Oops, we want the vocabulary reading, not the Kanji reading

Amirite? Ya hear me at the back?

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I mean, a kanji can have several readings and therefore it can be hard to know which one exactly it is that wanikani is looking for, so having a warning shake is helpful in that case, while on the other hand, a piece of vocab usually have only one reading so it’s not really ambiguous in the same way.

Especially those ‘one-kanji’ vocab, I think it is important to tell the difference. The common word for ‘water’ is (みず), after all, not (すい).

For words that actually have several readings, but not all of them were marked as correct, I remember on one occasion where the wanikani team accepted my request of adding an alternative reading as well. That reading was technically correct, after all.


It’s a very good app. I have no complaints. A cry of pain is not identical to a complaint. When the soldier swears at the barber surgeon they are not saying stop :slight_smile:

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