[Q] Gee, Kan! How Come Tofugu Lets You Have Two Characters?

Could someone explain why I’m seeing two different ones here?
I already fixed the Chinese issue so I doubt it would be it.


I assume that it’s the same thing as 人 and 亻. One is the “squished” version of the other. There’s probably a technical term for that.


The character is a simplified version of the other, for the kanji in common use the old version was replaced with the new one (like 錢, 踐). You can still see that the kanji “paper” uses the old version because it is not on a list that demands simplification (or they messed up and forgot to simplify it, 箋 is a joyo kanji?).

Now, for that component 戔 appearing alone only the “old version” exists as a printable character, what WK is showing is an image, not text. For Keisei I only use text, so I had to use the “old” version. (The Semantic-Phonetic Composition is not “vanilla” WK :slight_smile:)


Yes, they are different. The WK one is an image, 戔 only exists as a Chinese character (is not in use in Japan).

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