Question about Srs

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That would definitely defeat the purpose of the SRS. The whole point of SRS is to get it wrong when you don’t know, because that means your knowledge of the word is insufficient to last that gap in time. Any item that you know well enough will still be in your memory.

SRS spacings are scientifically geared towards testing at the very end of your retention span. It tries to ensure that only the properly cemented concepts continue to longer time intervals, while the weaker items fall back to lower intervals. That way the weak items will be reviewed more often and hopefully get committed properly to longer term memory that time.

I often feel like extra practice is more beneficial when a word is in low SRS. The long intervals are the proper tests to see if it is sticking in the long term, and I think you would do yourself a disservice to muck with that.

There are things like the self-study quiz with the additional filters that can test leeches, or items that you got wrong on your most recent reviews. That can also be beneficial.

If you can’t remember during the Master review, the word is not cemented in a way that you can meaningfully retain over a long time, so it should get more exposure at that point. ^^