📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

Periodt. I’m in, will start late when I got my apartment. Things will call down soon /./


Oh, I’m also reading volume 4 as we speak (write?).


Oh, heh. So the 三毛猫ホームズ series is something I’ve never read. I’ve gotten the impression that they’re a lot less trashy than his usual books though so I can’t guarantee it will be the pulpy nonsense of say おやすみなさい、夢なき子 or 夜警. Let me know how it goes - I’m curious!

I’m currently on my fourth book by the author and he really doesn’t go for fancy words at all. It makes for nice couch reading because the more of him I read the less I look up. I also just sometimes find his turns of phrase kind of hilarious. This was from the book I’m currently reading, 遅刻してきた幽霊:


Something about how disappointed that sounds had me giggling.


:grin: I haven’t yet read enough of Holmes to judge how pulpy it will turn out to be, if at all, but I’ve already noticed and appreciated the subtle, quiet humour. I’m convinced it’s quite deliberate.


I also have the preview for this downloaded! The blurb certainly sounds fun haha


I’m in. Got several new books recently and more are on the way. Looking forward to what next 2 months will bring.

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Planned books:

How it really went:

  • こぐまのクーク物語: はじめての海とキャンプ: 01-07/04

This is my first time joining, but this is starting at an opportune time. Have had to pause my Japanese studies for a couple weeks because of exams. Am pretty beat, here’s to hoping this will help me get back on the wagon Deaded
Might be starting a bit late because I have tons of things to catch up to 3x

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What I'm up to

I’m planning to combine my every day reading with mining. Current plan is to read until I’ve at least mined 10 new, +1 monolingual sentence cards (Amount lowered on the 16th of April from 20 to 15, on May 1st from 15 to 10). I’ll mark days on which I’ve had a dedicated reading session with , days on which I’ve also accomplished my mining goal with .
The book I’m reading is かがみの孤城

Finished Chapter 1 (五月, 10% total) on April 17th. (Took me a while :scream: )
Finished Chapter 2 (六月, 18.5% total) on April 25th. (Still taking me too long… This whole mining thing is taking up way more time than I expected :scream: )
Finished Chapter 3(七月, 25% total) on April 30th. (Math says slightly faster, but still too long… Wondering if I should put less priority on the mining, but I should stick to the plan. Getting faster by cutting down the work isn’t what I want :sob: )
Finished Chapter 4(八月, 35% total) on May 8th. (I picked up in speed a bit. Doesn’t show as much in the %/day because I’ve had a couple low days. Mining has gotten much easier and I’ve changed my mindset about it a little bit these last days. Feeling better about my progress, maybe I’ll be able to finish かがみの孤城 before university picks up again :scream: )
Finished Chapter 5(九月, 40% total) on May 9th. (Still too slow :angry: … okay, not really :see_no_evil: Finished 5%, about 12500 characters, an entire chapter, in about a day. While mining a bunch and having really high comprehension. Am feeling quite proud, and since nobody is ever going to read this anyways I’m okay saying so :') Sadly this is probably going to be the peak %/day for this challenge, because circumstances have changed and I’ll probably have to reduce my reading time even more.)
Finished Chapter 6(十月, 44,6% total) on May 11th. (Back to more modest speeds we are. Likely will have to slow down even more, which is pretty frustrating. I really wanted to finish this before my exams :c)
Finished Chapter 7(十一月, 48,3% total) on May 12th. (Whoops, got a little hooked on that one)
Finished Chapter 8(十ニ月, 55,7% total) on May 13th. (Finished Book 1) (… going to slow down any day now. Who needs that degree anyways, right?)
Finished Chapter 9(一月, 63,3% total) on May 15th. (Didn’t get much reading done on the 14th, only 7 pages, so this one was a bit slower. Overall the reading has gotten pretty smooth, now it’s mostly a thing of time and stamina. The 5%/day that seemed so fast just a couple days ago are now becoming the norm.)
Finished Chapter 10(二月, 71% total) on May 16th. (Wasn’t a fan of this chapter at all. I had some issues with the writing before, but this one nugged me from “It’s good but not very well thought through” to “This isn’t very well written” :c Here’s to hoping the ending can nudge me back again :pray: )
Finished the book on May 17 (Feeling a little better about the book, the ending was a very nice read. Didn’t solve my problems with the previous chapter, but lessened the sting a little)

Who I'm stalking

Mostly for myself. Links for easier stalking :man_detective:


Thank you for the new challenge @windupbird :cherry_blossom: :green_book:

I’ll be starting with 夜カフェ volume 1 this time.

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Seems like we might end up having a mini unofficial book club of three. :smiley:
(or not. but it could be fun)


A grumpy panda has entered the challenge!!!


No computers allowed, only reading in Japanese!


Pretty sure my local Japanese library has a copy of the book so if you all start reading at the same time I might be able to join…


Well, I’ve only recently started reading in Japanese so there’s only one book that I put aside but that’s because it was too kanji-dense and frustrating for me to read. (It was Maid sama vol. 1.) I don’t know what I will do when I feel confident enough to tackle it again, though. After all, I know the story. I’ve read it in English and watched the anime. So I don’t have to restart it because I’m not sure of the story but I might want to restart it to see if it’s easier to go through the kanji the second time around.


:bookmark: :books: windupbird’s summary post :books: :bookmark:

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Goals (if you can really call them that lol)

I’ve been trying to think about this for the past couple days and I’m sort of coming up empty, tbh. (Besides reading every day, of course - that’s always the main goal ^^)

I was reading 2 daily entry books in the last challenge, but I haven’t read from either of them since the last challenge ended, and I don’t feel a huge urge to pick them up again right now. I feel like they did take up kind of a lot of time, and I’d sort of rather focus more on something more story-like this round. So in the spirit of that long post I wrote in the Winter Challenge thread about choosing what I do with my time, I’m going to let those go for right now. But nothing else is particularly calling my name at the moment, either…I feel like I’m just going to look around my shelves on April 1st and see what I want to pick in that moment xD I wish I had the third tanuki book, but I’ve been spending so much money lately (like, ungodly amounts of money) so I’m trying not to order anything more right now. It’s not like I don’t have plenty of things to read already in my home xD

I’ll just have to peruse my stacks on the 1st and see what I find~

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Also, here’s my Bookmeter, in case anyone’s interested! ^^


Could do the reading equivalent of snacking/grazing and just peruse the first couple pages of something random each day. If it snares you in and you end up reading it - great! If not…keep grazing, guilt free cause you’re getting in daily reading anyhow. I’ve read the first few pages of most of the books on my shelves just from “snack reading” to see what catches my interest in the moment.


What, what? As in cute, mischievous little tanuki? Tell me more! :grin:


I haven’t read it, so I’m sure @windupbird will tell you more… but I’m the meantime, I found their original post mentioning The Tanuki! :raccoon: :sparkles: Check it out for a short intro and cute picture!


I’ll probably be able to start 三毛猫ホームズ this weekend. But I don’t think I’ll be able to read it very quickly, especially at the beginning.

I visited NYC bookstores today. I got a couple of 東野圭吾 books at Book Off.(ナミヤ雑貨店の奇蹟 and 容疑者Xの献身) They’re going to sit on the shelf for now. Flipping through them quickly, I think ナミヤ雑貨店 looks like it’s probably easier.

Kinokuniya was disappointing. I wanted a fashion magazine but

today they didn’t have any of the ones for middle-aged ladies. :frowning: The whole fashion magazine section has been halved, and only a few titles were there. Just college and starter OL magazines like Zipper, ViVi, CanCam, and 美人百科. (edit: I liked those magazines when I was younger but it’s time to move on) And a few makeup magazines. What happened to Classy, Marisol, Story, and all the others? Now that I think about it, that’s a good question, and I should have asked the store staff instead of going home and griping here.


Hurray! :smiley:
I’m done with my book club reading for next week, so today and tomorrow I’ll probably go over the part I’ve already read to refresh my memory. I do remember most details, but it will be worth taking note of names and such. I’m also curious if it flows a little easier now I’ve read several more things in the meantime.

Quickly? I wish I could . Did I mention I’m following three book clubs? :sweat_smile:
(not to mention I still need to look up a dozen words per page or so, plus a grammar point or two)


O my goodness, that is VERY cute! And I see that’s where the ‘Tanuki for official mascot’ thing came from :grin:

Actually, when I look at @windupbird’s Bookmeter, I see a lot of Tanuki :joy:


Finishing up some books this week for a ‘fresh start’ in April. I still have a couple books I’m in the middle of, but only one japanese non-bookclub book. I want to make it a bit easier on myself to make time for french reading regularly and haven’t opened my french book in like 5 days thanks to that. xD

The other day I went by the local bookstore and picked up some easy graded readers at A1 and A2 level for low effort days. Also getting an audiobook of a youth fantasy novel to ‘read alongside’. It’s definitely above my level so I’m not hoping to actually understand it. The idea is to get used to French pronunciation, since reading won’t teach me that. :sweat_smile: And maybe going back to the book in like a year and actually understand stuff would be cool. (Still going to count it as french reading time since I’ll be looking at words, haha.)