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It be like that. Can be that the text is already cut up into bite size chunks that make it easier to parse, or that you’re more familiar with AI.

I have finished up spy x family vol 8, but there’s still some chapters left of this arc in volume 9. I’m glad I waited for volume 9 to release first, so now I can continue reading tomorrow. My parents are also on the way back from their cruise.


:tiger2: :books: Tanuki Den (aka Homepost): Date 20220529 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll LIX: ごみゼロの日 :no_entry_sign:

I thought I had already read today, then I suddenly realised that I have not indeed read today.

So iddy biddy read of “what day is today?”

And today is zero trash day!
Because 5 (ご) + 3 (み) + 0 (ゼロ) = ゴミゼロ!

I have just realised that today is not the 30th, today is the 29th.
It gets worse, today, the 29th, is konjac day, I thought yesterday (28th) was konjac day.

The only explanation: timetravel.

:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:


Not sure if I’ve come across this before but here it is anyway
実施「じっし」ー Enforcement; implementation; putting into practice

Not really a word but an organisation
環境美化推進協議会「かんきょうびかすいしんきょうぎかい」ー Environmental Beautification Promotion Council


I think when I was younger we had kid parties, but I honestly can’t remember. As far as I can remember we’d invite relatives (grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins) for fika (aka sweet bakery goods with a hot beverage (is the general translation of the Swedish word)) for cookies, buns with coffee, tea and cordial/soda, and then after that cake.

I don’t think we even got our favorite food for dinner, haha.

So pretty casual in my family too. After my siblings and I moved away from home, we basically stopped celebrating birthdays. :woman_shrugging: Well, except me, who would often (and then less often as the years went by) invite my family over. And have a separate dinner/visit a restaurant/café with friends.

When our parents stopped paying for them? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Zakarius @saidahgilbert Kladdkaka is a nice and easy one. Although the only method I’ve learnt for it was to make it all in the saucepan. Melt butter, add sugar, then the recipe usually says to carefully add the eggs, but I find it is a bit too hard to avoid scrambling them (possibly because I’m too impatient to melt the butter slowly enough that it doesn’t heat up much), so I usually add cacao and vanilla sugar first, then eggs, and last flour. Makes minimum mess.

My most common alteration is to make double and bake it on a baking sheet (with sides obviously). This will usually mean it will be drier (more cake-y) close to the edges, and more gooey towards the middle. Don’t make it too gooey this way though.

Next step: take out of the oven. Break dark chocolate into pieces and put them on top to melt (from the heat of the cake) 5ish mins later they will be melted through but look like nothing has happened. So spread them out with whatever tool you like. (I often add crushed nuts after spreading, in fact substituting some of the flour for hazelnut flour is amazing.)

When cool, put it in the fridge to stiffen the layer of chocolate. Later, cut into squares, and freeze anything you don’t eat that day (holds in the fridge for a few days, of course).

Hassle free and always gets compliments as long as everyone likes chocolate. Serve as is, or with whipped cream/ice cream. Berries add freshness (and tartness if using raspberries or similar tart berries).

If I don’t have much time, I most often do this because it is easy and freezes well.

Please keep me us updated. I have the same soft spot, haha.

Did you ever mention what this manga is about? Because your panels look fun enough that I’ve gotten curious. Might want to add it to my want-to-read list. :blush:

I sometimes forget how long it can take to write a post when you’re also going through and finding quotes everywhere. :sweat_smile:

Me hungry. :pleading_face:

EDIT (except I didn’t have a chance to click post, but anyway): Today is mother’s day in Sweden and my neighbor just came over. They’d been celebrating and had a lot of food and fika over, so I just got a slice of smörgåstårta (sandwich cake (not sweet)), chocolate truffle cake, and a bit of sponge-meringue cake (whipped cream and berries in the middle). The smörgåstårta piece is a bit small, so I’ll need to add more to my dinner, but timing/universe providing? :exploding_head:

May 28

Ended up not reading yesterday. Second day skipped during this challenge. Kinda amazed I haven’t skipped more.

