Question about 日本語総まとめ JLPT prep books

Hi all,

Since I signed up for the N3 this year I was looking for a resource that would help me focus on whats on the exam. For the N4, I had gotten N4 スピードマスター which I like, but when I was looking up the reviews on the N3 series, people said there were translation errors on the grammar book that made it kind of pointless. I had also bought パターン別 N4 which I actually hated since the grammar explanations were terrible.

However, this time around I was thinking of getting the grammar and reading editions 日本語総まとめ and was just looking for the experiences of other fellow Wanikani members. I also plan to get one of those exam books, (日本語能力試験)

Hi! I’m preparing for n5 or n4not sure if I can get to n4 level on time. I use these two, I’m not English native but I think they are pretty good. Both are easy to use and consult. I also have the same exam book but the lvl 5 and I think it’s very helpful too.

Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar


Hope that helps

I used N2 grammar sou matome in Japanese class and the teacher always said the translations and sentences were pretty awful so she recommended shin kanzen master for better example sentences.

I do like the way sou matome organizes their grammar lessons though. Consider getting both to have awesome organization with all items and extra explanations in the kanzen master.

I only used the grammar one though!!

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