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Day 24

Read a short tadoku story about おでん. I’ve been busy last several days due to moving. Things should settle down soon.


Summary Post

April 24
Final Fantasy VII

  • 指導 = しどう guidance, leading.
  • 軍服 = ぐんぷく military uniform.
  • 昇進 = しょうしん promotion.


April 23
Continued chapter one of 坊ちゃん and in the very next sentence I got a bit of context for my trouble sentences the day before. (@Belerith Turns out Kiyo thinks the protagonist has a good personality and is a cute kid, or however to phrase that. Also probably doesn’t like that his dad neglects him.) And this is just the set up of the story.

This story is making me dig into grammar points I know generally to understand them deeper. Good I guess, but makes the reading a bit annoying because I feel so uncertain over my understanding.

On to the more complex sentences from the rest of chapter 1.

Looking up grammar myself, but also needing some help. Thanks!

おれは泣かなかった。しかし、もう少しで泣きそうだった。I didn’t cry. However… ? I’m honestly not sure at all.

Oh, apparently もう少しで is a phrase meaning almost/nearly.
そうだ apparently can be applied to oneself, meaning one thinks one might do something (non-volitionally).
So almost/nearly, plus about to cry/feel like he will cry. Makes it SUPER close that he cried. Maybe he even did cry, but not confirming the matter? (That last part is my conjecture.)

For the next one, it is only the second sentence that I don’t have a grip on, but I think the first sentence is needed for context, so here goes:


Like I know all the words in that sentence, so in the roughest of roughest of senses, I think I understand what it is getting at. But also like not at all, if that makes sense. Is it something along the lines of: Somehow she looks so very small. ?

Perhaps I am missing some grammar here.

So yeah, this booklet in this Graded reader have me busting out my A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar for the first time (or like actually using it anyway). I’m so glad I bought that many moons (*cough* years *cough*) ago.

April 24
Well, the first two pages of chapter 2 and I’ve already looked up several grammar points. This story is making me double check that I do in fact know a certain grammar point to mean X, because so many of sentences feel like it could mean either X or Y. (aka opposites)

One fun word at least:
役割 = role, or as I thought of it when I saw it: division/separation of duties, aka your role/your share of duties.

And now on to everything I had trouble with…

Feel like I'm drowning... More me looking up new grammar things to understand what sentences mean

そんなことができたら、こんな田舎に月四十円の給料でくるものか!(The そんなこと is referring to behaving appropriately as a teacher, as in 正しい行動する) So, I get what the sentence is saying: If protagonist/he could do such a thing, he would not have gone to the countryside for a 40 yen per month teacher job. (Also I’m assuming 40 yen went a lot further back then :joy: even if it is still portrayed as a small salary.)

However, たら is typically not used for contrasting, or if it is, what are the markers in this sentence (if there are any)? And looking up ものか (that did not exist in my basic grammar book), apparently that is exactly what it does. ものか = speaker believes the opposite of what he said, a kind of a “like hell I will” kinda vibe according to Safarikai.

そんなによくわかっているなら、始めから言わなければいいのに。(始めから is referring to starting the job, he almost quit before he began) So I’m pretty sure I understand what the sentence mean, but I was trying to look up

I was wrong. I searched for ばいいのに and found the grammar point I knew existed about it. It has two meanings according to a blog: 1) reality is different and speaker is disappointed about it (not our case), 2) You/speaker criticizing someone’s behavior. And this second definition made me realize I didn’t understand the sentence at all.

I thought the first half (before なら) meant the principal was understanding about the protagonist not being able to live up to the high behavior standard, but no no no—or, not exactly.

I think this sentence means something more like this: If you (principal) understand so well that fulfilling that standard of behavior is so hard, then why didn’t you start by saying that?!?!?! (I liberally added in context from previous sentence(s) and wrote more colloquial English rather than a more direct translation.)

Well, learning new things and choring up old knowledge (or reminding myself of old knowledge) are good things, but also means a serious snail pace.

