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April 27th!

I was a bit tired so I decided to read something short today, and chose ふしぎねこのきゅーちゃん since every page is a self-contained story.
But then I was enjoying reading it so much that I ended up reading 25 pages which wasn’t much less than I’d have read if I’d picked something with chapters :grin:
It’s just so sweet and wholesome.

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I read 100 characters in 9 lines lol. On a technicality I read every day still. So today my addon to use yomichan with Anki updated, and apparently changed to now only supporting new versions of Anki. I’ve been using an old one for the sake of some of my other addons and just cause it’s been familiar and stable… but I can’t find any way to downgrade this single addon. Since it’s the most important one to me I had to upgrade Anki itself. Along with breaking some things it also is enough of a UI change that I am getting lost trying to do a few things I could easily before, and in some ways it’s just objectively worse. Like I used to have my added cards list automatically update the moment I added them and now I have to change tabs to refresh it, lots of little things like that.

I’m too tired for all this right now.


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April 27th :cherry_blossom:

・薬屋のひとりごと (63% → 64%)

Okie, finished ch 22. You know you’re tired when a character yawns and you start yawning too. I know yawns can be contagious? infectious? but to such a degree… :eyes:

How to English? wakaranai


What if you read about somebody reading about a character yawning, and that urges you to yawn as well? :eyes:

kk, I’m off to bed :joy:


Continued my pirate quest. So we get a new character who is being described as being extremely handsome (あまりにも印象的で、ときに本人が不都合を感じるほどに。) :eyes: are we getting closer to some interesting action parts? but then we learn ALLLL about that character’s background, which means another rundown on European history :rofl:


Summary Post

April 27
Final Fantasy VII

  • ほんの = only, mere, just.
  • 占う = うらなう to tell someone’s fortune, to predict, to divine.
  • 炭坑 = たんこう a coal mine.
  • 逆らう = さからう to go against, to oppose.
  • わずか = little, small, trifling.
  • のどか = calm, tranquil, peaceful.
  • 所有 = しょゆう possessing, possession.



It’s なもし I think, which means “ですね” (so ですかね here).

That’s the one (well, “wait until you do”). What’s the problem with that sentence?

The class went better than I expected

No, it’s about the one student asking questions about (unrelated I assume) hard math questions :joy:

No you got it! The math question(s) doesn’t mean that the class didn’t go well, just that the character was 困った… Somehow I can’t find a way to express that feeling in English at the moment, but anyway. (edit: embarrassed?)


April 27th :cherry_blossom: :cat2: :cherry_blossom: (Day 27)

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Another smol update: quickly skimmed through some news articles. Honestly gotta find something else to read on these tiring days - I hate news reading with a passion (unless it’s kitty related)… Learned the word 肝臓 (かんぞう) - liver though, which is kinda cool I guess


Ok well, this is enough of a habit that I feel bad for not doing it so eventually I summoned up what energy I could to keep reading. Wasn’t going to update any further after venting earlier, but I came across something that absolutely must be shared.

猫の額 (ねこのひたい) - an idiom meaning tiny area, literally “cat’s forehead.” I find all of the cat related terms adorable and couldn’t go without sharing it with someone. :cat:


Day 28 / Calendar

So when I said that I probably won’t finish Takagi-san today… Well, knowing my busy schedule tomorrow, I did some night reading and I actually finished it. This is mostly thanks to the 6 or so pages at the end that were irrelevant.

This makes the first book I’ve ever completed in Japanese, feels nice. I need to update my home post with my next reading.


Summary Post

Day 27: April 27th
What did I read?: ダイロクセンス Vol 1
How much did I read?: 16 pages
How long did it take me?: 28 min

Decided to pick this up, literally because I saw that it had furigana and I didn’t feel like trying that hard for kanji today :joy: I bought this originally because something else I bought had a little flyer for it and I liked the art. Do I remember what the premise of it is? No. Do I remember literally anything about it? No. Could I figure this out by reading the back or a synopsis or something? Probably, but I’m just going to let myself be surprised :joy: So far, it’s pretty fun.

