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April 4th :seedling:

・Honzuki no Gekokujou 9 (93% → 95%)

Tiny read, tiny update :3 Tomorrow I’ll have time to finish book :eyes:


Life completely got in the way today, so I only got to read two pages of かがみの孤城 🪞 Week 19 :slightly_frowning_face:


Summary Post

April 4
Final Fantasy VII

  • 機動 = きどう a noun meaning manoeuvre, but also mobile, agile or quick to respond.
  • 試作 = しさく prototype, experiment, trial manufacture.
  • 寄生 = きせい parasite.
  • 会食 = かいしょく dining together with someone/people.
  • 多忙 = たぼう very busy.
  • 始末 = しまつ dealing, management, getting rid of (I don’t think I understand this one completely yet, has a few meanings but the context was of someone saying “I’ll deal with you maggots” or something like that).
  • いきなり = all of a sudden, abruptly.
  • 花畑 = はなばたけ a flower garden.
  • 人材 = じんざい capable person, talented person.
  • 素質 = そしつ qualities, genius, character (J-J dictionary defines it as the qualities/capabilities you are born with).
  • 誘惑 = ゆうわく temptation.


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So far this month I read 夜カフェ first part of Chapter two over 3 days (for the beginner book club) and one chapter of Happiness for the absolute beginner book club, though I’m still half a chapter behind the club there. :slight_smile:

I really have been enjoying reading again. I already mentioned that I felt a bit fatigued at the end of the last challenge, so I’m glad this didn’t carry over :heart:



Summary post

There’s a big old confluence of various pieces of bad news and some recurring health problems but truly, what is a Daisoujou update without some variation on “outside of reading my life is a mess” :upside_down_face:

So I’m trying to ignore all that and study harder lol. I did manage ~7100 words and 495 lines in a reasonable enough time, which is at least a new high for this challenge. These routes do repeat their core vocab a lot.

Hiding the image once more for the same reason as last time, very light implied spoilers. Better to be totally safe

Today marks yet another sighting of N1 grammar, に至るまで (にいたるまで, sort of “until” or “as far as”). One website marks it as N2. No one knows; N levels are mysterious. I’ve noticed I’ve really developed a sense for what’s going to be a clustered grammar point like this based on seeing it in the sentence context, so that’s nice.

The word of the day is 人気 which is NOT にんき, but instead, ひとけ (sign of life/human presence or humanity). Don’t we all love it when the same kanji combination can be multiple words? :upside_down_face:

I wanna jazz this post up but I’m tired. もう疲れた


April 4th :cherry_blossom: :cat2: :cherry_blossom: (Day 4)

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Only a very smol update, had little time to spend on reading:
Today I’ve finished reading 夜中の汽笛について, あるいは物語の効用について and re-read some of the passages out loud to myself a few times. I’ve also annotated the text with some readings/meanings where necessary.
I’ve noticed that each time I re-read the story, I understand it a little better - and each time the emotions conveyed in the text become a little more profound and vivid. Yet to read the English translation - will be interesting.
While I don’t want to keep going at this story for too long (because it feels a lil lazy), I also don’t want to move on from it. There is still so much to understand! Damn is this fun :333


Day 4

Had a decent amount of time for reading today, as had to take some long trains for work. As a result, read from 8-14% 三毛猫ホームズの推理 (to end chater 1 part 3) and 67-72% すべてがFになる。Might read a bit more すべてがFになる as I feel like it’s just at the edge of some plot reveals but also I should sleep.

Progress though! I feel like 三毛猫ホームズの推理 felt way more manageable today than it did the previous two days. I feel like every time I start reading something new I have a period of ‘argh, why is japanese hard again!’ but luckily with each book I read that period seems to be getting shorter (helped this time I’m sure by the fact that I’ve been reading other crime fiction). Continuing to really like 三毛猫ホームズの推理. It’s just got a very pleasant tone to it. (More thoughts ahead、no real spoilers but being cautious) I appreciated the little glimpse we got of 片山 and his sister, they seem to have quite a fun dynamic and I’m excited to see more of them interacting. Also very excited to start getting some cat detective!!! :cat2: pretty intrigued about what’s up with 森崎 after that section :thinking:

You see, my bet is that the location is being set up because the book will end with an incredibly dramatic showdown on top of the crane, action movie style.