Read other half of chapter 7 and all of chapter 8 of Yotsuba&. Miura needs to learn some manners. :joy: But it was all fixed at end. Phew.

Chapter 8 was hilarious all the way through. Also Asagi still coolest character. Karate chop! Also, the Ena and Fuuka encounters. Shooting the teddy bear, and then poor napping Fuuka. :rofl:


Note: This is a yuri comedy manga

Kimura-san is your typical shoujo manga main character. She’s a plain but good-hearted girl. As expected from a Shoujo Manga main character, she’s in love with the most popular guy in school, the cool, kind and admired-by-all Mizushima-kun.

Kimura-san is very timid but tries her best to get close to her crush. There’s however, someone that always manages to get in her way - the beauty of the school and Mizushima-kun’s childhood friend: Hiyama-san. She’s your typical shoujo manga antagonist that looks down on the main character and tries to stop her advances on the popular boy … or maybe not as typical as it seems!? It just happens that Hiyama-san reason for interfering is that she is head-over-heels in love with Kimura-san!

You can read the first 3 chapters for free in amazon.co.jp.


Thanks for the summery!

Hiyama-san is very yell-y (at least in the sample). Having someone screaming in my face like that all the time makes my heart race (not in a good way). :joy:

Love the art though.

Kinda good though, my want-to-read list doesn’t have to grow bigger. I have already picked up so many things I want to read from this thread. As if I didn’t have more than I could read in a lifetime in English already. :crazy_face:


May 29th!

I read chapter 7 of Happiness today. The story is really picking up now and getting really interesting though I would prefer it if there were less panels featuring teenage girls pants tbh.

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of the Spring challenge already!

(Home Post)


In that case, you should maybe not read Fruits Basket :sweat_smile:
I’m usually pretty robust when someone shouts and curses and stuff, but that was too much even for me…


I finished Ojisama to Neko Volume 2 today, two days earlier than expected because I sometimes read more than my planned 5 pages per day. Now I have to find something to read for the last two days of May in order to complete the read every day challenge :thinking:


In 18 pages, three different chapters, the MC had Hiyama-san yelling in her face three times. I’m pretty sure I read like 1-3 chapters of Fruits Basket, and I don’t think there is that much yelling even counting all those pages. xD (It was some time since I read Fruits Basket though.)

I don’t know, this was just so in my face yelling that I wanted to lean back and go: please stop yelling at me. Didn’t get that feel from FB at all, but maybe the huge amounts of yelling shows up later?


Day 60

Wanted to see how much of NHK Easy News I understand so went and read the latest article titled 6外国人観光かんこう日本ることができるようになる. Was surprised when I understood almost all of it :tada:, and also to see the latest grammar I learned being used in the article (Vことができます).

New usefull word: 観光かんこう - sightseeing; tourism


I finished 浦島太郎. After retuening from the Palace of the Dragon King, Taro finds that his house is gone, and so is his mother. He asks a man where his house is. The man answers that there used to be a house there, but that was 100 years ago. There hasn’t been a house there since. Taro says, “One hundred years?.. One hundred years?” He looks around and realizes there is notheing left for him but the beautiful box the younger princess had given him. He opens it and a white smoke comes out. Taro becomes a very old man, and then disappears. No one understands what happened.

New Words:

煙 smoke

何も nothing at all

Here’s poor Taro:


When does the next Reading Challenge start? I’m ready to start again!


I finished this week’s book club assigned reading of 海辺のカフカ and am happy to say that chapter 2 was far more interesting to me than the prologue and chapter 1.

I probably going to have to buy 心霊探偵八雲 book 1 though as I doubt at this point I’ll finish it before the free read period is up.


Summary post :bookmark:

May 29th :cherry_blossom:

・薬屋のひとりごと 2 (79% → 84%)

Finished chapter 18. Was going to read more but had some issues with procrastination / executive dysfunction. Literally “just” had to go get my suitcase from 3 meters outside my room :upside_down_face: Took me all day.

