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@MissDagger Happy belated birthday!


@natarin Congrats on finishing the trilogy! You know, if any of these games must be different between playing it in English and Japanese, it’s ZTD. Have to admit I was ultimately kinda disappointed with the story (a lot of people were), but in my memory it’s this extremely goofy experience in large part due to the English voice acting. Like, “complex motives” being a real thing the antagonist says at the end kinda became a meme. But beyond that, Eric especially just sounds so dopey to me. When he’s constantly going “Mira is my angel!” and, one of my favorite videogame lines: “I really, truly love ice cream,” it gets hard to take ZTD seriously. Was the Japanese less… like that? Hahaha. I think the whole thing’s localization was a little stiff. But then on the other hand the executions are so brutal at times they’re actually a little uncomfortable (something about the shower situation freaks me out). So it felt like the tone was all over the place and when it comes to that game I kinda consider it not good but also I love it in some weird ways. I think I’m just rambling, which is probably the only appropriate way to discuss ZTD.


:tiger2: :books: Tanuki Den (aka Homepost): Date 20220525 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll LV: ネコの大芝居 :cat2:

This morning I had an idea of what I wanted to read about today, but now that it’s come to reading time I’ve completely forgotten what it was :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Sooo, I read today’s folktale instead. Which is about an old couple who have worked hard all their lives and wished they had had children, but no longer can, so they pray to 神さま that a cat will do. And their wishes are answered and a cute cat arrives from nowhere!

The years pass by and the cat gets old, and to thank the old couple for their kindness it tells them that it’ll perform whatever play they want (they don’t seem that surprised that the cat can talk :joy_cat:).

:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:


大芝居「おおしばい」ー large-scale play (like one with an A-list cats cast); big act or charade
畑仕事「はたしごと」ー working in the fields / on the farm
芝居「しばい」ー Play or drama

忠臣蔵「ちゅうしんぐら」ー Chushingura (a well-known Japanese play)

Forgotten Things
ぶち「斑」ー Spots, specks, mottles
(for additional learning type「ぶちネコ」into Google images and lose yourself to all the cute cats)


Happy birthday for yesterday! :tada:
And yeah, birthdays are weird as an adult, 21 is like the last “yay” birthday, after then every year after is just… “oh, that’s another one.”

Sounds like you’ve got a good night planned though, have fun!

Looking at the pictures you share I think the folk stories I read are at a similar level, only thing is that there’s rarely furigana, but you should have no trouble with all the tanuki! :raccoon:


Omg yeah, I’ve been endlessly doing that already :joy: Like the first thing I did was bully this poor police officer for his name like 80 times, rip. I look forward to annoying everyone around me as a cool cybernetic detective :ok_hand: I’m glad to provide my usual nonsense, I’m sure once stuff gets going I won’t be able to shut up about it so I’m glad it’s enjoyable :laughing:

ZTD stuff

@Daisoujou Thank you! Yeah I’d heard that the writing and voice acting for the English translation were a bit rough :joy: There’s overlap in the content for sure, like Delta definitely said 複雑(ふくざつ)動機(どうき) or whatever a billion times at the end, and Eric is often ridiculous, but when he’s reliving his trauma or grieving Mira or anything like that his voice acting was brutal, maybe some of the most emotional in the whole game, so :man_shrugging: I think generally the dialogue came off less ridiculous to me, probably partially because the localization was weird and partially because I’m likely less sensitive to that sort of thing in Japanese at this point.

