Parsing help please

Original sentence: 久しぶりに鈴木さんの家に行こう。

I know that 久しぶり means “long time no see”, and the rest of the sentence means “let’s go to Suzuki’s house” but I don’t know how it all fits together.

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Ahhhhh! Thanks!

What is the result? Please share your knowledge with us.

ぶり means “for the first time in/for~,” where ~ is a word indicating a time frame. 久しぶり is a set phrase meaning “for the first time in a long time.” (This is why it often gets translated to “long time no see” when used as a greeting.)

But you can also have phrases like 3週間ぶり, 2年ぶり, 30年ぶり, etc. It gets attached to nouns or actions with の and に, respectively. (There’s a little oddity in that weeks tend to be appended with 間 in this pattern, whereas years don’t.)

So the sentence in the OP could be naturally translated as something like, “We haven’t been to Suzuki-san’s house in a while. Let’s go.”


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