Thoughts on this chapter: Roses blooming out of season. Maomao did a big ganbaru keeping watch over the roses in the sauna and raising them. I love it when people are passionate about what they do. Just… please don’t overdo it to the point of collapsing :joy: :eyes::sweat_drops:

Expression: 種明かし (たねあかし).
Meaning: revealing of how a trick is done; disclosure of a secret; exposure; explanation


Summary post

Today’s been a disruptive day, but not in an awful way. Lots of issues prevented me seeing my mother when I meant to a little while back, so she visited for a bit today. Lost a little sleep getting up for that and then my reviews pushed late in the day etc but I read 5000 characters, which I’ll consider good enough since I’m noticeably a little mentally slower and one section was full of tons of new words. Turns out reading about underwater martial arts and the associated techniques, written to intentionally be over the top, isn’t easy in a foreign language!

Uhh, the rest of the time was a whole lot of 鬼ごっこ (tag). The route is a bit of a grind but I’m so close! The end is in sight kind of! I finished last challenge wondering just how many months I’d be devoting to Summer Pockets, but now I think next challenge should begin with me in the midst of something else.

I’ll grant that Shiki’s visual design is kinda cute, even if I’m still not a fan.

New word I want to share: 醍醐味 (だいごみ), it means the real pleasure of something (or apparently in other contexts, delicious taste / Buddha’s gracious teachings). I think it’s cool for that concept to have its own word. I also think, by pronunciation, my brain immediately jumps to thinking だいごみ sounds like “giant garbage” so maybe that contrast will be a useful way to remember, haha.

Oh! Also I learned ひふみよいつむなやこと which is kind of a fast way to count 1-10? Based on the first mora of ひとつ, ふたつ, etc. I have no more context than that it was used as kind of a cheaty fast count in tag, don’t have the energy to dive more than my lookup that told me what it even was, heh.


Summary Post

May 29
Final Fantasy VII

Didn’t read yesterday again, oopsie. I’m managing to destroy the end of the challenge :joy: . But on the other hand, I’m doing quite a bit of daily listening lately despite neglecting reading a bit. It’s honestly giving me a lot of momentum, I’m happy about my listening skills at the moment, they’ve certainly improved.


Day 58?

  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険

152- end (19something)

Good through the end and I started reading at a decent time! Funnily enough my plushies happened to fall while I was reading, so I almost got hit by The World, DIO, and Jotaro while reading about them lol

On to volume 14!


If I remember correctly, rather than yelling it was physical violence. In the early part of the manga, it mostly happened in flashbacks and off-screen. I’m finally watching the new anime version and I’ve reached season 2. So far, there has not been much yelling. The loudest character so far is Kyo and he is the typical tsundere but with martial arts skills.


May 29

I read one of the level 3 graded readers while waiting for a friend to hop on a call. The story was about shiitake mushrooms: what they are, what it takes to grow them, and who was involved in cultivating them in Ooita-ken. Pretty neat!

Friend and I started watching Belle through YouTube. Kinda only half paying attention but when I’m not looking at the screen, I can at least follow along with the Japanese audio.

Where even was I in my graded reader count?
Edit: two more level-1s came out over the course of the challenge, so I read them real quick too.

Progress on Tadoku graded readers
44 / 44 level-zeros
14 / 14 level-ones
10 / 10 level-twos
2 / 18 level-threes

I want to try a smorgastarta some day. I’m so intrigued by them. And the other cakes you mention sound divine. :yum:


May 29th (Calendar Post)

少女漫画主人公×ライバルさん => 101 pages (104 min)

Almost half-way through the last volume!

Fun panels :tm:

#Oops 主人公さん

Surprised 主人公さん

Scared-outta-her-mind 主人公さん

おしゃれ ライバルさん

おしゃれ 主人公さん


Blushing 主人公さん round 3

Plotting-something-evil ライバルさん

Evil-smile ライバルさん

Interesting expression I ran into: