakest in the series (besides maybe the panel where he came all dressed up to their first failed rendezvous “arranged” by Yotsuba – that one was quite a whirlwind of emotions).


Summary post :bookmark:

February 14

Progress: 44% → 46%

Time to catch up on book club :eyes: :eyes:


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Day 38:

I read one page of よつばと! today :four_leaf_clover::+1::four_leaf_clover:


Yesterday I read all of this week’s assignment of 大聖堂 - this is the first time that I managed to read that amount in one day! :tada:
Yesterday and today I read the second episode of しあわせのパン - almost done with it. I also reached the 50% mark today. That means I might be able to finish the book around the weekend or slightly afterwards, which leaves me with enough time to watch the movie in the film festival.


Day 45!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I read Chapter 14 of 極主夫道 today - it took me a little while since there was no vocab in the bookclub sheet yet and there isn’t much furigana! But I did it, and I filled in the vocab sheet too :slight_smile:

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It’s read ちきゅうおんだんか, right? And means global warming? I guess it made quite an impression on me the first time I read よつばと!1 that 6 years later, I can still remember it.


Yupp, I’m not going to forget it any time either:p


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Day 44:

日本語: I read some of ミステリークロック and a bit of 機動強襲型令嬢アリシア物語1.


中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, one page of 擅长捉弄的高木同学.


Summary post

Day 45: February 14th

Time spent: 10 min
Today’s color: 樺色 (かばいろ) - a reddish yellow

Named for the color of birch (樺) bark. It can also be written as 蒲色, because the color of birch bark is also the color of cattails. I guess the 樺色 writing was more popular in the Heian period.

Good words
  • 樺 (かば) - birch
  • 山桜 (やまざくら) - mountain cherry
  • 樺桜 (かばざくら) - any cherry tree with birch-like bark
  • 表記 (ひょうき) - expression in writing; written representation; notation; transcription; orthography
  • 蒲 (がま or かば) - common cattail (Typha latifolia); common bulrush; common reedmace
  • 同一視 (どういつし) - viewing and treating as one; regarding as the same; equating one thing with another; identification
  • のちに - later on; subsequently; by and by; after a while

まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ
Time spent: 6 min

Today’s reading was about バレンタインデー and the best part of it, the チョコ :gift_heart:
ハッピーバレンタインデー, 皆さん :heavy_heart_exclamation:

What else did I read?
Amount read: 6 pages
Time spent: 11 min

And also dugong time~

Look at this smol manatee eating with its hands :pleading_face:

Some good words


  • カイギュウ - sirenian (any aquatic mammal of order Sirenia, incl. manatees, and dugongs); sea cow
  • マナティー - manatee
  • ジュゴン - dugong


  • 川岸 (かわぎし) - riverbank; riverside
  • 下向き (したむき) - pointing down; pointing downward​
  • 河川 (かせん) - rivers
  • 苔 (こけ) - moss
  • 長らく (ながらく) - long; (for a) long time
  • びっしり - closely (packed, lined up, etc.); tightly; densely
  • 胴回り (どうまわり) - waist; girth; measurement around waist
  • 圧巻 (あっかん) - highlight; best part; stunning; incredible; superb
  • 主な (おもな) - chief; main; principal; important​

February 14 :snowflake: Home Post

Sleepy day :’) I just read a few pages of ヴァニタスの手記(カルテ) to keep up the habit so not a whole lot to say there. I should have more time to read tomorrow (and hopefully be less tired :joy:) so onward and upward!

(Also happy valentine’s day everyone! :sparkling_heart: Don’t forget to go get some discounted candy tomorrow :wink:)

A few words

まどろっこしい - dull, sluggish
単刀直入(たんとうちょくにゅう) - straight to the point, frank
生(い)かす - to let live
戯言(たわごと) - nonsense, drivel
ガラクタ - junk, trash
心外(しんがい) - regrettable, unthinkable

(wow no wonder my brain didn’t wanna do it today, this was from like five pages :joy: when I’m already tired?? no mercy, vanitas)

I also ran into this てみたはいいものの construction (the return of the infamous ものの) and I really did not have the mental capacity to fully grasp the hinative explanations and connect them to what was happening but I got the gist, I’ll probably go back to it another time lmao