Persona 5 Pronunciation question

Oh I don’t mind long games as long as they’re worth it. I would say 100 hours is pretty impressive, actually! That much time I only spent on Skyrim and other Bethesda games.

Come to think of it, I actually read a Persona manga and that’s how I got somewhat familiar with the franchise. It’s quite fun, I think!

Alright, I will give it a try, thanks! :slight_smile:

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I vaguely recall hearing re: the pronunciations in Persona 5 that the voice actors themselves actually had a stronger grip on how those names should be pronounced than they let on, but it was the VO director insisting on the wronger choices.

Which wouldn’t really surprise me, given just about everything else in that field preventing most dubs from being as good as they could be.


I literally bought a PS4 just to play P5 (my first ever Persona game). Played it for ~100 hours and barely used that PS4 again. Think it was money well spent to this day :wink:


I think they “Englishify” the pronunciation so that the dialogue is more seamless and sounds natural. Imagine if you were listening to smoothly-pronounced dialogue from a guy in an American accent but he abruptly transitions into a perfect Tokyo pronunciation for the word “karate”, then goes back to American for the rest of the dialogue.

i get a little cognitive dissonance when i hear japanese conversation and a random english word w/english pronunciation is in the middle rather than in a katakana format for the english word. to be fair, this happens in every language i’ve been around in life. my favorite was playing poker with arabic speakers and the guy i was playing against, his girlfriend goes ‘yallah Bluff?’. i put all my money in the pot.


Idk I think it’s disrespectful to Englishify proper nouns, especially someone’s name. It’s not weird or cringe to be speaking English and then properly pronounce someone’s foreign name. It’s just diversity. (Now karate is a borrowed word so in that example I wouldn’t be offended)

Honestly, I’m pretty sure American VA are just handed a script and told to read. I’ve heard names pronounced both properly and improperly within sometimes the same scene! Each actor records on their own, rarely hearing the others preformace so this is probably why there’s discrepancies.

I wish American VAs were coached on pronoucations. Representation is important. It’s not weird.

Idk I think it’s disrespectful to Englishify proper nouns, especially someone’s name.

That’s not necessarily true. I’m not from an English-speaking country and I don’t find it disrespectful at all when people pronounce my non-english name in an “English way”. I actually find it very endearing and somewhat comical to hear them try to pronounce it in the best way they can. I don’t want people to feel forced to pronounce my name in a specific way, as long as they don’t mispronounce it maliciously.

This isn’t an issue of representation, we’re talking about translating Japanese entertainment (as opposed to a western product with a Japanese character).

Yes of course in a natural situation when people don’t know better, I agree. I mean in scripted media, foreign names should be pronounced correctly. There’s no excuse. Why not pronounce their names correctly? Its still representation. I think English speakers should hear names pronounced correctly in media so when they meet a real life Sato or Sakura, they already know how to properly pronounce their names, right? That’s representation :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You said it makes you laugh right? I mean when I hear names butchered in English dubs, I laugh, cringe, but it also throws me out of the story and ruins the “magic.” So I personally stick to orginals.

Sorry I’m not trying to agrue with you. Just a pet peeve of mine. I wish actors/productions took care in pronoucations of names especially.

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Is it? Japanese people do the same with Western names all the time. It’s just natural to say things in the way you’re used to speaking


Yeah… Japanese people are surely going to “Japanese-ify” your name, and it’s not malicious.

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I guess when put that way, I don’t feel the same way against Japanese VAs mispronoucing English names. Kinda of a double standard, I know. Dubs have improved over the years, but man they use to be almost sterilized as in all culture references would be englishfied and it was so frustrating. Also I’ve been personally corrected on how to pronounce my own name because the English media pronounced it incorrectly and the people correcting me pointed to the English media as proof that I was wrong… so I might be a little salty on this topic.

And when American VA defead their mispronouncations, instead of “Oh my bad, I really tried my best, sorry if I mispronounced.” Like that also bugs. Feels a little elitist. We all make mistakes, why not own up? Again I’m probably taking this way to personal lol

I would say English has a bit of a tradition of mispronouncing words from other languages, even though the necessary sounds exist in English and it’s possible to pronounce those words correctly (ballet comes to mind). I remember once going to the natural history museum somewhere in the US and it had pronunciation guides on how to “correctly” butcher Latin names on each plack. I found it hilarious and a little sad :stuck_out_tongue: .

I might be completely wrong here, but I feel like the instructions the VAs received enforced emotional emphasis rather than correct pronunciation and it went south. Then again, I’ve heard some really bad dubs of Naruto, for instance, so there is that.

What’s wrong with the sounds in the English pronunciation of ballet?

I think Persona 5 has the best English dub in JRPG :sweat_smile:
But I understand it must be hurt to hear those names pronounce incorrectly. Unlike the JRPG that has Western name like Final Fantasy or Tale of series.

There is a y sound (in some accents very strong) at the end which is not there in French.

I guess… your standards are just… really really high.

Do you want people to do the nasally sounds too in French-origin words, heh.

Anyway, it’s time for ベッド. After I go to the トイレ and turn off the テレビ.