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Hello there, I’m squarefairy. :wave: I hope you enjoy the リリアーネ book!


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May 12th :seedling:

・薬屋のひとりごと 2 (5% → 7%)

Read half of chapter one. Almost forgot to post.


I read four pages of “Hikoichi and the Flower Viewing”. Hikoichi gets “the short straw” and has to carry all the food for the Lord and the retainers out to the viewing area. The retainers laugh at Hikoichi because he has the heaviest items to carry. When the Lord is ready to return to the castle later, after viewing the cherry blossoms and eating, Hikoichi suggests they go back the long way to see more of the beautiful blossoms. What will happen next?

New Vocabulary and grammar:

と question marker, “said”

な sentence ender indicating emotion or emphasis


Yesterday I grazed from a random manga to be able to check the box. :joy:

Today I read more of the next booklet in lvl 4, vol 3, Ask graded reader called 四十七人の侍, plus a few more pages.

I reread the first page of the actual story (the booklet starts with a little history) because when I first read it there were a few words I didn’t know and I was too tired to look them up, so while I got a very, very vague idea of what was happening, I didn’t get the details. So today I looked up the few words (3-4) I needed and my understanding went from just the gist to basically complete understanding. And that only because I looked up a few words. Funny how important a few words can be sometimes.

So first “chapter”, this story is divided into chapters a few pages each (guess on my part that all are about as long as the first chapter), sets up our antagonist (Kira) as a petty guy who will happily ruin someone for not giving a good enough gift. I predict that the next chapter will have our victim (Asano) forced to do the thing everyone knows will happen (well if you know of the historical event that this booklet is telling), or that it will be decided he has to do it.

In either case, I don’t know if we will meet our protagonist (Ooishi) next chapter, or the one after, but I look forward to that moment. I only know a facts only told version from (English) Wikipedia several years back, so it will be fun to see a narrative telling of the historical events.

So uhmmm, will anyone be mad if I don’t even blur the spoilers to this retelling of a historical event? :thinking:


May 12th!

Chapter 61 of Yotsuba today. This chapter had a lot of really beautiful artwork so I really enjoyed it. Only one more chapter left in this volume too :slight_smile:

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Day 42: May 12th
What did I read?: クマとカラス
How much did I read?: 7 pages
How long did it take me?: 21 min

Jeez, I was really not feeling it today either. This chapter was felt exponentially harder than anything I’ve read in recent memory for some reason - it was mostly centered on some humans who were (I think) looking for bears, to conserve them? Or something? I couldn’t remember or didn’t know like any of the words they were using, so it was like back to the dictionary every other word, it felt like :upside_down_face: Not here for that today. At least there was a nice cute picture at the end.

A couple words from the mabillion I had to look up
  • 長いこと (ながいこと) - for a long time
  • 見なす (みなす) - to consider as; to regard (as equivalent); to deem (as); to equate​

Summary post

Today I read 9000 characters! :partying_face: . Some of this definitely just involves reading longer, but I’m seeing progress all the same. Even now I’m not really worn out like the reading was too hard or anything, just been at it long enough that it feels like a good time to quit.

And on a vague cliffhanger, because not long ago I got locked into the route for good, and right as I was quitting it did this day transition it normally does, but the picture became vaguely spokier (that sorta lighting and filter is unusual) and it did that to the number. It’s really minor, but that day transition page has been a constant for me for the past several months so I appreciate it as a little thing haha.

Overall, Summer Pockets seems to really be repeating the words I’ve learned from it right now. Reading doesn’t feel too bad and I can appreciate how in individual sentences I hit like 5 words that were all learned in the past from this game. Nice to feel that progress. I also hit double N1 grammar today! も同然だ (もどうぜんだ) means “just like,” and is really barely distinct from learning a new vocab word. ならでは requires at least a bit more thought with how parts are structured around it – it means things along the lines of “distinctive of; uniquely applying to.”

And an amusing new word: 食っちゃ寝 (くっちゃね), living idly, like just eating and sleeping.


