📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

I was thinking about Fruits Basket. I read the first couple of chapters of it last year, and I’ve watched 1-3 episodes (I’m not sure exactly how many I’ve watched). So I know the rough difficulty shouldn’t be hard, but it is also a pretty long series. I honestly don’t think I’d read all of Yotsubato in one go if I picked that because that is a lot of volumes, haha. Or maybe I’d get stuck in.

I’ve also heard about Aria that many feel like taking a break after reading a few volumes.

I am leaning towards Orange, but I thought it might be interesting to see what you guys think. I think someone just finished Orange during this challenge? (Or maybe I’m hallucinating/remembering wrong. xD Or they talked about a different Orange.)


I don’t think you mean me since I could also swear that there was someone recently who was reading the manga (though I can’t find it through the search, am I also hallucinating??) but I read the light novel adaptation last challenge (hi :wave:)
I haven’t read the manga but I watched the anime adaptation and that’s I think(?) pretty close to the manga. I have obviously no way of knowing whether you’d like the story or not (I think people tend to find the character’s behavior a little frustrating sometimes, haha - definitely get that but I still thought it was enjoyable enough overall) but I think in terms of what you seem to be looking for it definitely fits the bill! Manga - check, something with an overarching plot - check, and I would definitely say it was very approachable language-wise :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey by the way I’m also playing one of those! Doaemon version, though (technically I haven’t continued in a while, but still. My poor chickens are probably starving)
Same game once again :handshake: (well not quite, but close enough)
It’s definitely super comfy!! :durtle_noice:


I just can’t not pick Yotsubato because I found the whole series absolutely delightful, but it is a little light on momentum – it’s not at all a hard reset or isolated events kind of manga, but the events are still fairly small scale, y’know? But you do get to know the same characters over a longer scale so I think that’s close enough to what you described wanting. All the same, I love it so much. Based on the sentence or two I remember you posting from what you read, despite those being graded readers, you should probably be prepared enough by this point that Yotsubato should be a pretty easy, relaxed read. So I guess you can factor in how much challenge you do or don’t want right now.

Thank you! Yeah I’m hyped about it. That’s totally just if you have any interest – the test is pretty annoying in format, but I just wanted the ability to point to something as a vague marker to say where I am. Maybe one day I’ll take the N1 but I don’t really need it for anything right now, so I’m not gonna bother until it’s N1 specifically and until I’m confident it’ll be easy. That’ll come some day I hope.

And yeah, I’m pleased with how the year has gone. Really appreciate the encouragement :grin:


Day 45 :heavy_check_mark: :milk_glass:

告白 ~ 65-71%

Day 46 :heavy_check_mark: :milk_glass:

告白 ~ 71-80%

The previous chapter finished without any major revelations after all, although it provided much needed insight into a specific character’s thinking. This current one, though, started with quite a major development, then soon got rather emotional. The narrator is a very complex character that I started off disliking intensely, then began to sort of understand and even tentatively sympathize with. I wonder how much my opinions will change again till the end of the chapter. This one is a letter again, of sorts. The parts that describe events are quite easy to read, but then there are parts that feel more like an essay, analysing the narrator’s opinions and theories on crime, punishment, the meaning of life, education, etc, and these take some more mental energy to understand.

Some words and expressions:

存分 - to one’s heart’s content, as much as one wants
足を引っ張る - to hold back others from achieving success, to sabotage
帰国子女 - child who has returned to Japan after living abroad, Japanese person who lived abroad during (part of) their childhood. (apparently, not necessarily female, despite 女)
前代未聞 - unheard-of, unparalleled in history, record-breaking
無二 - peerless, unrivalled, incomparable (I love the simplicity of it: “no second”)
手に取るように - quite clearly, quite distinctly, exactly
歯軋り - teeth grinding
茶髪 - hair dyed brown


Summary post :bookmark:

May 16th :seedling:

・薬屋のひとりごと 2 (19% → 20%)

Just a tiny read today. In one short sentence there were two words with gairaigo in the furigana. Then in the next sentence when I saw the word 魚, for one second I somehow forgot the reading and pronounced it as フィシュ in my mind :fish: :woman_facepalming: :fish:

Screenshot of gairaigo sentence. Not particularly spoilery in my opinion, but your milage may vary.


