Radicals Mahjong? 漢字イージャン

I have no idea if this is the right category for this sort of thing or not, but I stumbled across this article today about what is basically a set of mahjong tiles with radicals on them, used to play a mahjong-like game where the object is to build kanji out of the tiles you get.

Part of me wonders what took so long for something like this to be invented, and part of me wonders why on earth anyone would think this is fun. ^_^;;


Maybe we should invent a Rubik’s cube with a radical on each side of the little cubes and it’s only solved if all 9 sides actually spell correct kanji?


With Rubik’s cubes being cubes, I think they have 6 sides :caught_durtling:


Ah yes, 6 sides. I forgot I’m not in a TARDIS any more.


I dunno, it might be possible to make a Rubik’s Nonahedron if it’s shaped like a heptagonal prisim. I honestly don’t know whether the internal mechanics of that would work, though.

I’m sure it’s possible, but it doesn’t seem like anyone’s made it yet


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