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April 23, Sat :cherry_blossom: home post

Week 4 of Spring 2022’s summary

I let a week get past without doing much. I can give an excuse of letting my Japanese learning drag on for so long, but so what?

Also, I don’t yet call this week a loss, as I still have 1 day left. (My week counting ends on Sunday.)

Anyway, today, I read Death Note :notebook: Vol.3 Ch.10 as promised, and also Death Note :notebook: Vol.3 Ch.11; as well as Night Cafe :shrimp: Ch.3. This is what cramming overnight overday is like.

In particular for Night Cafe :shrimp:, not too hard when I focus on vocabularies, keeping some intricacies / grammars for later. (I don’t really look up vocabularies either, just make a list.) I will probably re-read. Though, I will need to move on quickly, as Ch. 4 have started.

That list

As for a vocabulary list, I have just learnt to send Yomichan to Anki today; which is more convenient than Akebi, as I am on a laptop with keyboard and touchpad, and full version of Anki; as well as when a vocabulary is added from Yomichan, I can immediately edit in Anki and add additional notes. (When the vocabulary already exist, I edit or add tag, to move it to the top of the “modified” list.)


My biggest recommendations from what I’ve read of him so far are おやすみ、夢なき子 and 夜警. The first book has much darker themes, but it was so good I couldn’t put it down. The second one is less dark and has some supernatural elements.

Also you weren’t shocked by 片山’s sister stealing his money for an abortion?! That hit me out of nowhere.


Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll definitely check them out. I don’t mind darker themes, but I’m not sure about supernatural elements, it really depends on my mood and how they’re handled. I’ll read the samples and see, I guess, but that’s for later. It’s still fairly early in my Japanese reading journey, so I want to mix up writing styles as much as possible to keep me on my toes.

Okay, I never predicted that, but I didn’t spend much thought on that particular small mystery either. It didn’t shock me though. It was obvious there was something going on with her, and I’m just glad it wasn’t anything darker than that (because of course, (ending spoilers!) having your lover be revealed to be a serial killer and then committing suicide (not clear if she witnessed that too) after you just aborted his baby is not all that bad, right? :sweat_smile:. I guess the body count was so high that after a while I started being surprised only when people survived. :joy:


23rd of April
Day 23

Just kind of reread more and tried to make more sense of かがみの孤城 today. Even though I understand what’s been happening so far well enough (I think), I can’t quite get the timeline of the events.

What I think it is so far

The prologue, I assume, is of the time period that is after the story’s ending. The narrator is recounting memories that are yet to happen in the book.

Chapter 1 (五月)
Kokoro is in her room, before attending the new school, having a flashback about a time when she was in primary school, about ミカワ青果’s truck.
She then has another flashback to two days before the ‘present’, which is when she felt like she could go to the school she had visited with her mum. But when she woke up that morning her stomach was hurting. (Not well-written English, just a rough translation. Sorry)
For the next few pages she recounts the interaction between her and her mother that day, and her mother informing the school that Kokoro won’t be able to attend.

Then… flashback to her touring the school?? And then a return to ‘reality,’ where her mother tells her to go to bed if her stomach is hurting.

And then she wakes up at 3pm and starts to eat the bento she was supposed to have at school, and after that, there is another flashback to her and her mother touring the school.

I don’t even know if all this is correct. My mind still isn’t fully connecting the dots. Writing it out has helped though, lol.

Only minimal progress today, but that’s okay.


:tiger2: :books: Tanuki Den (aka Homepost): Date 20220423 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll XXIII: 浄瑠璃寺 :pray:

Read about Jōruri-ji temple, which is in Kizugawa, Kyoto prefecture.

:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:

New Things

後期「こうき」ー Latter period; second half; late stage
修行僧「しゅぎょうそう」ー Ascetic monk; trainee monk
「いおり」ー Hermitage; retreat
廃寺「はいじ」ー Ruined temple; abandoned temple
中心「ちゅうしん」ー Centre; at the heart of something
重要文化財「じゅうようぶんかざい」ー Important cultural property/asset
梵字「ぼんじ」ー Siddham alphabet
世情「せじょう」ー Human nature; the ways of the world
檜皮葺「ひわだぶき」ー Cypress bark roof

New Kanji
「やね」ー Peak; summit (more commonly seen as: 峰)

小田原「おだわら」ー Odawara, Kanagawa precture

聖武天皇「しょうむてんのう」ー Emperor Shoumu (724-749 CE)
阿弥陀仏「あみだぶつ」ー Amitabha (a celestial Buddha)

@daikirai , happy birthday!! :birthday:


April 23rd!

I did quite a lot of reading today! A chapter of Teasing Master Takagi-san, and then also a chapter of Yoru Cafe.
Yoru Cafe still takes a lot of concentration for me to read, but I read this chapter quite smoothly - still took me ages though!

(Home Post)


Day 22 - Calendar

I only read about 5 pages of 魔女の宅急便 but I managed to finish chapter 5.

Day 23

Needed a break from 魔女の宅急便 today and read about 5 pages of 冷蔵庫との対話. This is the second short story of 齋藤孝のイッキによめる! 名作選 中学生.
So many vocabs I had to look up today. Although I got a good gist about what was going on, so that’s something.
I’ll plan to finish the story tomorrow and maybe read another short story of this book before returning to 魔女の宅急便.


Over the past few days I read Flesh&Blood, the pirate story.
Just finished chapter 1 (~40 pages), and so far I like it a lot.

Some details (without spoilers, I guess)

In the first chapter MC gets introduced, together with his environment and current situation and also - of course - some things he’s struggling with (but so far it all feels pretty genuine and straightforward to me). We also get a quick rundown of British pirate history (I found this a bit difficult to follow with all the katakana-ized names though :crazy_face:, but I guess I managed more or less).
So far, no cheesy romance in sight (well, there is one mention of somebody wearing very tight jeans, but that’s as far as it gets for now :sweat_smile:)…

I also like the language; it feels well-written to me, and it’s varied enough that I need to look up quite a bunch of vocab and also some grammar points, but it is not tiring so far.

Funny word of the day: すし()め (also written as 鮨詰め or 寿司詰め) - jam-packed; packed in like sardines


This made me reread that part again because I almost missed the fact that the current emperor’s mom was there (titles are confusing). Previous emperor makes me want to cry ;-; Those poor girls. Maomao’s comment was funny tho.

ohhh, unreliable narrator 0: I took it as her being just not very confident in her appearance. But I see what you mean, especially in one of the latest chapters I read where she was like “I’m currently donning a total poker face holding back my facial expression of disgust in front of Jinshi, especially since Gaoshun is also here”, but then we see from Gaoshun’s perspective being like “sigh such an rude expression every time she’s around Jinshi”. Ahh, that was hilarious. (I think you commented on it in the book club threads too.) The discrepancy in the characters’ perspectives, especially when it is this obvious, makes me really appreciate the change in points of view. Even if she’s pretty funny by herself imo, the other characters’ thoughts and reactions really highlight Maomao as a character :ok_hand:


Day 23 / Calendar
I’ve read and translated this week’s ABBC book club material today. This took about 1.5-2 hours, the reading itself wasn’t too difficult, so it was a nice change of pace from reading 夜カフェ at 2 pages a day.


I think you mostly got it right.

I took the prologue to be an actual dream (or daydream) and I still think of it that way, but maybe a different interpretation will become possible later in the book :wink:

This is the only part that you got wrong, I think. She does say something about hearing the truck during holidays when she was in primary school, but the scene itself takes place after she has already attended and has stopped attending middle school (こころは学校を休むようになって). The reasons for that will become clear later.

If you haven’t yet, check out the first week of the book club for some elaborate discussions of that first part.


Summary post :bookmark:

April 23rd :cherry_blossom:

・薬屋のひとりごと (46% → 53%)

Finished chapter 18 and 19. Posted about ch.18 in book club thread, and whoops I wrote more than I thought I would but at the same time didn’t cover ch.19 at all. Too late now, gotta go to sleep.

