Practicing with significantly less time

Hey WaniKani friends! I’ve managed to get to level 7 and am on the road to level 10, hopefully soon.

I was managing the 1 level a week/week and a half rhythm for awhile. However, recently I have encountered a road block. That is to say, going from working from home to full time work at school once more has reduced my flexibility. I had a good 3x a day WaniKani routine down, but am now struggling to fit in 2x complete review sessions a day and my information retention has dropped too.

Previously I was able to create and memorise flashcards on Anki for new kanji, but I don’t have the time to create and use them anymore. Thus, WaniKani has become much more passive a learning process for me and is inevitably slowing down.

My current situation:

-I walk 45 minutes to school and back daily, so WaniKani on my commute is impossible
-I am currently training for Kobe marathon which eats up 1-2 hours every night (and frankly I’m too beat to have a quality review session afterwards)
-I work from 8am to 3:30pm, my ability to review heavily depends on my school schedule now (which is extremely varied due to the state of emergency).

That leaves maybe 30 minutes in the morning before school starts, lunchtime, and 1 hour when I get home to study.

Does anybody have any timesaving tips to get those 3x review sessions in consistently, and improve kanji retention?

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Maybe it’s necessary to focus on some other aspect of Japanese for a while. Could you listen to podcasts or other Japanese audio while walking to school and do something similar while training?


I think I could listen to podcasts on my walk to and from school for sure. When training maybe not, as focus and all that. Do you have any simple Japanese podcast suggestions?

I study grammar on weekends as I have much more time, and try to stick to Kanji as my regular habit 6-7 days a week. It’s definitely helped me the most re: improving Japanese listening/speaking/reading. As a result I would be unwilling to give it up :frowning:

Thanks for the advice!!


why can’t you study while you walk?
I use an app called Flaming Durtles for studying on the go. It’s great!

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I don’t know how someone can do something focused like reviews when they’re trying to get somewhere, also you might walk into a pole or another person if you’re on your phone …


There are lots of podcasts available, depending on what you are looking for and at what level. I found the Easy Japanese (there are two sets) podcasts from NHK useful. Short 10 minute lessons that are easy to follow while doing the commute by walking.

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Because it’s extremely dangerous, imo. I don’t want to put myself or others at risk by using my phone while walking. There are quite a few busy intersections that have had p. awful child deaths that I cross. I see a lot of very young schoolkids crossing and I owe it to them as a teacher to be more aware for their sake when crossing, too. Precautionary measure. And then for my own wellbeing too.


Definitely beginner! This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the resource. :slight_smile:

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