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:red_square: :wolf: かがみの孤城
:red_square: :breast_feeding: 授乳
:white_large_square: :newspaper: TODAI app

My first update of the challenge! Things started off a little rough; I wasn’t in the mood to do much of anything on Friday, so I went to my fail-safe of TODAI straightaway. That’s what it’s there for, though, so I’m glad it worked. The article was about how the age of adulthood in Japan was lowered to 18.

I then spent the weekend reading 授乳. I’m on the second story. I had started it during my first reading attempt but hadn’t gotten very far, so I just read it from the beginning. The premise is a little wacky, but I’m here for pretty much anything Murata, so that’s fine. :grin:

Today I read かがみの孤城 for about 30 minutes. Again, I hadn’t gotten far the first time around, so I read from the beginning. I didn’t get too far this time, either, so I still don’t have much of an opinion on the story. I’m eager to continue, though.

Interesting Words

仮病 [けびょう]: feigned illness​
矢継ぎ早 [やつぎばや]: rapid succession (e.g. questions)​
根こそぎ [ねこそぎ]: thoroughly; completely; all​
よそ行き [よそゆき]: formal (e.g. language); best (behavior, manners, etc.)

Glad to see so many of us are off to a good start! Really loving the energy from this season’s challenge so far.

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㋃4日 – Day 4

  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険

Appropriately for Jonathan’s birthday, I read JoJo. It was mostly the throwing away humanity chapter and I started into the chapter about rings. That chapter’s title has 一組(ひとくみ) (a pair) but with the reading ふたつ, which seems pretty cute, but now as I’m writing this, I realize that a terrible comedy doujin I read about George Joestar and Dario Brando getting married makes a lot of sense if you consider that George “gave” Dario his dead wife’s wedding ring. Mad genius. I am still trying to get rid of it though. It’s pg/pg13 for anyone interested, just pay shipping and it’s yours.

I am enjoying the actual story of the manga though. I’m curious on what Speedwagon’s accent is supposed to be. At first it just seemed a rough casual, but now I’m thinking it’s actually based on a real accent due to certain usage patterns.


April 4
Read 8 level-0s in total. Four as a warm up, and four as a cool down, to reading through some articles announcing that the stage adaptation of Spirited Away with also be streamed on Hulu :tada:


Funny that I literally learned on Sunday that the adapation even existed. Very happy there’s going to be a chance to watch it.

Details for buying a streaming ticket haven’t been finalized, from what I gather on this Hulu page. But I hope I’ll be able to catch it when they are.

Progress on Tadoku graded readers
28 / 44 level-zeros
x / 12 level-ones
x /10 level-twos
x / 18 level-threes


April 4th (Calendar Post)

Sadly on work days it’s harder to read as much as I’d like.

三日間の幸福 => 7 pages (99 minutes)


April 4 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

Got some more VLR in today! I finished another bad ending :joy: so all’s going great, it felt like a pretty easy reading time though. Sometimes the puzzles are the biggest time factor :eyes:

wooo VLR things

Yeah I’m definitely too nice for this game, ファイ was right :joy: Man someday there’s gonna be a route where I have to 裏切(うらぎ)り someone who only has 1 BP and I’m just gonna die, I feel so bad doing any of it lmao

I’m really still trying to figure out ディオ, like why is he here? There has to be something going on with him, otherwise why would he have killed that lady for her bangle in the first place? How did he get here and why did he need to participate, just to escape no matter the cost? I have questions :joy: Very curious to see where it goes

Also the fact that the character named クォーク keeps disappearing is not lost on me, we’re thematic huh Zero Escape? I’m still so skeptical of his whole situation, like not that I blindly trust ディオ but I feel like if he chose to 裏切(うらぎ)り someone he’d be like “yeah I did it, so what?” :joy: So idk what to make of all of it, this has been in the back of my mind for a while and will continue to be I’m sure

Something else kind of relevant I suppose: I (mostly unintentionally) ended up dropping SRS? For the time being at least, and it’s been good! I’ve been pouring all of my Japanese time into Zero Escape and it’s really nice :blush: I wouldn’t be shocked if I pick it back up later on once I move to reading new things, but for now I feel okay without it! More reading time :muscle:

Lmao now that you mention it, I definitely own hatoful boyfriend, and it definitely has a Japanese option on steam :joy: now that would be an adventure


Summary Post

Day 4: April 4th
What did I read?: An episode of some thing on Satori Reader called 奥日光
How much did I read?: 1 episode
How long did it take me?: 5 min-ish

So, I had a work outing tonight that was supposedly going to end at 5:30 but it actually ended at around 7:45, soooo I’m completely freaking exhausted and I didn’t really have time to read anything. I grabbed the first short thing I could think of and read it xD It was a cop-out day and I don’t even care. Tomorrow will be another day. Now I’m going to curl up in my soft blanket like the hermit I am, goodnight


I actually stopped new cards a week or two ago to give myself a chance to knock down numbers to something more reasonable for me. I’m honestly enjoying the break a lot :sweat_smile: I don’t even do much SRS - just around 30-60 min in the morning, but it’s my least favorite part of studying, though I do see the gains from it.

Oh I would love that. Especially if it involves the character with 高所恐怖症 :joy:

Oof, me too! Wonder if something (non-rona) is going around. I had to leave work early because my head is so foggy and my throat hurts just existing.

On the note of foggy brain, I came upon a sentence in 三毛猫ホームズの推理 that I can’t quite figure out (not a spoiler at all):


さま is emphasized in the text, but I’m not sure which さま is meant. I found a similar phrase googling, てんで相手にならないさま。 which I think is like “to be a completely wrong match for”. That would make sense in this sentence as it’s describing someone unfit to be a 教師. So something like “It’s the same as saying he’s a teacher at a charming school - a complete mismatch.” but that still feels a little wrong. Perhaps it will make sense in the morning, or perhaps one of you will understand better than me :pray:

edit: I just found out 様になる means ''それらしい体裁になる。格好がつく。「和服姿が―・ってきた」" or ~[to have the appearance of, to be (socially) appropriate for outside] so I guess I wasn’t too far off. So, making that a negative…maybe more like he doesn’t look the type?


Home post

Day 3:

日本語: I read some of ミニスカ宇宙海賊 and some of 三毛猫ホームズの推理 and a bit of TUGUMI.

I forgot to decide yesterday, but let’s say this week’s manga volume to finish is ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 3.

中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, one page of 骑士幻想夜, and a bit of 孩子最爱读的中国民间故事.


Day 5 - April 5

  • 美少年探偵団 1 - 9,67% → 10,27%

Just a little bit of reading before I go to work now. Will edit this later (if I get to read some more tonight) :blush:



I read Seed 3 of GREEN. Seems that, nope, ch 2 took place at the beginning of summer, not the end, as it’s summer break now. Wako declares that, as she doesn’t have class, for the next month she won’t be returning to Tōkyō no matter what they tell her.

More-or-less live reaction:

Hmm, do we get the first indication that Wako-chan’s feelings aren’t one-sided? Makoto teases her, saying that since she’s here he’ll take a summer vacation too and stay with his parents, because he enjoys seeing her reactions.

We meet another of the main characters, Nozomi (spelled 希望, which until now I didn’t realize could be a name, much less that のぞみ could be a masculine name), the prettyboy idiot son of the Seiwa Grape Plantation who acts like he doesn’t want to succeed his father but actually still loves grapes and the countryside and does want to take over. The two of them don’t seem to have a very good relationship, but they don’t seem like they truly hate each other, either. Nozomi is 4 years younger than Makoto (and 1 year older than Wako), and they would play together as kids when Makoto would visit his grandparents every summer, though they’re not particularly close anymore. Nozomi likes Wako too and fabricates a lie about Makoto being gay (and confessing to him in HS) to try to get her to give up on him lol

Makoto likes her back, and we get a kiss! And Wako’s in a daze for a good while afterwards lol (Grandma: Just what in the world did you do to Wako-chan?! / Makoto: *telling silence and blush*)

I read 6 pages of 2.43, putting me on pg 42.

2.43 rambling:

Huh, so though Subaru, at the current point in time (third-year in high school) is the third-tallest character at 189 cm, he was pretty short in middle school. Come to think of it, during the awards ceremony scene in 1-1, he was described as being short, too. But the scene where Ochi and Subaru run into each other at the hospital, both there for routine checkups, is set in July their first year of high school, and the narrative talks as if Subaru’s not short now or indeed since the school year began (中学時代の三村は、たしかに決して身長に恵まれてはいなかった。) so he must have already grown a fair bit even just in the few months between the Hokushin’etsu Tournament in August and the start of high school in April.