Day 41

  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険


I got too into reading last night. I was pretty busy in the evening and then as I was laying down to sleep, I realized I hadn’t read yet :sweat_smile: Compound nice scenes with my favorite character and not too difficult reading, and I wanted to keep going. It was about 2am though… I convinced myself to stop after a battle lol. Cognitive functions definitely not at 100% today… :joy:


Read 36% → 41% of モテ薬 tonight. This chapter was kind of boring (one sided press conference), but I’ve finished the first section of the book so maybe it will pick up from here.

Also, some folks might remember this sentence which @Naphthalene helped me grasp the meaning of a few weeks back:


I finally remembered to ask one of my tutors about it (earlier this week, and forgot about it, heh) and he was absolutely baffled by the にて in 運動したることありたりというわけにて and had to look up ありたり which he then informed me was another way of saying ありていに (ありのままであること / “frankly, as it is” from my dictionaries).
He then asked if I had trouble reading old language like this in English which I thought about, and no, I have no trouble reading anything from the 1920s, but sometimes I read things from the 1800s and depending on content I sometimes have to puzzle out meaning. So I suppose this writing has reached 1800s English levels of distance.



I realized today that reading N3-level stuff (or at least I assume most of what I’ve been reading is N3 lol I don’t actually know) is getting easier. It just kinda struck me today that… I’m actually reading Japanese! Aside from the occasionally trying to decipher short things with some strategic (or not-so) Google Translating since college, I started reading 9 months ago (though I’m not sure how well my early attempts could really be called “reading”), and now I can actually understand a lot of it? When I look up lyrics, rather than only recognizing a handful of words and understanding a line here and there, I can more or less understand most or even all of it. Reading manga and even novels, there are still a lot of words I gotta look up, but I have less difficulty piecing together how everything fits together. There are still times where I only understand the gist, and also still times where I’m like, “Well that was. Um. A sentence,” and have no idea what the hey I just read, but I’ve made a lot of progress in the 9 months I’ve been reading and 7 months I’ve been using WK et al. It feels great.

Anyway, I think I have some hang-ups about reading クールドジ男子 because then it’ll end. Even though I’ve still got a whole 'nother volume, and then the novel, and then vol 5 whenever it comes out and then probably more after that, and the anime in October. Even though I can reread it whenever, I don’t wanna be finished with it. So I just keep flipping through this volume without really reading any of it. And I can’t bring myself to start anything else, either! And I’ve got バッテリー and SPY x FAMILY out so it’s not like I can’t. Also, in the next chapter, we start getting more of Mima’s and Igarashi’s background, which I’ve been looking forward to! And elementary-schooler Mima is adorable af! …But I still wasn’t able to get myself to read it today.

(Look at him! He’s adorable. And the fact that he was spacey and serious and untroubled by his blunders even as a kid makes him even more so.)

He’s so cuuuuute. (Also, relatable.)

Anyway, on to the actual reading I did today. Aside from that one page I posted and the summaries of a handful of manga on Amazon, it was really just a bit of ゼルダ無双. I did one side quest and the story quest to unlock Mipha. I’ll have to look up sometime what the difference between 守る and 護る is. At first I thought it was just the game’s penchant for using less common kanji, but Mipha used both, so I think it may be more than that. Imiwa has them listed under the same entry though and doesn’t distinguish between them, but I’m going to bed soon and don’t have time to look at a monolingual dictionary right now.

If it interests you, I happen to love looking up word nuances

From here: 「守る」「護る」「衛る」の違い



Which is to say, 守る is about preserving something. They give the examples of “protecting public order”, “protecting a secret”, and “protecting time”.

護る is about protecting a thing. They give the examples “protect a castle” and “protect a palace”

Annnnnddd if it interests you further the 3rd kanji they list, 衛る, is used for protecting people given the examples.


bookmarks to add to the nuance thread :eyes:


May 12th (Calendar Post)

ハロー、メランコリック! => 73 pages (93 min)

I am really loving how much the facial expressions add to the story-telling in this manga.