May 16th!

I read Chapter 62 of Yotsuba today, which was the final chapter of Volume 9.
Finishing a whole volume always feels like an achievement :slight_smile:

I also read 10 pages of ふしぎねこのきゅーちゃん, there was a particularly cute page about going out in the rain.

(Home Post)


I forgot to post the other day but I have still been reading every day. I finished the Shinymas event, overall it ended up being okay. I think I prefer their other scenarios more rather than them acting something out like in this one since they were doing a web drama.

The next event for Hokura has a rather interesting description and I think its more Juri focused. Although Rinze is my favorite, I won’t mind a focus on other characters to learn more about them. It’s also a rare one with an English translation so guess I need to decide whether I want to read it quickly in English or slowly in jp

Outside of Shinymas, I’ve been reading manga each day. I am currently reading やがて君になる and am up to chapter 24. The manga honestly started off pretty slow but these last chapters have gotten me really hooked on it. A lot of cute scenes in it too


Summary post

As always, Summer Pockets. I was a little slow, and running out of time, so I stopped just short of 8000 characters. Not bad, though. The Nomiki route feels surprisingly lengthy, considering that I don’t really feel like I’m quite into whatever it’s going to build to as its main issue just yet. There are some minor things going on, but it’s still pretty slice of life without a major focus.

It had its challenging parts again, especially when characters occasionally slipped in words that are seemingly no longer in normal use. 違えど was an easy one to intuit but it seems it’s an old form of something like " 違うけど." Words like that.

Nothing big to report otherwise. It totally slipped my mind again to take a screenshot, though. I’m slacking!

Cool new word/idiom: 負け犬の遠吠え (まけいぬのとおぼえ), meaning whatever variant you prefer on “grumblings of a loser.”


Day 45

  • ジョジョの奇妙(きみょう)冒険(ぼうけん)

92- end (~140)

Part 1 has such a good ending! I’m only sad that it’s not longer, as it much deserves a more drawn out pace. Reading it really hit different from watching as I was forced to go at my reading speed rather the animation speed. It really forced me to take my time in a way that made it all hit harder and I cried.

Now onto a new test… Can I stand reading Part 3 before the Dio’s World volumes? :sweat_smile: I get to look forward to seeing Jotaro say おじいちゃん one time though allegedly lol


Summary Post

Day 46: May 16th
What did I read?: クマとたぬき Vol 2
How much did I read?: 14 pages
How long did it take me?: 13 min

Back to fluffy happy animal antics xD Just a tiny read on this Monday-ish Monday.
No thoughts, only soft animals. :heart:

I just started reading but this may in fact be the cutest page of the whole manga xD

Good words
  • てんとう虫 - ladybug :lady_beetle:
  • 熟睡 (じゅくすい) - deep sleep; sound sleep; profound sleep
  • 尺取 (しゃくとり) - measuring worm; inchworm; looper (caterpillar)

Ohhh I wanna go to the Totoro Forest :pleading_face:


Summary Post

May 9-14
Final Fantasy VII

May 16
Final Fantasy VII

Been a while without updating. I didn’t read yesterday, kinda wanted to just to tick the box but it was late and I thought what’s the point. So I just went to bed instead.

I might try a little experiment in the next challenge with a home post without checkboxes, to see if that removes the tiny pressure and guilt that I get if I don’t feel like reading at all one day. I’ve said it before but I started to see these threads more like a book club / social group rather than a pure challenge, even if it’s still one. It’s nice sharing with others what you’re up to in Japanese; just that thing alone is a nice push to my motivation, silly as that may sound. I can share with some few people IRL but it’s not the same when they’re not genuinely interested in anything Japanese.


