Question for those of you higher level people

It basically contains the Jouyou + Jinmeiyou + some commonly used kanji outside of Jouyou. I don’t know if it amounts to 1000 extra, but it should be close.

I think we’re just imagining different degrees of “common”. I’d agree that seeing kanji that aren’t joyo is common. But the number of non-joyo kanji that aren’t name kanji and are used commonly is small. Past the 2000 most frequent kanji the frequency levels drop a ton. They aren’t common. Hell, plenty of joyo kanji aren’t common. Yes, you should know them for reading ability, but I wouldn’t call them common.

PS, I do read normal materials, though books more than newspapers, and I wouldn’t call doujinshi normal, lol

Edit: I was thinking about it relative to English and there are tons of uncommon words that all native-speaking adults have no excuse for not knowing, like, say “inauguration”. That doesn’t make it a common word.

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I am so lost when you guys talk about this stuff. It is a little discouraging. Oh well, must just keep plugging.

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