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(Im not very good at reading and writing yet, so can you please put your answers in English (and Japanese too if you feel like it).

my average level up time is 30 days, and my average retention is about 90% across the board according to WK stats. my biggest issue is time, as a junior in HS I have very little time to do Wanikani, much less Genki in addition. how much time would you recommend me spend each day on wanikani and genki to be able to finish wankani within 2022 and genki 1 within 2021 (or faster)? And what are your best “tricks” to save time?

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There is a projections chart here - you can adjust the hypothetical level up speed to see the different dates for when you could finish.

You could also just crunch the numbers if, like me, you do a set number of lessons every day: (date you’d like to finish by - six months for burning lvl 60 item, then google for number of days between today and that date) ÷ remaining number of items left to learn (which you can calculate from info on the link above) = number of items / day you need to study.

Mine came out to 11.

As for Genki, again, just work back from when you want to finish: how many weeks from now ÷ 12 Lessons = # weeks per unit, then break that down to how many sections of each lesson there are in each of the 2 parts of both the text and workbook and then you can set out a plan.

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WK stats will give you an estimated time frame for when you are expected to reach certain levels on wanikani based on your current pace and allows you to change the hypothetical level up time to see how that would change things, so you already have a tool to figure out what it takes to complete WK by a specific date.

As for finding time for wanikani, is it possible you can do some reviews during your lunch period ? Or if you take a school bus or public transportation those are also times you could fit in a little extra studying. High School can be rough so it’s ok to go at a slower pace while studying Japanese.

Genki 1 only has 12 chapters. If you do one per month you will be done before 2021. I don’t know your schedule but for me that is way more than enough time. If you dedicate like 1-2 hours a week to it you should be more than ok.


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