Pygospa's Study Log

Welcome back! I don’t think there’s any shame in taking a break and trying again. I also think at the beginner level it’s important to not try and do too many things at once and get burnt out.

Also, for what it’s worth, I’m working on Genki as well (starting chapter 7) and I spent sooooo long on the first few chapters (i’m talking months and months), but once I had gotten through them, I felt it was much faster and easier to progress. The more of a foundation you have in a language, the easier it is to build on it. It’s getting over the absolute beginner hill that’s been the most difficult for me.

I also have already started the ABBC at my level and found that it’s difficult but not impossible, and interacting with native material and seeing what it’s like to read it has actually made me more motivated to learn, not less.

Also, have you seen the new Japanese film club thread? (-: