Post-Wani Kani Life

For the vocabulary that’s beyond the common 6,000, what do you guys use?


After lvl 60 is there a way to do review of burned things? (Can I keep you forever WK?)

Thanks! (人´∀`)

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There are userscripts available to review/resurrect burned items: Wanikani Burn Reviews and Wanikani Burn Manager are two I’ve found, though I personally use neither, so I can’t speak to their quality or lack thereof.

Be careful with vocab: the 6,000 on WaniKani are selected to help you learn kanji, not necessarily because they’re common or useful. Some are, but some are obscure, others are highly formal/traditional, and some are downright useless. (If you keep an eye on the changelogs, you’ll regularly see updates removing vocab words for precisely this reason.) It’s generally recommended to supplement your learning with a dedicated vocab deck, be it on Anki,, or [insert preferred SRS app here]. You can’t go wrong with the Core 10k; alternatively, there’s a new “WK Expansion Pack” vocab deck on that adds an extra ~5,000 common words based on WK level. Looks promising, but I haven’t spent much time with it yet.


I used the free vocab program Torii, made by a level 60 WK user.

Then I switched to floflo, and bought an SRS vocab lists to make reading my first light novel 1.000 times more convenient and more enjoyable.

As @Pygmalion mentions, scripts allow you to review burned things. Or you can manually resurrect items if you encounter them in the wild and blank on them. As long as you have a paid or lifetime subscription, of course.


I use WK Expansion Pack on :fox_face: by @jprspereira

Self study quiz is the answer with userscripts.

Without userscripts, shouganai. I wish there’s an easy way to do that too. Be it on WK. Be it on Kitsun


Wait, you’re not Jprsp


No, I’m Leebo.


I’m Spartacus.


I’m so proud by the fact that you know all my initials.

What do you mean? On Kitsun you can just search for the SRS level 9 with advanced search, select the items and you’re good to go :thinking:

I’m sure you can do a similar thing with the userscript for WK.


I mean on Kitsun we can’t just do our reviews for things that are nonexistant there. We must first export our WK burnt items from WK to Kitsun.


is there a way to do review of burned things? (Can I keep you forever WK?)

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