Question On the Kanji for "River"

So, I’m currently level 5 despite doing Wanikani for near a year now and have decided to create flashcards for all of the Kanji and Vocabulary so far so that I can review them en masse on top of my reviews on Wanikani. When going through Level 1 Kanji, I came across “River” and realized that while most of the Kanji we learn, at least as far as I’ve gotten, use the On’yomi, Wanikani wants me to give the Kun’yomi reading for the “River” kanji in particular. Why is this seemingly random Kanji singled out? Am I perhaps missing something?

They teach whatever they feel is the most helpful reading for you to learn in the kanji lesson. For 川, there are many easy words that use かわ, but they don’t teach any words that use せん until much later (川柳). The argument could be made that they should teach 河川 at the very least, but even that would be a long wait before you used the せん reading.

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It’s not just 川, lots of kanji you won’t see the on’yomi of used often, so wanikani just teaches the kun’yomi for those. Pretty sure wanikani teaches the kun’yomi for 母 and 父 on level 3, 犬 is taught on level 2 as kun’yomi, on level 4 there’s 花…

So 川 is definitely not alone, is what I’m trying to say. Wanikani teaches the reading the people who made it judged to be the best reading to learn for the kanji.

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