📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

Wohoo. The first big hurdle in this reading sprint is down: 18/61 down Homepost

I was really weary if I could keep the streak going over easter but this time around I managed just fine. The whole seeing family and having responsibilities shtick can be so detremental to private reading time :smiley: .

I did read less then the last week but overall I’m happy:

  • read the last weeks assignment on 佐賀 (IBC)
  • read this weeks assignment on 夜カフェー (BC)
  • read a few chapters of Slam Dunk
  • A few articles on Web easy (6?7?)
  • and some miniscule forward momentum in Tobira

The writing in 佐賀 is my favorite so far but neither it’s story nor the story in 夜 are especially gripping for me at the moment. When it comes to story Slam Dunk is still the most hype and hard to put down when I’m in the grove.
But the books are just better for learning new vocabulary and putting them into sentence cards in Anki. So I’ll stick them out for now. In the future I’ll probably continue reading only with the IBC and start reading more along my own interest for the other free time I’ll have.

Since I’ve “ended” this week on monday because of the holiday, I’ll have to go a bit faster with 佐賀 for the next week to not fall behind. Lets hope everything works out as I imagine and I’ll find enough time for it.

The next hurdle is a big wedding of a good friend at the end of the month. Not sure I’ll be in any shape to read anything on the day or after the day -.-.
Until then it should be smooth saling.

I’ll update my progress in one week again. See you there.