Onomatopoeia List for JLPT N2/N3?

Currently studying for N2 in December, and I keep coming across onomatopoeia realizing I know a very small number compared to how many I should given my level in other areas. Wanikani has made me an ace at kanji and vocab and other resources have gotten me up to speed on N2 grammar, but from just a quick search I can’t find any definitive list of all the onomatopoeia that the N2 test taker is expected to know (and for N3/N4/N5, since I’m sure there’s also onomatopoeia I don’t know from the lower tests). Does anybody happen to know where I could find a list of onomatopoeia that is specific to the JLPT tests, if one exists?


The most reliable thing would be one of those level-specific vocabulary books, because they tend to do more than just list stuff. So you can see it in action, etc.

But short of that, Jisho has search options that can get you started.

Obviously changing the number or just removing the JLPT part will let you see more of the items marked as onomatopoeia.


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