That’s another similarity he has with Chika, then, since Chika also was really short as a kid (none of Chika’s family is particularly tall, either) but then by first year of high school he’d surpassed 180 cm. (Granted, I don’t know how tall Subaru was as a first-year, but quite likely at least 175 cm. So far we haven’t learned anyone’s height pre-main-timeline aside from Yuni’s and Chika’s.) And they were both born early (between Jan 1 and Apr 1), Subaru in March and Chika in January. They play different positions (Subaru a left/wing spiker, Chika a setter) and their personalities are pretty much the complete opposite (Subaru carefree and gregarious and Chika more reserved and withdrawn, though they’re both very driven and focused), but they’re pretty similar in a lot of other ways, it seems.

Huh, so that means Takasugi was taller than Subaru in middle school. Well, a lot taller. The first story in the side novel 空への助走, 強者の同盟, is about Takasugi during their second year of high school, after the third-years had just retired and Subaru had been given the captaincy and the ace position. Takasugi has always been first in everything, from the oldest in his year to the best on his middle school volleyball team—including being the tallest. And now he’s coming in second to Subaru in a lot of respects. He’s still the tallest at 190 cm, but Subaru’s just about caught up. I never did finish that story. I read all of 途中下車の海, which is about the captain of Fukuhou’s jūdō club, but I only read a handful of pages of 強者の同盟. I should definitely finish that sometime.

Speaking of comparisons, I can’t wait until we get some interaction between Fukuhou and Seiin. I specifically hope there’s interaction between Aoki and Fukuhou (I already know Oda, Yuni, and Chika all definitely interact with Subaru), particularly Ochi, because one of the mini anime was set I think at the practice match at Fukuhou, and it had Oda, Aoki, Subaru, and Ochi. Then Oda and Subaru headed off partway through, leaving just Aoki and Ochi, and with their boyfriends captains gone, they dropped the niceties and bared their figurative teeth at each other lol so yeah, I want an expansion on that antagonistic, guard-dog relationship they have. Somehow I get the feeling though that this mini anime is their only real interaction. Maybe in next 4 years… But at my current pace, I won’t get to it until December, augh!

Kabei-sensei seems to use 自分 more often for Ochi than for the other characters when it’s their POV. I wonder if it means anything, or if it’s coincidence and it’s just that she’s more frequently used structures where it would make more sense to put 自分 than the character’s name in these couple sub-chapters than in the others.


That sounds a lot like me. But I don’t know what exactly it is that makes me bad at refuting stuff like that. It’s like, the arguments are definitely in there, at least halfway in words (the rest, if any, in impressions/feelings; I think in a mixture of words, images, impressions, and feelings), but they just… won’t come out. Or I can get them to, but they always fall flat, and I end up giving up, sometimes even before I’ve started. I just figure it’s probably something to do with my neurodivergence. So I’m not sure whether to start headcanoning Ochi as ADHD or autistic or what.

It’s because of 2.43 that I know like half the body part words that I do. 喉 (throat), 踵 (heel), 顎 (chin), 膝 (knee), 腰 (hip), 脚 (leg), 首 (head), 眉 (eyebrow). Also, 頭上部 (top of the head). I’m not sure when I learned 肩 (shoulder) or 首 (neck). 頭 (head), 目/眼 (eye), 鼻 (nose), 胸 (chest), 手 (hand), 腕 (arm), 足 (foot, leg), 顔 (face), 頬 (cheek) I knew before. 手首 (wrist) and 足首 (ankle) I might have learned on WK before encountering in 2.43. There may or may not be some I’m forgetting.

I read ch 6-10 of コナの大冒険.

Some vocab of note:

土下座 (どげざ) This was my first time seeing dogeza in kanji! Or, indeed, in writing at all.
バカタレ [noun] A stronger version of バカ.
すっとこどっこい [noun] Another word for “idiot,” which I’m only assuming from this one instance is stronger than バカタレ.
骨肉 (こつにく) [noun] Aside from the obvious “flesh and bone” meaning, it also can mean “one’s own flesh and blood; blood relative.”
持ち前 (もちまえ) [noun] one’s nature; characteristic; inherent; natural. I kind of assumed it was related to 建前 (the face you have vs. the face you put up), but it seems it’s just 建前 vs. 本音…
寸前 (すんぜん) [suffix] just before; on the verge of; on the brink of


Read 三毛猫ホームズの推理 chapter 1, part 4

That bit about the “friendly discussions” was really funny :joy:

You’re reading it too? Are there 5 of us now? :face_with_monocle:

Now that I’ve gotten to this part and have some context, I agree, especially considering the previous sentence. さまになる as a whole expression fits. The guy doesn’t look like the type for this or that.

EDIT: For those of you who like to know how long it is before a good break point so you can plan how much/when you read, section 5 is 20 pages, and it’s the end of chapter 1. I wanted to know the section length and saw a spoiler.


:tulip: Day 3 :tulip: :house:
Was super busy yesterday so I didn’t get time to post but managed to squeeze in a little reading time.
Finished: Chapter 1
Time: 23 minutes

With this chapter the protagonist and more of his goals were established. Along with that each chapter seems to center around a different deep sea creature (this one had really cute giant isopods). Really enjoyed reading this one so far and the lack of furigana is really testing my kanji skills.

New Vocab

飼育員 caretaker
ダイオウグソクムシ Giant Isopod
掃除屋 Janitor; cleaner
水槽 fish tank, aquarium
狭き門 high barrier (to enter a highly competitive school, company, etc.); difficult hurdle;
大群 large crowd; large herd; large flock; large school; large shoal; swarm
清掃員 cleaner; janitor
死骸 (dead) body; corpse; carcass; remains
沈む to sink; to go under; to submerge
海底 bottom of the ocean; seafloor; seabed (I could tell the meaning of this one but somehow forgot 底 can be read that way)
絶食 fasting
ラッコ sea otter
足ひれ swimfin; (diving) fin; (diving) flipper
棲む to live (of animals); to inhabit; to nest (I thought this one was interesting, I knew 住む means to live but I never realized there was another kanji for referring specifically to animals.)

More spoilery thoughts

Giant Isopods are apparently referred to as “The Janitor of the Ocean,” because they eat the corpses of creatures that have sunk to the bottom. The protagonist Koutarou is working at Magmell as a janitor so the director (who he looks up to and just met for the first time) calls him

Poor Koutarou :joy:
I like how this chapter starts with Koutarou wondering if he’ll always just be a janitor and ends with him figuring out that he wants to become like the director and help people understand the deep sea better.
There were also some hints at a more overarching plot point involving the protagonist’s dad. There’s a point where Koutarou thinks “それに深海で働いたらいつかまた、お父さんに…” Which suggest to me that he kind of disappeared? Seems interesting.

:tulip: Day 4 :tulip:
Finished: Chapter 2
Time: 24 minutes
This one pretty consistently seems to take me around 23 minutes per chapter. With this I’m more than halfway through the first volume. This chapter’s sea creature is the Frilled Shark, which is apparently called a living fossil because of its lineage that goes all the way back to the Carboniferous.

New Vocab

Some more biological vocab this chapter
おどおど timidly; nervously; hesitantly; trembling (with fear)
捗る to make (good) progress; to move right ahead (with the work); to advance
通称 popular name; common name; nickname; alias
瀕死 (on the) verge of death​
net; netting
受精卵 fertilized egg; fertilised egg
孵化 incubation; hatching
栄養 nutrition; nourishment
卵胎生 ovoviviparity
ラブカ frilled shark
浅瀬 shoal; shallows; sand bar; ford
習性 behavior; behaviour; trait; nature
野生 wild; growing wild; living in the wild
エラ gills; branchia
魚類 fish; fishes

More spoilery thoughts

It seems like in the last chapter Koutarou caught the directors eye and now he’s maybe considering giving him a more involved role at the aquarium. It also seems like the director might know something about his dad. He sent Koutarou to go pick up a Frilled Shark that had gotten caught in a fishermans net. Unfortunately by the time he got there the shark had already passed away.

Luckily with the help of the fisherman he was able to save one of the shark’s eggs and bring it back to the aquarium. Through this experience he learned that working the kind of job he wants means working directly with life and death and that seemed to be the directors purpose for sending him.

かわいい shark manga are perfect they look adorable! I love sea creatures (and different creatures in general) so I’m definitely going to pick some of these up. Thanks for the recommendations!


This is probably a typo but I thought I’d mention it anyway. This is read いたる. :slight_smile: