Other good online resources

Hello, I’m repicking up my self-studies on Japanese and I’ve been looking for multiple good resources to work with besides WaniKani. I’m planning on downloading Anki but I was curious about what other tools people have been using and googling isn’t as helpful as I’d like. Free or paid recommendations are fine I could use the assistance, I greatly appreciate it

I’ve used koohi.cafe for a few years to learn words from books I want to read.

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I don’t know what kind of things you’d like to focus on right now but this is a great thread:

Vanilla’s recommendation for koohi.cafe certainly gets a second from me as a great resource for reading. ^^


Kitsun.io Like Anki but more satisfying UI and better overview. The 10k vocab deck is neat. Reminds one of wanikani, the ui is similar. 14 day trial afaik.