Please change the mnemonic for 借

A suggestion for the mnemonic for 借 (which is “In your rage, you decide to find this leader, take back what’s yours, and in return, borrow the leader’s life. So you found him, grabbed him, and then threw him into a dirt shack (しゃく) where you shock him and do other terrible things to him”) - remove the reference to “shock”, given the reading it’s trying to teach is しゃく.

I imagine I’m not the only one who keeps thinking “am I supposed to remember the shack, or the shock?”, and plumping for しょく by mistake.


forget about shack or shock… ‘Shark’ is so much easier to remember! :shark:

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There are several reading mnemonics whose pronunciation is a bit off like this. I trip on them regularly. It will be difficult to update them all. I feel like we need to accept them as a fact of life.


I honestly rarely use the mnemonics anymore because it all seems to be based on US pronunciation. I always trip up on yattsu/yottsu for 八つ because of the ‘imagine a yacht’. I just make up my own for those that I struggle with.


Yeah, but this one is made worse by having two almost identical words in the mnemonic, and one of them’s not the reading! Agree about the American pronunciations, but I’ve pretty much trained myself on those now (かく is never “cock” though…).

It’s just this one that winds me up the most, because it’d be so easy to not have that extra word in there!

Same thing with “きゃく” vs “きょく”

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