PM (Private Messaging) System

These forums could really use a PM system, in my opinion. Who’s with me on this?

Please look for similar threads before posting


Top ten most asked questions:

  1. why does WK turn my romaji into katakana?
  2. how do I write small tsu?
  3. why is there no PM?
  4. what are the best user scripts?
  5. why is WK so slow?
  6. how do I install user scripts?
  7. why doesn’t WK use real radical names?
  8. why don’t example sentences have furigana?
  9. is there WK for grammar?
  10. why did the chicken cross the road?

Oops… heh… ( ^▽^;)ヘ

The point of this whole thing is to learn Kanji\Japanese

I see what you’re saying and all, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the point of the forum. Hell, that’s why the campfire exists.

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I predict within a month that list will include “What’s a sect name?” and within a year it’ll be #1

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  1. ???
  2. Can I has Koichi Rule 34?