Radicals in Google IME

Hello there! I am just starting with WaniKani and would like to make my own list with all the radicals (one lesson at a time), their names, and how to type them using the google IME. Something like this:

川 がわ river

However I can’t find the names for the gun and leaf radicals. Can someone help me with finding a good source for that kind of information.

The gun and leaf radicals (along with several others) are not available as unicode characters, they are .svg images, methinks.


WK uses the term “radicals” loosely. You can take their usage to mean “kanji parts.” And since not all kanji parts can be represented with unicode characters, some of them can’t be typed into an IME.

Just as a side note, 川 doesn’t mean ground btw.


Yes, thank you was multitasking when writing this question. Bad idea. We have a saying where I am from “Don’t walk and chew bubblegum or you are gonna fall and brake your head”.
So I guess I will make a incomplete list of the radicals I learn.
Still better than nothing.

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