The story so far

The main character, Sumire, is a detective - she broke her colleague’s extremely expensive camera during a police chase, so now she’s on the hook for replacing it. Luckily, wouldn’t you know it, the mall is having a 知恵の輪 contest that day where the prize is the exact camera she’s looking for! So she enters that, and she starts accidentally winning it because she’s just breaking the puzzles apart with her freaking man strength instead of solving them :joy: (For some reason, the competition decides that this is a valid way to win) Her mysterious kid rival (Rui) is not happy about this because he wants the pretty purple camera that matches his eyes. Who will win the extremely expensive camera? :o I’ll find out…tomorrow, because I’m tired xD

Good words
  • 係長 (かかりちょう) - subsection head; assistant manager; chief clerk
  • 引ったくり (ひったくり) - purse snatching; handbag snatching; purse snatcher; handbag snatcher
  • 気軽 (きがる) - carefree; buoyant; lighthearted; sprightly
  • 思い出作り (おもいでづくり) - memory-making; making memories
  • 知恵の輪 (ちえのわ) - puzzle ring; wire puzzle
  • 相応しい (ふさわしい) - appropriate; adequate; suitable; fitting; worthy
  • 遭逢 (そうほう) - meeting by chance; running into; coming upon; encounter

I read this a couple challenges ago and I freaking loved it, would recommend.
I actually have 星だけが知ってる sitting on my shelf as well so glad to hear it’s good :smile:

I literally yawned while reading this sentence, what is this sorcery :rofl:


April 27

Tonight’s graded reader is a folktale from the Phillippines. A mother asks her slothful (怠け者)son to sell pots in the marketplace and buy some crabs with the profits :crabigator: The son is able to buy the crabs but on the way home, he stops to play in a nearby lake. He tells the crabs to go the rest of the way home, but of course they never arrive. His mother cries 笑

I also met with my tutor and we were able to revise the rest of my essay. It feels good to be done with that. Now if only this year’s application would come out so I can apply!

In an incredible coincidence, when I mentioned that it’s almost Golden Week as a lead-in for saying my birthday is on Friday (the start of Golden Week), my tutor says her birthday is on Friday!!! I couldn’t believe it. Out of all the teachers on iTalki, I pick the one with the same birthday as me :laughing: 何という愚然

Progress on Tadoku graded readers
44 / 44 level-zeros
12 / 12 level-ones
6 /10 level-twos
x / 18 level-threes



Mrgh, there’s no way to tell Amazon not to rec you something, is there. Because it’s been suggesting みなと商事コインランドリー pretty much since I started adding BL manga to my list, and I finally checked it out, and it’s. middle-aged man x high school student. Absolutely not. I may like age differences, but only when both parties are adults (and even then, it depends on the age of the younger party).

Also! Vol 1 of 海辺のカフカ arrived today! The second is supposed to be arriving in a couple weeks or so. So I’m prepared for when that book club starts. It’s also another one that has a built-in ribbon bookmark, which I’m happy about.

Anyway, my brain was kinda bleh today, so I only read a few pages of クールドジ男子.

Update: Can't believe I forgot the vocab:

恥ずい (はずい) [い-adjective] colloquial abbreviation of 恥ずかしい “embarrassing”
羞恥心 (しゅうちしん) [noun] shyness; shame


April 27 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

Decent reading day; I played some ZTD and read a few more pages of ツルネ! I saw the anime way back before I’d even started studying Japanese and I liked it well enough, but I heard the books were better :eyes: The little prologue section was pretty poetic so hard to say how it’ll actually go, but we shall see!


Book 14 of Set 0, Volumn 3. It’s Christmas and Officer Ryou is out again looking for a gift. He sees a Santa with a HUGE bag and offers to help. But Santa runs off as Ryou tries to help carry the bag, and Ryou tears the sleeve off Santa’s jacket. He decides then that Santa is a thief and not a Santa at all.

Above is my favorite picture so far.


April 27th (Calendar Post)

私の拳をうけとめて! => 58 pages (84 minutes)

A couple fun panels from today:


Didn’t run into any particularly interesting vocabulary this time.