Normally I just kinda read and don’t worry so much about the details, but (1) I am getting some of these sentences entirely wrong and (2) most of them feel +1-ish—as in if I just look up the grammar point I’m kinda missing/not remembering clearly, I get the meaning of the sentence instantly kinda way.

Well, maybe someone else gets some joy out of my struggle too.

Edit: Also just remembered I’ve been forgotten to wish a happy birthday to @daikirai. A very belated but happy birthday to you! :green_heart:


Summary post

Today I read… 12,000 characters! In total that took 3 hours but there was definitely downtime so let’s call it 2 and a half or something, who knows. I’m still in that beginner (to this sort of task) reading speed zone I think, but I’m also being somewhat thorough at times, and mining and all alongside it, so it’s all good. I’m happy to have pushed the numbers this much today, and I think I’m making huge progress through this route right now. Very hard to gauge how long it’s going to go, but hopefully I’m pushing my average limit over time a little more, at the least. Might try to bump my soft daily goal to 6000 or something (it’s usually 5000), just to make myself push a little harder. It’s not like it matters on the days I just can’t do it.


I’ve been rather enjoying this route as the biggest straight up adventure of any of them. Not a lot to say about the actual reading today; despite the sort of difficulties you’d expect in several places, it overall went smoothly enough relative to what I can hope for right now. I guess my only observation is there’s a young child character who is pretending to be a ninja and she ends every single sentence with なり. Don’t know if that exact speech pattern is a wholly individual quirk or possibly something children do sometimes when in that kind of phase.

This time you get a whole proverb of sorts! 備えあれば憂い無し (そなえあればうれいなし), “if you are prepared you don’t have to worry/ it’s good to have a shelter against every storm”


After over two years and three months learning japanese I finally finished my first book in japanese. The first book of the Wan Wan Detective series, which I bought for a book club. It’s a book aimed at children but it’s still a book. But this is just the beginning I will read much more books in japanese.


Home Post

Day 24
Apr 24
My reading speed was slow this week. Sometimes, I only read a couple pages of 黒猫亭事件 (~5mins), because I was in the middle of something else or there was something I don’t understand. But I made some progress today, and finished Chapter 7, in which 金田一 was introduced and connected to the case.
There was a lot of words and weird expression that I didn’t know.

  • When I used the internal dictionary, it looks like words like 小紫, 雲助, 権八 have classic allusions. I don’t fully understand their meanings, so I decided to skip this part.
  • Another weird expression is “感謝キュー”. I can’t find the word on Google, and I’m guessing it’s 感謝+Thank you. But why does 金田一 say like that.
  • 金田一 used rare カタカナ expressions like キッキュージョ(鞠躬如), 静シュク(静粛). Then he himeself said “漢字制限のおりから”, these expressions will trouble the note-taker. From my understanding, 漢字制限 eliminates the rare 漢字 in Japan. Some Japanese also had trouble understand what he was talking about (「キッキュージョとしてレイジョーを極めた」とは何ぞや?).

Words of the day:
呼吸を弾ませる:いきをはずませる。out of breath. はげしい息づかいをする
中国へ高跳びした: たかとび。 Criminals escape to a distant land.
はさにあらず: そうではない


Isn’t that the greatest feeling in the world to do something so new? It’s an accomplishment! Good for you!


Summary Post

Day 24: April 24th
What did I read?: クマとたぬき
How much did I read?: 18 pages
How long did it take me?: 27 min

Why did it feel like today’s pages suddenly leveled up in difficulty? :joy: So many words I couldn’t remember spelled with kanji I couldn’t remember how to read. Man, the crane and the heron are cute but I don’t know what is going on 90% of the time when they’re involved lol, I tried not to spend too much time worrying about it because it seems like they don’t exactly converse logically (like their conversations are kind of hard to follow on purpose)? I hope so anyway because :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

Look at these cute monkeys though

This page killed me xD

:rewind: :rewind: :rewind: :joy:

Good words
  • 崖っぷち (がけっぷち) - cliff edge; edge of a precipice; perilous position; critical moment; brink
  • 仲むつまじい (なかむつまじい) - harmonious; intimate
  • 激論 (げきろん) - heated argument; heated discussion; heated debate
  • 剥製 (はくせい) - stuffed animal (as in taxidermy)

Just wanted to say that’s the cutest thing ever
I really want to order this manga :sob:


Yeah that seems right to me! Kind of lamenting their parting and how far away she is already, that kind of vibe (assuming that makes sense in context :joy:)


April 24

Whoops, conference fatigue caught up to me and I hadn’t posted in couple days. Kept reading through.