ZTD’s a weird experience overall, I very rarely had any grasp of what was really going on which yeah, Zero Escape, but this was a different level :joy: The whole thing kinda feels like rambling yeah, there’s just stuff happening and sometimes it fits together but it’s always absolutely wild either in a silly goofy way or a brutal murder way. The showers… oof. ZTD definitely went for the shock value of death in a way the others didn’t. And some of the big narrative reveals are just completely wild, like everything with Sigma and Diana and Phi and Delta, what :joy:

Oh it was also fun when they vaguely referenced like Men in Black and Back to the Future, oh Mくん and M’くん :joy:

(also @MissDagger happy (extra) late birthday!! I hope it and the adjacent celebrations were lovely :grin:)


For the past few days I’ve been back with old pals Saikawa & Moe, reading 冷たい密室と博士たち. I’m about 35% in and it’s been a pretty nice breezy read so far. I was planning on catching up to the S&M series book club here before the next pick (which is probably still doable) but I’m also planning on starting 海辺のカフカ & Flesh & blood & another book for a book club with Japanese discord pals all in June which….is a lot of books to juggle, whoops. I am enjoying reading 冷たい密室 along with the audiobook & the audiobook for the 3rd S&M book doesn’t come out until July so I’m slightly tempted to take the excuse to delay till then. That said, I can imagine these being very fun book club books what with all the mysteryness :mag_right:

@MissDagger adding in another happy belated birthday best wishes! As an aside, I’ve been really enjoying your yotsubato updates, it’s such a wonderful manga & so nice to hear about someone else enjoying it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Woohoo! Nice :tada::tada::tada: I really need to get back to that series, it was fun…too many books, too little time :books:


Summary post :bookmark:

May 25th :cherry_blossom:

・薬屋のひとりごと 2 (48% → 51%)

Finished chapter 11. Thoughts: In this chapter, Rihaku and Maomao talk about how each of the mysterious and seemingly random cases so far might actually be tied together :eyes: And seems like tall girl (not Maomao) who carries the scent of medicine might be involved. And as always when Maomao is within 3 meter of another person’s presence, Jinshi is jealous when he spots them talking together.


May 25th!

Another chapter of Shirokuma Cafe. This one was like a cooking show, which was fun :slight_smile:
I was able to understand it while only looking up a few vocab words, so that felt good!

(Home Post)


That’s good to hear. And I’m not having much trouble with what I’m doing, so even if tanuki stories are a little harder, I can probably read them.


Summary Post

Day 55: May 25th
What did I read?: クマとたぬき Vol 2
How much did I read?: 12 pages
How long did it take me?: 14 min

Finished this volume today! Bear and Tanuki reunited at last :heart:

And as a bonus, we found Bear’s mom, who is obviously super sweet and helpful just like Bear :smiling_face_with_tear:


Ii finished reading ジョンさん日本へ. At the kabuki theater, John and Yuki find two older people sitting in their seats, or what they thought were their seats. John discusses it with the old man and another man, probably an usher, came up and looked at the tickets. They were all confused because all four of the tickets had the same seat numbers. Finally, John asked what month, day, and day of the week were printed on the tickets. John and Yuki’s tickets were for the day before! They apologized and left, then after they got outside, they laughed out loud.

New Words:

始まる to begin, to start, to commence

同じ same, identical

笑う to laugh



My books got here today!! I ended up reading all of ハイキュー!! vol 2. My first time reading a full volume in Japanese in a single day! It took me about 4.5 hours, so half an hour or so per chapter. That’s not too bad. Ah man, I really wish I had the full series on me though lol, but it’s gonna be a while. Anyway, it seems Tsukki just does use 僕 as his personal pronoun, which is somewhat unexpected but also kinda fitting. Also I love the way Tanaka talks, and that I can appreciate it more now that I’m reading it. He’s so great. And I don’t know if this is my first time seeing Ukai’s name in kanji, but it is the first time that I know what it means: 烏養, one who fosters crows. Although if I hadn’t already known his name and/or it weren’t for the furigana, I’d have no idea how to read it lol

Also! I finally learned what exactly it is they call Kindaichi (らっきょうヘッド, among other nicknames involving らっきょう), and I don’t understand why I so often see him referred to as “radish-head” in English. らっきょう is a type of leek or onion. Because they both start with “ra”??

TIL that ハゲ (“baldie”) also can mean “idiot; moron.” Characters sometimes calling others who aren’t even remotely bald “baldie” as like a reactionary insult or whatever suddenly makes a lot more sense.

