Questions about everything (you made more questions too)

Hello guys this is my first topic and I have a lot of questions. For first I am Brazilian :brazil: I am on the second year of high school and I want go to Japan to make faculty on japan, so to realize my dream I start learn English (but before I know some of English) and now I started in wanikani and I will pick up one good Japanese grammar and break it RAAWAAA
For now my questions:
First- in wanikani I will learn vocabulary but with the wanikani vocabulary I will can absorve for really the Japanese?
Second- is good I start changing my subs of my animes in Portuguese/English to Japanese sub? This will improve my Japanese or I will roll up me?
Third- how is the best hints for starters in wanikani? I am learning much with the community but I want know more and more faster
Fourth- have any Brazilians or Portuguese here?

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This is a website for learning to read kanji, so it will often be words you will mostly encounter in writing. If you read a lot, you will definitely see a lot of these words. But they are not all useful for everyday conversation.

how can i improve my conversation?

Grammar, so a textbook or an online resource. Maybe find a Jaanese meetup in your city (I hear there are relatively many Japanese in Brazil). Depending on how much you have to spend, you can find tutors or conversation partners on iTalki or some such website.

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One thing ties to the next. You need to speak in order to improve conversation skills. In order to speak, you need a little bit of grammar and some vocabulary. You can get that through a private tutor, a formal Japanese language course, or through reading textbooks and other apps similar to WaniKani, such as Bunpro, etc.

Studying Grammar and Vocabulary is in turn greatly aided by Kanji knowledge, which is what this website is for. Knowing Kanji will give you a head start whenever you want to tackle content that is written in Japanese. Many online videos and resources expect you to know Kanji, so if you don’t, you won’t be able to use them effectively.

However, if your only goal is to be able to communicate verbally once you’re in Japan (I’m assuming that’s not it, since you want to go to a Japanese University), then you don’t actually need WK.

For now, I’d recommend learning the basics of the website, how it works, how you unlock other Kanji, the SRS system and etc, but that’s it. Go for level 4, until you have to pay, and then come back for further info. Take it easy for now, it’s going to be a long journey.

By the way, yes there are many Brazilians on this forum.


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