  • Haikyuu chp 64 for book club
  • Spy x Family chp 3
  • Kaguya-sama wants to cause a confession chp 1 (no furigana, still too high level)
  • various dictionary entries. I bought two dictionaries from that sale @basilsauce mentioned a couple of weeks ago. excited by the collocation one

Now that the conference is over and I have some downtime at work, I hope I can read more (and finally finish this essay).

Progress on Tadoku graded readers
44 / 44 level-zeros
12 / 12 level-ones
3 /10 level-twos
x / 18 level-threes

happy belated birthday @daikirai :tada:


April 25, Mon :cherry_blossom: home post

Week 5 of Spring 2022’s planning

Last week, I did everything at the last minute, yet I managed to read Death Note Ch.9-10, Yoru Cafe Ch.3, Yuru Camp Ch.70-71, JoJo Part 2 Vol.2 Ch.3; though, re-reading must be considered. (And, yeah, I haven’t touched YouTube or any listening yet.)

  • Committed, and paced - for the sake of discussion
    • Night Cafe :shrimp: Ch.4
    • Dash through Yuru Camp Ch.72-74, to catch up with the discussion
      • For this series, if I can keep up, I might consider buying other volumes, for the sake of traveling.
  • Rereading
  • Self-paced, but setting some minimals.
    • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 2 - A few more chapters
    • Wanted :pirate_flag: - Eiichiro Oda - will try to finish the whole book.
    • Some easy listening… will report what I choose later.

April 24th (Calendar Post)

もし、恋が見えたなら => 74 pages (52 minutes)
私の拳をうけとめて! => 36 pages (51 minutes)

Completed もし、恋が見えたなら yey~


Started my next manga, 私の拳をうけとめて! It’s always refreshing to have a manga with a primarily adult cast - I don’t mind the ones with younger protagonists but I feel the adult ones have their own charm, probably because they are less common and usually more serious.

Some fun manga panels from today:



Some interesting vocabulary:




I got a $5 coupon today from Manga Republic to celebrate my first purchase. I got the first volume of Haikyuu!! with it as that’s the only one Amazon doesn’t have in stock. It ended up only being $6, which is pretty good!

I read ch 4 of 星だけ. Today was kind of a lazy day because I was tired, so I didn’t get much done, of either studying or reading.


In this chapter, we learn that Sora’s name comes not from 空 but the 宙 in 宇宙. And it’s the same as in (そら)羊羹(ようかん), which he buys for Kengo as a token of his appreciation.

It’s the end of December now, with New Years soon approaching. Sora’s starting to realize how much he enjoys being near Kengo. He comes into the café at a different time than usual since he’s switched shifts with somebody, and as it’s busy, there are no seats open at the counter where he usually sits and he’s placed at a table, and he catches himself wishing that he could sit at the counter (where Kengo works) and kinda freaks out a bit.

Oh man. Sora overhears a couple of women talking at the table next to him. One of them wishes she could have sat at the counter too since she has her sights set on Kengo, but it seems he and Shiori are dating. Hearing that, even though he knows his coffee is delicious as usual, he can’t taste it. That evening, he gets totally smashed at the drinking party he goes to with some former coworkers from his previous job at the izakaya (possibly at least in part because of Kengo? We only pick up afterward with his friend Takayama supporting him and taking him home), and then they run into Kengo who starts carrying him to his place—Sora’s fallen asleep by the time they run into each other, so Kengo carries him on his back. Shortly after he wakes up, they bump into Shiori, and after she leaves, he asks to be set down and then asks Kengo if he and Shiori are dating. They are. And then Sora runs off and the chapter ends there with him wanting to throw up. And I’m too tired to read on, augh!

