One year of Durtling! - Obligatory Post


@MissDagger It’s supposed to be a good thing, though… Right? :upside_down_face: WK has a way of changing our perspective about things, doesn’t it?

@Naphthalene So true, burning out is very bad! …Burning turtles is ok here, yes. We’re terrible people. :pensive: And lucky those turtle are not ninja turtles.

@raephe @Sejadis It’s official!

And here’s the cake screenshot as promised :cake:

嬉しいな!!! :white_flower:


If you are into tarot and that kind of stuff too, then death is a good thing too. Hehe.

Let’s see how I feel in a few levels. XD


Oh yes, I’ve heard of that but I don’t know much about fortune telling, tbh. I like the card game though :wink: but there’s no death in it lol

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