53% → 59% of モテ薬 today. Holy cow was that a boring chapter, almost no new information and I’m getting real tired of まりか being referred to as this super duper amazing 女王、天才、美人, etc. Like I get it already, she’s super smart and hot, you don’t need to tell me this every chapter.

@Daisoujou I’ve debated doing one of the JLPT practice tests but I’m so terribly impatient, haha. Can’t be bothered to sit down for that long for a faux test! I get nagged from people around me (irl) to take it and it just seems exhausting. I think if I could sign up for it and take it whenever I’d be more inclined, but the limited seats, long turn around time, weird grading method, only available once a year (near me) all make it 超面倒くさい :joy:


I read only 3 more pages of “Hikoichi and the Living Umbrella” because of a late meeting. It gets more and more interesting. The Lord is angry with Hikoichi because the umbrella didn’t open when it rained as Hikoichi promised. I’ll find out tomorrow how it ends.


Oh yeah I relate to all of that. Just woke up feeling unusually energized to do it on the offhand I could pass and get a huge boost from that. But the test format is extremely irritating most of the time, and it’s an endurance test. I’m sure you’d do well but it’s easy to not want to bother. Same here on the real one – if I were to take it it’s once a year, and I’d be looking at a ~4 hour drive to a testing site. Plus it costs money. And then half the time when people take it there are just stories about how they can’t even hear the audio and stuff like that.


May 16th (Calendar Post)

ハロー、メランコリック!=> 61 pages (78 min)

Finished the main story, only the extra side-story chapters remaining ^.^

Fun panels from today’s reading:









May 16

I played Stacklands while watching a stream. I have a rule now where if I play a game, it’s gotta be in Japanese, and luckily Stacklands has that option. It was fun! I’ve been playing for 3 hours straight @.@ lol. Haven’t died yet on my third run though there were a few close calls.


May 16 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

I played more Story of Seasons today! I’ve been somewhat occupied with post-semester things so it’s been good to slot in where I can. I got a white day present from one of the villagers today so all is going well :joy:

Same wavelength :eyes: they’re so wholesome, it was a good impulse game to start! Very different impulse game than Zero Escape :laughing:


Late again, but let’s do a recap of Week 2 of the challenge:

  • Read this week’s chapter of 夜カフェ (bookclub)
  • Read 3 weeks worth of かがみの孤城 and caught up with the bookclub (!!!)
  • Read 3 chapters of 佐賀のがばいばあちゃん (still catching up with bookclub)
  • Played ~3h of バリアブルバリケード

Not too bad considering I got sick toward the end of the week and had to take it easy for a couple of days. I’m hoping to fully catch up with bookclubs this week.

In other news, I randomly started Dragon Quest XI in Japanese since it’s available through Game Pass, and played for about an hour. My original goal learning Japanese was to play JRPGs so it was interesting being able to do that. I’ve never played a DQ before and it’s not even my console so I’m not sure I’ll be able to/want to continue but it seems pretty beginner-friendly with the furigana and everything.

Hey! I voted for Orange since I’m reading it right now (reading volume 5 at the moment). If you are looking for an overarching story this is a good choice, plus the vocab and situations are still everyday life so it’s not too difficult. It’s a pretty emotional story and you really feel for the characters (or at least I do), if that’s your thing. It took me some effort in the beginning, but right now I can read with barely any lookups.


First I want to thank everyone for voting. :blush: I appreciate it.

So first I will comment the results so far and then make some replies. (I’ll leave the poll open for a few more days and will definitely consult it again before I actually start reading my next pick. Thereby giving time for those who maybe don’t read the thread every day. I see you. :eyes:)

What I'm reading next (most likely) decided by your poll votes!

I almost didn’t include Yotsubato nor Aria, and Yotsubato is in the lead with 61%. I guess that isn’t so surprising when considering how many people probably have read at least one volume of that vs most of my other options.