I also read the few preview pages of 雪の妖精 that Amazon has, which was probably more of a pain than the Bookwalker preview woulda been. Anyway, it seems like it’ll be a good one, so I added it to my list.

Some vocab of note:

海鼠 (なまこ) sea cucumber. “Sea rat.” Huh. I can’t say I really see it. I learned this one from straycatj. The reading I listed is its primary, which is gikun of course, but it also has the outdated gikun reading こ. So this is one that used to have a longer reading than spelling!
羊羹 (ようかん) This was my first time seeing it in kanji. I don’t think I ever wanna write the second one by hand lmao
雪解け (ゆきどけ) snow thaw; thawing


April 24 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

More Zero Escape of course; Zero Time Dilemma is um… wild :joy: I’m starting to get a little more of a grasp of how it works but it’s all far from clear for sure. We’re back to puzzles though so that’s always fun! It’s still been really nice language-wise as well; people say weird stuff sometimes of course, but mostly I’m able to comfortably follow along at dialogue speed which feels pretty good! :grin:

ZTD stuff

This is maybe the most messed up Zero Escape, or maybe it just wasted no time getting to that point? And having cutscenes of some of these things… oof man, there’s a lot. 淳平(じゅんぺい)'s frozen head on a shelf? Axe suicide? A whole serial killer?? And some of the choices it has you make, like I’m controlling a whole child and the question is “who are you going to kill?” Absolutely brutal, ZTD pulls zero punches.

On a lighter note, it’s cool seeing some of the previous characters again! シグマ gets to have a voice this time, good for him. 淳平(じゅんぺい) seems to have been through some stuff since the first game which like, idk what would make him so much edgier when the nonary game didn’t seem to so :man_shrugging: a mystery man for now. Some of the “new” characters I’m less than convinced about how new they actually are but we shall see!

I’d heard about the flowchart in this game being wild and yeah they weren’t wrong :joy: It seems like time is generally kind of weird and non-linear within the story so I suppose it’s appropriate, but it’s sure something. Maybe it’ll make more sense over time, or maybe it won’t! I really wouldn’t be surprised either way lmao

But yeah I think I’ve technically finished two main endings already? One of them was a total fluke like two seconds in so that barely counts really, but hey progress is progress. Many mysteries await :eyes:

Congrats, that’s such an exciting accomplishment!! :tada: :tada: :tada:

I can’t make any real claims without context but I feel like it’d make sense to be an archaic thing? It’s an old copula apparently: verbs - なり as an archaic 'to be'? - Japanese Language Stack Exchange. From your description I just get like “oh I’m using samurai speech for style points” vibes, so that’s my wild guess :man_shrugging:


I finished reading volume 6 of はなにあらし today. This (and the last volume) had some more drama in it compared to the beginning of the series but by the end I think everything concluded pretty well. Some plot beats aren’t finished yet, so I’ll look forward to seeing how that goes when I start the next volume tomorrow.
Poor Nanoha having a breakdown while eating her ice cream :smiling_face_with_tear:


It does indeed. Thanks! :+1:

It is so weird when I have a whole sentence where I know every word and I don’t think I’m missing any grammar points and yet I feel like I’m unsure of the meaning. :joy:


Day 24 :heavy_check_mark: :candy:

Candy and Cigarettes ~55 pages

(and with another 23 pages this morning I finished the first volume) :tada:

I already have the next two volumes from when it was free on Bookwalker, and I definitely plan to continue the story.

Our girl dressed up for the opera:
Opera and a car chase shootout - all in all, a good night out.