I also started ボーイミーツマリア, reading act 1. I love this book so much. [Tetsu: (futilely physically holding Taiga back from going to confess to Maria because she’s way outta his league) / Fukumaru: Just leave him, he needs to learn the harshness of reality. / Tetsu: What are you, his father?!] or [Tetsu and Fukumaru: Huh, it seems Maria is actually a guy. Well, too bad, right, Taiga? / Taiga, too lovestruck to pay attention: She has a husky voice and she uses 僕, she’s so cool!!] lol he’s such a dumbass, I love him. Also I think this manga is the first time I’ve seen 台詞 (outside of songs, of course) without furigana. And the Kansaiben isn’t giving me any trouble at all so far, which is nice.

I had jury duty today, although we ended up getting released early because the defendant didn’t show up. I’d brought 夜カフェ along with me, and I had half an hour or so to read, and I read all of ch 8 (15 pages) in that time.

Some vocab of note:

真骨頂 (しんこっちょう) [noun] one’s true worth; one’s true self; what one is really made of
一段落つける (いちだんらくつける) [expression, 一] to settle (a matter) for the time being; to complete the first stage (of something)
土日 (どにち) [noun] weekend; Saturday and Sunday
活かす (いかす) [サ五, transitive] to make the best use of; to put to good use; to leverage (skills, attributes, experiences, etc.); to capitalize on (experience, etc.)
とどめを刺す (とどめをさす) [expression, サ五] to finish off; to ensure (something) is dead; to deliver the coup de grâce; to put an end to; to deliver the final blow
お世辞にも (おせじにも) [expression] by any standard; (not) even as flattery
一朝一夕 (いっちょういっせき) [四字熟語, noun] in a day; in a brief space of time
ダントツ [noun] far and away the best; the very best; cream of the crop; decisive lead; commanding lead. Abbreviation of 断然 “firmly; absolutely; flatly; resolutely; decisively; definitely; by far; far and away; by a long shot; hands down” + トップ.
身の程 (みのほど) [expression, noun] one’s social position; one’s place; one’s standing
高嶺の花 (たかねのはな) [expression, noun] goal which is unattainable; prize beyond one’s reach; woman who is out of one’s league; flower on a high peak
名を馳せる (なをはせる) [expression, 一] to win fame; to be widely known; to be well-known; to make a name for oneself
正真正銘 (しょうしんしょうめい) [四字熟語, noun] genuine; authentic; true; real
変わってる (かわってる) [expression, 一] to be unusual (of a person or thing); to be uncommon; to be peculiar; to be crazy; to be eccentric; to be different. Sometimes derogatory.

A lot from ハイキュー!! today, though that’s not unexpected lol


I ended up finishing やがて君になる the other day and it was beautiful. The manga started off slow but it really picked up by the end and was well worth read!

With that manga finished, I started on a new one that is a classic I have been meaning to read for years now: マリア様がみてる. I heard the Flowers visual novel took a lot of inspiration from the series so I think I will love it. One unique(?) thing about the manga is that they seem to use some kanji with completely different readings based on the furigana. I’ve seen some other manga do this sparingly but this one has some words where the reading is always non-standard.

I guess some of the inspiration Flowers took from them was the use of French words (at least I think so, 妹 appears to be petite sœur and 姉 is sœur if I’m reading the furigana right).


May 25th (Calendar Post)

A bit of a busy day, but I managed to finish 隣の席の佐藤さん!

隣の席の佐藤さん => 24 pages (19 min)
少女漫画主人公×ライバルさん => 36 pages (25 min)

Sadly this will be the last set of 佐藤さん panels =._.=


Started a new manga, 少女漫画主人公×ライバルさん, and I find it hilarious. I love how they twisted the classic cliché of the shoujo manga rival character that is always getting in the way of the main character.

Some fun panels:


May 25
Reading more Kiki! May go through the rest of chapter 2 tonight.

Picked up again this grammar resource I was translating on the side at the beginning of April, 日本人のための日本文法入門. I got to the beginning of where it starts to talk about the predicate and the 3 types that can be used to end a sentence.