Then Zenitendou with 44%. I’m definitely interested in digging into more book-books, so I think I might slot it higher on my next-to-read list than I first intended. (This also means I will go and dig for this among my books. All my books/manga in Japanese are in boxes still because I don’t have shelves to put them on :sob:)

Next option that got quite a few votes was Sailor Moon, and then Orange/Sailor V. If I wasn’t in the middle of an arc of Sailor Moon, or close to the end of an arc I’d probably pick that up in a heart beat, but right now I am far from every day vocabulary of school situations.

After this, my thinking is this: read volume one of Yotsubato to ease into fully native material again with no restricted grammar/vocabulary. And since it is fairly episodic (every chapter is self containing, at least mostly as far as I understand?), I should be able to stop after one volume and read something else if I want something with more story.

Then I’ll have to decide between continuing Sailor Moon or reading all of Orange (I can’t see myself not reading all of it at once), I could always just finish the current Sailor Moon arc and then read Orange. Zenitendou is also lurking among these options.

@Scylie Maybe we saw @Sylph mention it?! We aren’t hallucinating. But perhaps only bad at remembering where we read that someone was reading something? :thinking:

@Daisoujou Sounds like if I read Yotsubato, I might even be able to have a harder read on the side (or the other way around, Yotsubato being my easy side read). That could be another reason to start Yotsubato so I can have it as an easy reading slot. Also congrats on the JLPT practice test, those kinds of tests are so tiring, partly because of the very strict (and weird) format.

@Sylph You’re selling me on Orange for sure. Just to fully ease myself out of graded readers, I think I’ll do a volume of Yotsubato first, after that I’m probably gonna dig in.


So started the last booklet in the last Ask Graded Reader I own. I’m almost done and I’m so relieved because this booklet is reminding my why I picked to read these things—I wanted to get them read so I never had to look at them again. :joy:

The last 3 booklets spoiled me, they were so good. 坊っちゃん (上下) and the telling of the 47 samurai. Enjoyed both so much.

And now I have ローマの休日… The premise is pretty good: 19 yo princess of unnamed (probably European) nation is going on an Europe tour. The story mentions going to London, Amsterdam and Paris, but our story starts at the last stop of Rome. By now the princess is tired of same old same old, probably saying the same pleasantries and discussing the same meaningless things with people for the fourth time. So she runs away during the night to have her own adventure in Rome.

Well, that premise sounds like fun, so far the execution started okay with some what is wrong with people to then lead into boring.

Spoiler details of the start to this story

So the princess leaves the first (Italian) diplomatic shindig and is preparing for bed with a Countess companion/older woman (servant-ish?). After the princess lays down in bed the Countess starts going over the schedule for the next day (serious? How is that gonna help her sleep?) and the princess is so bored/tired/exhausted with these kinds of events that she starts crying and telling the Countess to stop. Well, the Countess thinks this means the princess is sick, so she gets a doctor. Who says “well, she is indeed sick, lets give her sleeping pills”, and I’m like… whut just happened? … So they inject? her (at least that was the translation of the verb used! But I think they meant sleeping aid/pills).

Anyway, they leave and after the princess has slept for a short while, she wakes up and this is when she does her escape. Yay! Except, the sleeping aid is still in her system so after a short while she falls asleep on a bench. Now enters the male lead, a 30 yo American reporter who works in Rome and is perpetually low on funds (partly because he gambles them away). He finds the princess and for the next few pages, he gets her in a taxi, takes her to his home and lets her sleep there. And this takes several pages and aren’t interesting in the least. Down right boring.

And that is where I left off for the day. I hope the story picks up when the princess finally wakes up again…

I also spent time moving around the boxes with my manga/books so that I have easy access to all the books I had in the poll, and also to some others (like Fruit Basket) so if I change my mind about what to read next, I have all the likely candidates fairly easily reached. But since everything was crammed into a corner with a slopping ceiling, my back was a little mad at my weird lifting of boxes with books. Haha. :sweat_smile:

Well, it is done. xD