Fun words

道を開ける - to make way for, to get out of the way, to pave the way
主食 - staple food
発信機 - transmitter, homing device (発信器 in the manga)
貧乏性 - tendency to be frugal, also tendency to worry over trivial things
物乞い - beggar
可及的速やかに - asap
お役所言葉 - bureaucratic jargon
猫糞 - embezzlement
着包み - cartoon-character costume
工作員 - spy, covert operative
法定速度 - national speed limit
命拾い - narrow escape from death
内部告発 - whistleblowing
女女しい - effeminate, unmanly, cowardly

The ABBC Tagagi-san book club started on the 1st of May, a year ago, and it marked the start of my Japanese reading journey. I started reading a little before that, as I was very worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up, so at some point this week it will be exactly one year :birthday: of reading native Japanese content for me. During this time, I have completed 6 manga volumes (からかい上手の高木さん (1 and 2), 三ツ星カラーズ (1), デスノート (1), ハピネス (1) and Candy and Cigarettes (1)) and 4 books (3 novels and one short story collection: コーヒーが冷めないうちに, 小川未明童話集, 地球星人 and 三毛猫ホームズの推理). When I look at this list now it doesn’t seem like a lot, but when I remember myself a year ago, unsure of being able to read and comprehend even a single manga chapter, I guess I’ve come a long way. :slight_smile:




Yes, that’s it. :slight_smile: He didn’t cry, but it was a very near thing, As for your conjecture - possible, but can’t be read from this sentence.

I’m not sure what you mean about the contrasting - the first half of the sentence is plain ‘if …’. ‘If I could do such a thing’. The second half of the sentence details what would be ‘if’ - ooh, I see the contrasting now I think. Do you mean the contrast from the ものか? The contrast doesn’t extend to the if clause before the comma, it is just about the statement after. ‘As if I would come for such a low salary!’
Combined, ‘As if I would come to the boondocks for such a low salary if I could do that!’ So basically what you thought it meant. :smiley:

I agree with your take one 言えばいい - I’m not sure I ever consciously made that differentiation between the two use cases. Criticizing someone’s behavior is pretty to close to being disappointed about things not happening as wished - in this case the desired behavios would be ‘the principal not saying’ what he said. (言わなければいい - it would have been good not to say)
Protag doesn’t want the principal to say this earlier, protag wants the principal to not say it at all to begin with if he (the principal) understands it’s not possible for protag to do anyway.

Trying to find something online about this use of 初めから言わない, I found this blog about stuff it might be better not to say at all - if you ctrl+f search for はじめ its’s the second result.
About halfway down this site

「でも…」「まっ いいや」


Happy late birthday to everyone~ :joy:


It’s been almost a week since my last update. It didn’t feel like it during it, but looking back at it in numbers, I actually read a lot!

Notable: I finished the questions/quizzes at the end of Le petit Nicolas. There were a couple excerpt from other books about and for children, of which I read one of. But they all seem to be translations into French, so I decided I’m not interested in actually reading the rest and am now completey finished with the book. :heavy_check_mark: :partying_face:

Yesterday (the 24th) I somehow completely forgot to read anything in French. When I noticed in the evening, I didn’t have the brain capacity left for anything actually difficult (like La quête d’ewilan definitely is for me), so I quickly read a short story from my graded reader and even stared brain-dead-ly at the vocab spreadsheet that follows each story for a minute or two. :joy: I’ll make an effort to read La quête d’ewilan earlier in the day today, haha.

My progress since last time

Le petit Nicolas (163→169/148p) :heavy_check_mark:
La quête d’ewilan: d’un monde à l’autre :headphones: (79→108/334m) :open_book: (21→32%)
A1 5 Minuten-Lektüren Où est le thym (2→3/20 stories)


Weekly update~
Short daily updates are in my home post.

I lied. I didn’t finish the book. I managed to fit only short reading sessions last week and 探偵チームKZ事件ノート wasn’t a huge part of it.

Other than book clubs, I read two short stories in 5分後に以外な結末 ①赤い悪夢: 「父の時給」 and 「幸せグラフ」.

Some no spoiler thoughts on 父の時給

I’ve seen this story in English being circulated around social media before, albeit a shorter version of it. Now I wonder if the story originated from this book or?

But anyway, I knew that twist was coming but it still made me tear a little bit, ugh. Hit a little bit differently reading it in Japanese too.

Some no spoiler thoughts on 幸せグラフ

I honestly had no idea what I read. Had a lot of difficulty comprehending this story for some reason so I’d probably have to reread it.