Pimsleur Japanese?

Don’t know if your time will be convenient on Saturday evenings 10PM Japan Time, but I’m currently attending a free online class at that time to learn and practice speaking Japanese with a native speaker in a virtual world called Second Life.

We are currently on Genki I’s Chapter 11 and we’re going at a slower place due to one of our classmates being on maternal break. So if you’re currently in Chapter 10, I think you’ll be able to catch up just fine.

At the moment, the class has about 3 students at most on average, excluding another native Japanese observer to translate any English queries to Yoshi Sensei. If you have specific grammar points you want to ask and practice, I think this will be a great place to do so without taking anything out of your wallet. The only down side is Second Life might be a bit confusing to use in the beginning but I’ll be happy to help.