Was surprised when this word appeared, the one making people wanna quit WK: 河豚

Too cute! x3


Today was a family day, so not much time for reading and I read 5 pages for かがみの孤城 🪞 Week 22


Summary post

Hmm. Today was ok. I had time and a lot of enthusiasm so I wanted to read a bunch, but I stopped (for now?) at 6000 characters because it was getting harder and I can tell when I’m wearing out. I don’t get so exhausted from reading like the old days (usually) but there’s a point at which I start mixing up or not recognizing more words, I start more automatically pushing Yomichan on everything, etc. This sentence is one the toughest the whole game has had:


As kind of a joke about something totally unrelated, the main character went into this exaggerated sports talk for a few sentences. The grammar isn’t crazy or anything, but that features 6 or new words for me. They even furigana’d that last kanji word, which is rare. I essentially see what it’s saying but that’s basically from looking up every other word then trying to hold all these English approximations in my working memory at once.

I must unfortunately say that the maid outfits arrived today

I think it’s a rule that most visual novels have to throw in maids at some point. I’ve… never gotten good vibes from the whole maid thing Japan has going on. They seem to show up a bunch in these games; I think the maid cafe stuff was probably part of why I stopped Steins;Gate (the VN) years back. I’ll give it another try someday, heh. Here at least there’s no “let me serve you, master” stuff; she just throws this outfit on while helping around the house and it mostly seemed to be an excuse to draw this picture. Anyway, all that aside, Umi has a weird way of holding a glass.

That’s about it from me. I think I’m getting better at reading, bit by bit. There aren’t even too many exciting new words so I’ll just say today’s word is 躊躇 (ちゅうちょ), hesitation. I think I know the verb version 躊躇う (ためらう) well enough by now, but I keep coming across this one so it’s time to finally learn it. Those are some wild, intricate kanji.


I even screenshot the illustration in the manga (not that one scene specifically though).

Poker face


Since you like weird movies, I’ll suggest one not to watch that I did several years ago (prior to resuming my Japanese studies even) - Maid Droid. Err… R rating at least. Read the summary and you’ll see why I generally agree with that sentiment.

Also butlers. Butlers cafes freak me out in a way I can’t explain.


I started Book 12 in the Level 0 Graded Readers, the last one in this set. It is a lot of data and demographics of Japan. I read 8 pages, and this book is a little harder than the others.

New Vocabulary:

平方キロメートル square kilometers

面積 area, sqare miles

身長 height, stature


Oh, yeah, hadn’t heard of that one. Looking at the base premise on Letterboxd makes me almost expect hope it would critique this sort of thing, but as soon as I scroll down I can see how every review just says the creators seem to be reveling in it. Oof. Hadn’t come across that one yet anyway, but yeah thanks, will probably avoid that.

I actually didn’t realize Butler Cafes were a thing, but I guess I should’ve expected it. Overall my first impression is for me it’s less bothersome, relatively. There’s an extra layer of… the only word I can think of is cringe, heh, in the sorta stereotypical maid treatment that would only make me uncomfortable. The butlers don’t seem so infantilizing or something, though I’m still not into it. I already feel awkward in the sort of hierarchical relationship when someone is serving you at a business so having someone really play up the servant side is the opposite of my idea of a good time.


㋃23 – Day 23

  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険

Just 35 pages left. My tolerance for non Dio pages is seriously low. I think I seriously am going to need to skip part 3 and read 5 first to see if I can increase my speed and tolerance… I think in between though that I might read my shark field guide or finish Ojisama to Neko. I think I have 3 vol left… maybe not then. Maybe just a volume

Back to vol 3… the art is so much nicer compared to the first two volumes. I wonder if Araki got an assistant around this time.

Also I just enjoy seeing 人々 written like this


Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks for the clarification!

Oh man, too elaborate for my current reading level :joy: super interesting though.