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Day 26:

日本語: I read some of 冷たい密室と博士たち.

中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, one page of 骑士幻想夜, and a bit of 孩子最爱读的中国民间故事.


Day 27 :heavy_check_mark: :milk_glass: :japanese_goblin:

告白 ~ 2% to 5%
ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 27 pages

I’m feeling 告白 is harder than, for example, 三毛猫ホームズの推理 I just read, although Natively suggests otherwise (31 for the former, 33 for the latter). The difficulty is not so much in the language. It’s in the continuous wall of text, but more importantly, in that the text seems to be a continuous stream of consciousness, jumping from one thing to another, from milk and its effect on growing bodies to how the narrator came to be a teacher, to her decision to quit, to a famous teacher at another school and his life before that, to the sacredness of a teacher’s job, to malicious pranks played by some students, etc etc. This constant change of subject means I have to be constantly alert because she may be referring to something else than I what I thought she was, and the fact that I haven’t still figured out whether she is speaking to someone in particular (to her students maybe?) or just thinking in her head doesn’t help either. Sentences in quotes are interjected here and there, as if someone is answering or asking her something in relation to what she’s saying, but this may still be in her head, or it may not. It’s not clear to me yet.
All that said, I’m liking how there’s already a slightly uncomfortable feeling as this stream of consciousness progresses. It starts innocently enough, then you are gradually starting to get the sense that there’s more to this story than just a teacher thinking aloud on the joys and grievances of the job.

Also read 27 pages of ゲゲゲの鬼太郎. This is easy enough that I can casually read before bed when I’m already tired, but because of that, I tend to get sleepy before I can finish a chapter. This one started with a market seller selling a cactus to someone who subsequently disappears. Of course, youkai are involved, and 鬼太郎 with his eyeball-for-a-father are called by a bug to investigate. Fun, and @MissDagger might be relieved to know that the gore is virtually non-existent in this chapter (at least if you ignore the -honestly rather cute- ever present eyeball/father figure).

Cute eyeball shenanigans


The innocent cactus seller


the most disturbing panel for me (not that bad at all, really)

(I just hope it’s not a cockroach. It is, isn’t it?)

Edit: Forgot to add interesting vocab from 告白:

呼び捨てにする - to address someone without using a title suffix (like -san)
ため口 - casual speech, peer language, informal language
性同一性障害 - gender dysphoria
情緒不安定 - emotional instability
Spoilered because it may be sensitive: おかま - male homosexual (among other meanings) - I don’t know how sensitive/derogatory this word may be, from (minimal) context it’s probably derogatory but not too bad?

Edit 2: I keep forgetting stuff… I’m not sure what I’m looking at here. Any ideas? For context, 鬼太郎 enters a house, sees this, and comments there’s no one there.

panel in question


Who what where when


:tulip: Day 27 :tulip: :house:
Read: ジャックジャンヌー夏劇ー
Time: 50 minutes
Finished:18 pages
Finished Mitsuki’s short story 巣立ち。I struggled a lot with the beginning of this story but reading the rest felt really smooth today, I’m not sure if it was just more vocab I know or if I just got more sucked into the story. I liked this one a lot, but it was pretty sad for a lot of it. This is the first story that actually had a scene that was in the game as well, but from Mitsuki’s perspective and it gave a lot of background into his home situation. Poor Mitsuki :sob:

New Vocab

緻密 (ちみつ)minute; fine; delicate; accurate; precise; elaborate
億劫 (おっくう)troublesome; bothersome; tiresome; annoying
追い抜く (おいぬく)to surpass; to outstrip; to outdistance; to outsail​
否応なく (いやおうなく)whether one wants to or not; without choice
躍起 (やっき)desperate; frantic; excited; worked up; heated; eager
報復 (ほうふく)retaliation; revenge; reprisal; retribution
貶す (けなす)to speak ill of; to disparage​
尊厳 (そんげん)dignity; majesty; sanctity
粉々 (こなごな)in very small pieces
たりとも (not) even; (not) any
薄紅 (うすべに)light pink; light crimson