Paying attention to vocab examples during lessons

When I’m doing my lessons, I noticed most time it takes not to learn exact vocab meaning/reading itself, but rather to deal with example sentences. So I can spend like 30mins for 5 vocabs average.
With some people around saying they spend like 5-10mins/5 vocab lesson and mostly struggle in terms of time with reviews (which is totally not an issue for me), this make me think I’m doing something wrong.

Could somebody give me advice regarding working schedule for vocab examples? What do you think its role is? I mean, should I keep digging into them every vocab or should I peek them only when I don’t get vocab meaning clean enough without context?

Please share your experience for handling vocab lessons.


Do you feel like you’re learning from doing this? Does it help you remember the words? Are you happy with the time spent on this? Then I would just keep doing this. After level 20 there us only 1 sentence per vocab (except for some items that were moved). At that time you might also want to find examples elsewhere, or maybe you find you only need the one.


I agree with @Saida. If it helps you then you should by all means continue doing it. Personally I dont look at the example sentences for the vocab because I can’t understand most of them

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I usually just quickly skim the example sentences to make sure I know what kind of whatever English word Wanikani offers is the sense, as well as to enjoy the often strange sentences and Kouichi’s sense of humor, but that’s it. My main ways for reinforcing words is through reading practice. At this stage I consume a lot of native material which helps. However, when I was slogging through N5/N4 material (which I spent much longer doing than I ought to have) I still used SRS (lots of memrise) without example sentences, and reinforced meanings using JLPT prep books, so I guess the method can still work if you are still relatively new to Japanese (I have no idea where you are so don’t want to be presumptuous).

I think Saida’s questions are the most important things for you to consider, but since you’re asking for experience, in my experience you can make progress without spending a lot of time on example sentences, especially when your vocabulary is still relatively low and example sentences can just be overwhelming.


I too like reading the sentences for the vocabs, but was also annoyed at how much time it can take. I simply started skipping sentences that are way too long (most often the 3rd sentence, which also contains the most not-yet-learned kanji most of the time) and if I do read a sentence with some unknown kanji I just skip over them, I’m gonna learn them later at some point anyways.


Thank you everybody for sharing your thoughts!
Knowing 3 examples per vocab is just till-the-lv20 issue is a big relief, so guess I manage to keep until then the same pace somehow.

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