Some A lot of fun panels from today’s reading:










エヘ :heart:



Rinze answered the 果たし状 in today’s chapter. Her feelings seemed to be wavering in the previous one and while they were prepared to fight, they were able to talk things through and she granted them freedom.

However, there are still two chapters left so things could not end so easily. There was one person watching from afar and it seems like they did not like the resolution and the chapter ended on this note

The nice thing about the events in this game is that they’re broken up into 8-parts usually, so can usually read a chapter at a time and not have it take too long (think each chapter is usually around 1.5k characters or so). I only started to play the game recently so I’m trying to read the events the beginning and then later on the new ones; apparently the newer ones are much longer in length (I think the current one I’m reading is about 1 hourish long if played on auto all the way through while newer ones are closer to 2 hours). The game has a decent sized cast too with their own individual stories outside of their idol unit, I think I read somewhere there is currently over 200+ hours of reading content in the game in total so it should be fun to eventually go through them all even if it takes a long time.


May 12 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

(ignore how late it is :sweat_smile:) Well I’ve been wanting a bit of a change of pace lately so I started playing Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town! I continue to be a chaotic presence :joy: it’s been a lot of fun so far though! It’s super cute obviously, and it’s a pretty easy read where I feel comfortable just looking up a word here and there when I get the urge. Given my track record with things like Stardew Valley I can see myself getting sucked into this fast haha. I’m absolutely not abandoning ZTD or anything though, just a different kind of vibe for when I’m in the mood! :grin:


:tiger2: :books: Tanuki Den (aka Homepost): Date 20220513 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll XLIII: トトロの森 :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree:

Today I read about the Totoro Forest! aka, another place to add to the ever-expanding list of places I want to go to in Japan if and when I finally actually get to go there.

It’s numerous little woods and forests in Saitama and Tokyo where they are growing and protecting woodland as a preserve for nature.

:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:

New Things

寄付金「きふきん」ー Donation; contribution
点在「てんざい」ー Being dotted around; scattered
棲み処「すみか」ー Dwelling; house; residence
散策路「さんさくじ」ー Walking path; a path for walking
可憐「かれん」ー Sweet; touchingly lovely
公共交通機関「こうきょうこうつうきかん」ー Public Transport
マナー ー Manners; etiquette
動植物 「どうしょくぶつ」ー Flora and fauna; animals and plants

狭山丘陵「さやまきゅうりょう」ー Sayama Hills, Tokyo and Saitama


Home Post

Today I finished Flesh&Blood Vol. 1 :tada: So this was 300 pages in 3.5 weeks, which is a nice pace for me.
Up to the point when I posted last time, I found the story interesting enough to keep me reading, but right after my post things really got into motion, and I was simply dragged along. Very nice! Now I need to make @eefara read it quickly because in the last chapter I was a bit confused about the timeline and it would be nice if we could discuss this and hopefully get it sorted in my head :grin:

Now, what to read next? I’d like to read がばいばあちゃん today to stay on top of my own book club, hehe. Unfortunately she could not stand a chance compared to the cutesie pirates :woman_shrugging: but now that I finished it, that’s not a problem any more. Other than that, I still have 雲をつかむ話 on my plate. But I’m also considering reading at last the first story of 穴 as we recently had a bit of a discussion regarding its difficulty, and I’m curious to check it out for myself. Also, maybe an Akutagawa winner can help me cleanse my palate :wink:


Day 43

Read 2 pages about 北海道 from 都道府県のおはなし as part of ABBC. Was suprised to learn that lavender grows there. I though it needed relatively hot climate, like south of France.


Oooh. I’m hoping to finish 薬屋のひとりごと this weekend/next week, which will be one book off my plate. I’m thinking I might go ahead and slot F&B in after that; I’ll be reading it and Alicemare, and Alicemare’s a pretty easy read, so once I finish that I can start 薬屋2… Anyhow, I’ll send you a ping when I’ve started F&B~


Great! :+1: Oh and I almost forgot, but maybe @sycamore is also interested in our little reading club? (Or anybody else for that matter!)