Oh no, they missed their showing!! What a shame.

I may have mentioned this to you before—and I don’t want to take away from your study methods—but in case it’ll be helpful, our active Haikyuu book club has vocab lists for chapters 1 through 68 (soon 69)(google sheets) available to anyone.

I’ve been grateful to the previous Kiki’s Delivery Service book clubs for their vocab lists, so I just want to get the word out there that these resources are available!


Well, they didn’t seem to mind too much! But I felt sorry for them.


I’ve saved a few vocab lists and even redownloaded Google Sheets onto my phone for them, but I never seem to end up using them lol. For me, at least, it seems to be easier to just look up the words I need to in a dictionary than to search for them in a spreadsheet, though I will consult them sometimes


May 25 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

I played some more AI: The Somnium Files today! I’m still liking it a lot; the interactions are super fun, and I’m very curious to see where the plot is going :eyes: Talking to 応太(おうた) and A-set has been interesting; there’s been a lot of internet slang I haven’t really encountered which means more lookups but they’re fun ones. They’re a hot mess :joy: There’ll be more tomorrow for sure!


Yesterday I finished かがみの孤城 :tada:

This is the first book of significant length that I finished in Japanese so I’m quite pleased with that!

Some thoughts on かがみの孤城

I found it to be quite a suitable book for my beginning/intermediate level of Japanese. Large parts of the book are fairly easy to read with only some vocabulary that was unfamiliar to me, but the author uses the same words often, so you quickly get used to those. And then every once in a while there will be a part that is harder to read with more unfamiliar kanji and vocabulary but then you get to flex your Japanese muscles :smile:

Content-wise, I didn’t like the book that much, but then I’m definitely not the target audience :upside_down_face:. I found the pacing to be quite uneven with not much going on for large parts of the book. The story of the main character こころ is well-told, but the backstory of a lot of the other characters is only told in one big information dump at the end of the book and I felt that it would have been more compelling if those stories had been incorporated earlier in the story so that the characters would have had the chance to talk with each other about their problems.

The next comment might be considered a spoiler:

I do have to say that it might not have helped either that most of the ending was already spoiled weeks ago by comments in the book club threads :confused:

If anyone is still planning to read the book then I think I would actually advise you not to read the book club threads because of the risk of spoilers.

Re podcasts

Thank you for the recommendations!

I have been listening to Teppei too. In case someone missed it: he also has a podcast called Japanese with Teppei and Noriko that is more conversational because it’s the two of them and a bit more advanced (Noriko sometimes talks quite fast in particular).

Yuyu I also recently started listening to and another podcast I recently started is EASY JAPANESE Japanese podcast for beginners, which is also two people so more of a dialogue.

I’ll check out your other recommendations for sure!


Those were theories, not spoilers, though. :sweat_smile: If you say they are spoilers, though, now people will know that they were accurate.
(Well, but they’d still have to guess which one, though, because we took quite the spread shot; I guessed at one point or another that any girl other than こころ was 喜多島先生, that’s some serious bet hedging there :sweat_smile:)

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Reply to Naphtalene (might be considered a spoiler for かがみ)

I guess it’s the risk of book clubs. If someone tells you what the ending of the book will be, then it’s still a spoiler for the ending of the book regardless of whether that person is speculating or speaking from knowledge. If I really want to avoid all spoilers then I shouldn’t participate in book clubs. I just want to give people the chance to figure out the book for themselves instead of having someone else figure it out for them.

Maybe it’s a good idea if you add a spoiler warning to your post as well? Because you are now basically confirming that your comments in the book club are the ones that are accurate.


:tiger2: :books: Tanuki Den (aka Homepost): Date 20220526 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll LVI: お姫さまと松の木 :evergreen_tree:

Ran out of time today, so picked a short one - today’s folktale, from Yamagata prefecture!

Were a princess falls for a man who plays the koto at night, but it turns out that he’s the spirit of a pine tree.

:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:


殿方「とんがた」ー Gentleman/men, also sometimes seen on signs above the men’s room.